Surgery is Booked for May 3 - I Have Never Been So Anxious!!!! - Seattle, WA

I am nearly 23, and I have absolutely hated my...

I am nearly 23, and I have absolutely hated my nose since I was 13. It is something that I think about daily so I am excited to finally start feeling better about myself.

So I am less than 3 weeks away from my surgery. I...

So I am less than 3 weeks away from my surgery. I am getting so anxious - now that I know it's finally happening, I just want to get it done now. I think about it every single day!!!!!

Yay!!!! Dr P!! I am so excited for you !!! I am 16 days after surgery with the same Dr. I can tell you that my experience with every aspect of his facility was perfect! Pre-op appt with nurse to the surgery it's self! Easy!!! the recovery for me felt like a few very long days but by the 5th day I felt much better.
Since my surgery, I met a woman through my mom, who just by coincidence had gone to him too and swears he is the best of the best after her rhino and face lift!!! So I believe you are in good hands xoxo
My only advice is the day of the surgery be sure to go over all the details of what you want with him. He will meet with you for this purpose. I felt nervous about the surgery at this time and couldn't remember everything so I was glad my best girlie friend was with me to remind me and keep me focused... best of luck! If you weren't nervous that would be weird...
PS You are gorgeous now and will be after too xoxo

You can do this! You're a beautiful woman, and with a refined nose, you'll feel even better about yourself. Virtual hugs and please keep us posted!


My surgery is only 2 days away. I just started...

My surgery is only 2 days away. I just started reading other peoples reviews and didn't even think to stock up on anything to help the swelling and bruising or what I was going to eat. I am so nervous I actually feel sick to my stomach. I feel like once I get my nose done, I'm either not going to like it, or I am going to find something else wrong with me and start obsessing over that. I am praying everything goes well with my surgery and I don't hate my new nose.
I only booked a week off of work, but judging from everyone elses posts, I will need more than that! I guess it's a wait and see game.
Good luck! Keep us updated :)
Hey hope your surgery went well! Your doc has amazing results so don't stress! In 2 weeks you will be more beautiful then you already are and everyday it will keep looking better and better :)
Just remember that you have to be patient. I am over a month post op and still have swelling!
Thank you! I can't wait.

DAY ONE: Wow, that went alot smoother than I...


Wow, that went alot smoother than I thought. Woke up at 4am to make the long drive out to Seattle. Everyone there was so nice and made the process so much easier. I did some paper work, talked to the doctor, then went and had a nice nap. Woke up with a lot of pain, but it quickly went away after the pain medication.
The drive back to Vancouver area went pretty fast. I have been bleeding quite a bit, I hope it's normal to bleed this much...... hoping it subsides by tonight. I have only taken a few pain pills and they seem to be working well. I have VERY black eyes but it is all worth it.
So far, I'm in a really good mood and so happy I went through with this surgery. Even with the splint on and gauze under my nose, I can see a difference. My doctor said it will take a month to see the results and 3 months to see the final results. I am so excited. It looks awesome already!!!!!!!!
I will post pics as time goes on.
Hi I just wanted to say good luck in your recovery. I've been thinking about getting a nose job for a while now and while looking around on the web Dr. P caught my attention. His my top choice and so I have been silently following Star and now your experience closely. :)
Thank you! Dr P has been amazing so far. I will let you know how the results look after the splint comes off.
I agree with star!! I also took a few showers and it felt great!! Just be very careful not to get your face wet or let the water run down your face when rinsing your hair out. I actually cut up a plastic bag and taped it around my cast just to help it not get wet hehe I looked like a fool but thought that the steam of the shower sorta helped with my nose...kind of opened it up a little since it was so stuffy. When do you get your cast off? Are you bruised at all? Usually the peak hits around the 3rd or 4th day.... :-/

Day two/three: Wow, I feel like I got run over...

Day two/three:

Wow, I feel like I got run over by a semi truck! Day two was a pretty uncomfortable day - I spent a lot of it sleeping and reading but day three is much worse. Thankfully these pain meds make me sleepy so I have been able to sleep okay in the recliner chair at night and I have been having naps here and there throughout the day.

Usually I am the one doing the cooking and cleaning and taking care of the house so it has been SOOO nice to have my boyfriend take care of me. He made homemade chicken noodle soup last night and ran out and got me magazines, ice cream sandwiches and a smoothie. It's such a weight off my shoulders knowing I can spend the next week focusing on recovering instead of stressing about cooking and cleaning.

My eyes are so swollen right now I can't open them all the way and my nose is so stuffed up, it's driving me nuts! I want to blow it sooo bad. I tried having a shower and cleaning the bit of dried blood on my nostrils with a q tip and warm water but it's not helping. It's a very uncomfortable feeling.

Hoping today was my peak and the swelling starts to subside soon.
Hope you're feeling ok : )
how are you holding up? I hope your recovery is going smoothly :)
As smooth as it can be I guess - Very swollen and feeling very uncomfortable but I'm alive and have noooo regrets!

Day three/four Oh man, I spent all of last...

Day three/four

Oh man, I spent all of last night throwing up everything that was in my stomach. Must have been the pain medication that made me so sick. I was also in and out of conciousness a lot yesterday. I took my dog outside to go pee and ended up laying down on the grass and falling asleep.
All I know is my body does not agree with those valium or vicodin or whatever I was prescribed. I went to the doctor and got tylenol 3's instead which aren't as strong. I haven;t started taking them yet..I'm a bit scared I'll have the same reaction, so as of right now I'm not taking any pain killers. It's a really uncomfortable feeling but it's not too painful.

Woke up on day four super tired, probably because I don't have any food in me.
I have to go to the bank for my brother which I am not looking forward to doing. I look like I got hit with a semi-truck. Hopefully no one says anything.

Day five: Possibly the worst day so far. Not much...

day five: Possibly the worst day so far. Not much pain but I feel A LOT of pressure under the splint. I don't think I am healing as fast as the average person does. My cheeks are beyond swollen, I look like a chipmunk and I still have really black eyes - the bruising is fading into a yellowish color but still very ugly!
I can't breath through my nose at all and have lots and lots of snot dripping out. I constantly have a tissue up to my nose. Not sure if this is normal?
My body still feels exhausted. It had a hard time just putting laundry in. I broke down and started crying today - I just want to feel normal again. I hate this feeling!!! I can't wait for all this to be over and to see my new nose.
I get my split off in 2 days which is exciting. (But I do have to make a 7 hour round trip alone...boooo for having a surgeon out of my country)
It already looks so nice, even at day 2! You're going to love it. I had my surgery on May 3rd also and get my cast off on Thursday. I'm super nervous.
Don't worry! It will be worth it! I am from Vancouver too but found a doc here! what made you decide to get it done in Seattle?
I just had a really good feeling about my PS - he had amazing reviews and I decided just to go with him!
Thanks for the support, it's nice to hear.

WOW! It was totally worth it. I had to hold myself...

WOW! It was totally worth it. I had to hold myself back from crying when I got the splint off. It's still SOOO swollen and tender, and the tip is probabaly bigger than it was to start with, but he said it should be almost half the size it is now. It's still soo hard to smile.
I still look like myself.. but now I don't see a huge nose when I look in the mirror. It's the weirdest feeling - and it's only going to get better. I can't even describe how excited I am right now.
Your nose looks so petite and cute! Congratulations! I'm happy for you and that your surgery was a success!
THANKS GUYS! Sooo exciting. I had no expectations going in to get my cast off. I think that helped with being happy with where my nose is at now (Wow, I've never said that before....) Can't wait to see it when it's not so swollen. I wish I could get a better 3-D picture..
Wowie! So cute!!! Even swollen it's adorable! and to think it's going to shrink to half that size!! I bet you are thrilled!!! Yay! Can't wait to see your progress xoxox

Day 9: My nose is stillll realllly swollen - I...

Day 9:
My nose is stillll realllly swollen - I do realize it will take a long time for it to de-swell which stinks. Also, my skin is super dry. I have been trying to put foundation on my lingering bruises but it just turns into a dry crusty mess, almost worse than not wearing makeup.
Overall, I am sooo happy with my nose. It's like a weight lifted off my shoulders. Finally, that voice inside my head has STOPPED. Wow, what an unreal feeling. I'm so happy I went through with this at my age also, instead of having insecurities about my nose throughout my life.
The only part I am trying not the think of is how much this has cost me. Not only the 7,000$ for the surgery, but taking 1.5 weeks off work, plus the extra costs on top of that..gas/meds, etc.. yikes. It is all paid off, but sometimes I think I should have paid off my student loan with this money....
I try not to think of the negatives much as this is a dream come true for me! So looking forward to seeing my nose more refined and less swollen!!!!!
Of course, there is a lot of swelling now, which there is supposed to be. But I can tell you've got a gorgeous nose under the swelling. It will get better and better every day. Congratulations!!

Day 11: I am back to work tomorrow. I am actually...

Day 11:
I am back to work tomorrow. I am actually pretty nervous about it - I work with behaviourally challenged children and special needs children in schools and it ends up being a pretty physical job. I regularly have to pick up younger kids freaking out, I've gotten scissors to the face, I get stuff thrown at me all the time. I guess I will have to be extra careful this week not to bump my nose.

My nose is still as swollen as it was when the splint got taken off. It's so numb and the tip is rock hard. It's hard to wash my nose area so I end up mostly just splashing water on it which is making my skin pretty bad.
I can't believe how much weight I have lost too! Oh my goodness. I have been eating like a pregnant woman yet lost 7 pounds (on my less than 100 pound frame). I can't wait to finally take my dog for a run, poor girl. My PS surgeon suggested I wait another week to raise my heart rate since I am so far away from him and he doesn't want me to get a nose bleed.

So far I am still happy with my nose. Especially when I look at old pictures. I met with a friend for the first time today and she couldn't even tell I had my nose done - until I showed her the before pictures.
It's called the 3/4 angle I think : )
Your profile looks really good. I think if the Doc scooped out any more of the tip of the nose, it could border into the "pinched nose look" territory. You know...similar to Kim Kardashian's mom's nose or Joan Rivers nose. Your results look pretty good so far. Just wondering tho, can you take some pics of your face from the...not the front...not the profile...but in between the front and the profile angle. I hope you get what I mean as I can't think of what to call that angle. I think your first pic of your before is taken from the angle I'm talking about. It's just, apart from my hump and the front appearance of my nose, I'm unhappy with that particular angle of my nose and I wanted to see how your after looks from that angle. Don't rush it tho as resting and healing should be your priority right now. So glad your results look so good. I'm 99% sure I'll choose Dr. P as my surgeon thanks to yours and Stars amazing results. :))
Thank you so much. I totally agree with you - I definitely don't want that "pinched" nose look. I will upload some pictures soon!!
Dr P is wonderful. He makes you feel like a friend, and his staff is amazing. Can't wait to follow your story:)

3 weeks: my nose is still sooo swollen, it feels...

3 weeks:
my nose is still sooo swollen, it feels like a big potato on my face. I think at first I loved it because it was such a difference and I was expecting the tip to shrink with time. I know I still have a while until I am fully healed but so far I am like 50/50 with my new nose. It's definitely better than before, and I know a doctor can only do so much but I am not as happy with it as I thought I would be. I guess time will tell..

I officially hate taking p

I officially hate taking p
Hey do you have any updated photos? I know your surgery was pretty recent, but I'd like to see if anymore swelling has gone down. I think your nose looks really good.
I hate taking pictures still because all I see is a big nose, but I'll be brave and get some up soon!
I think you look really good, before and can tell you are still swollen but I think it looks good on you.

2 days away from one month post-op. My nose is...

2 days away from one month post-op. My nose is still super swollen and the times I do bang it or hit it on something, oh my goodness, it hurts like hell! The tip is numb and I hate touching it because it feels so weird.
I am starting to notice a big bump on the bridge of my nose. Just like I had before. It's not squishy, it feels like bone. Something to bring up with my PS.

I thought I would be so confident about the way I looked after this surgery but I am still suffering from self confidence issues. I guess it is something deeper than hating my nose. I definitely do feel better about my nose, but I don't love it like I thought I would.
I don't see a bump it just not showing up in your pics? Sometimes that happens to me. Pretty pics btw :))
Thanks TyNpooh! Yeah, it doesn't really show up in the pictures. I can really feel it when I run my finger down my nose. Feels like the bump that I had before surgery just shrunk. Are you planning on getting your surgery done?
i never understood how can a beautiful girl like you suffer from self-esteem issues!

Just wondering if anyone has had that injection in...

Just wondering if anyone has had that injection in their nose to help the swelling go down? Is it painful?
Hey, don't be so hard on yourself. Lots of girls are never totally happy with how they look-not just you. You look amazing and if people are telling you that then it must be true
I agree with Snownose I had a lot of swelling the day my cast came off so I had a kenalog injection too. It took the swelling out of the tip very quickly. I still have swelling but not like I did, it's a quick way to see how the nose is really going to look and it may make you feel better.
I thought it was going to be worse than it actually was!! It basically felt like a tiny bee sting, and it was over in 5 seconds. He injected three areas of the tip of my nose: once on each side and then once in front. Getting the splint off was much more uncomfortable, to be honest. Piece of cake!

Today was my one month post op appointment. The...

Today was my one month post op appointment. The nurse who assisted my Dr during the surgery said I was still really swollen which I expected to hear. My dr came in and said I was still swollen 30% in the tip and it will take a while for it to subside. He tried to give me some cortezon shots but I panicked. I had just spent almost 4 hours in the car and hadn't eaten yet (it was 1pm) so I refused the shots but I so wish I had done it! I told him I would call him in a month when I'm ready to do it so I can get someone to drive me there and pop a valium before I head into his office. Maybe that will help. Instead, he gave me some tape to put over my nose at night to hopefully get the swelling to go down. I'm a bit disappointed that he didn't think I was super swollen in the tip..... I guess it's a wait and see game. I will try to get some pictures up in the next few days. Although, it doesn't look any different than before!

Just a quick story to hopefully make you feel better: I got rhinoplasty in March of 2002. In May I went to my sister's wedding, thinking my nose was as normal as it was gonna get. Now when I look back at the wedding pictures, I see that I was still QUITE swollen. My tip looks so much more refined now than it did then. Hang tight. I think you look adorable now, but I bet you'll love your look more soon.

You're seriously soo pretty and your nose looks great and I'm sorry you're not in love with it but I think it will continue to get better over time. Goodluck:)
I agree with Ms. Smoothie and that it really is too early to judge based on having about a third of swelling left. I know as people we all want that immediate gratification but chin up and if you're too ancy call and ask the doc for ways to keep swelling at bay like shots. From what I hear they really aren't that painful. Even your current pics show improvement since your last update!

Added a couple new pictures. Happy with the way it...

Added a couple new pictures. Happy with the way it looks in most pictures that aren't taken with my Iphone. I'm trying not to come on this site much and stay positive about my recovery process.

Oops - I meant pictures that I don't take of my...

Oops - I meant pictures that I don't take of my self. The new pictures are from my phone but just aren't so close up!
Hey girl, I hope you are doing better :) I sent you another PM. I also stopped coming on here so much, but I took some pics of myself yesterday with my iPad and I found I didn't look nearly as bad as I thought... :) my nose looked much better in the pics and also the bump wasn't nearly as obvious as I thought...I guess we're our own worse critic! I think you look great in those last pics - totally different (in a good way!) and your swelling has definitely gone way down.
You look gorgeous hun. It's still early days so hang in there. The swelling will def go down :)
Gorgeous! Tip has definately come down and I'm glad you are trying to stay positive.

Almost 3 months post op. I am starting to get...

Almost 3 months post op. I am starting to get feeling back in the tip, finally. Still not happy with the size of my nose, and I'm guessing it won't get any smaller than it is now. It doesn't feel swollen anymore. I'm actually crossing my fingers my Dr isn't happy with it either and I have to get a revision.
On a positive note, I don't think about my nose like I used to.... So I guess in a way it was worth it.
I am in exactly the same place except I know my tip is still swollen. If I don't tape it blows way up..Hang in there! I also am distracted with life in general but if my nose is still this big at 12 mo I want it revised. Oh and I'm having surgery in 3wk for a separate complication (not a revision, too soon for that). Enjoy your summer :)
oh wow! the last pic you just uploaded is soo good! your nose is much slimmer than before. I really like it!! I can see a lot of swelling in the tip, I used to call mine ''the ball''. It seemed I had a ball in the middle of the tip :) You should ask your doc for some steroids shots. Mine gave me 5 last week and the swelling has gone down a lot! Seriously, you can tell how much your nose changed just looking at your last picture. Good for you!

So I gave in and got the injections in my nose....

So I gave in and got the injections in my nose. Wow, what an awful experience. I passed out stone cold twice! Woke up to my feet on my doctors shoulders and soaked in water that they put on me. I'm horrible with needles but I've never been that bad. I felt so stupid.. I was in the office for an hour, trying to regain consciousness.
Anyways, that was four days ago. I do notice a little bit of a difference. The tip doesn't have as much of a ball at the end like before. But I'm still not happy with it. I made sure my Doctor knew that... but he just kept saying how good it looks. I have 8 and a half more months. If it still looks the same, I will raise a bit more hell to him.
Other than that, things are the same. Back to life!
I've added an updated picture.
OMG I feel so bad for you with passing out!! I so hope the shots help after all that! My swelling feels like a ball on the of my nose too and it kind of hurts too cause it is so tight if that makes any sense...oh well. Hang in there!
Where are your photos with the cast?
Looking absolutely gorgeous, much better than before..I can relate to you in this that no matter how good it is looking from outside...your mind and face is not accepting it because the structure is not correct.

Wow, I wish I could erase everything I wrote...

Wow, I wish I could erase everything I wrote previously and wasn't so impatient with my results! About a week after the injections in my nose, the swelling went down drastically! I actually love my new nose. It feels weird to say that.
Finally, four months after my surgery, my nose looks how I wanted it to. I now have a cute, little nose.
wow your nose looks awesome!! im glad you are starting to like it :)
So glad you fell in love with, Surrey. :) You look fantastic!
hey! im glad you love ur nose now! ive been following you for a while because i just got my nose done by the same doctor. I get my splint off in two days SO nervous!!

6 months post op. I rarely think about my nose now...

6 months post op. I rarely think about my nose now. Just wanted to update with a couple more pictures. :)
do you have a profile view for 6 months post op
Wow it fits your face so well, you must be thrilled. I'm in Socal and honestly I'm starting to think the good doctors are up in Seattle, lol.
What injections did you get in your nose hun? What did the injections do? I keep hearing about this but don't know exactly what the injections do. You look great btw :)

Ugh, so I am 7 months post op and I feel like my...

Ugh, so I am 7 months post op and I feel like my nose is changing drastically.. and not for the good......... the bones in the bridge are protruding, making my bridge look wide. My tip feels like it's turning downward and the tip also seems like it's getting bigger. I went from hating my nose, to not hating it but still being self conscious, to loving it, and now I am going back to not loving it.....

I'm going to make an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow. My only issue right now is him being so god damn far away. I guess I'll just have to do my Christmas shopping out in Seattle :)
I think there is nothing wrong with your nose are very gorgeous and I would love to look like you,lol. Your really pretty, your nose isnt big at all maybe in those angles but then whose isnt? Dont be hard on yourself, your nose is not big at all.
Thats crazy your having the same problem as I did! That sucks! I have no idea why this would happen and my surgeon doesnt know either. He just says that the nose can change for many years after surgery. And yours is starting to change around the same mark as mine did. 7 months post. He made me wait a year after first rhino and did something miror with my tip but that didnt help and it got so bad after that that I finally did the 3rd surgery last year. Looks better but now its been a year and dropping slightly again! I am curious what your surgeon will say and what he will offer to do for you. Keep me updated! You still look gorgeous but I totally know how you feel.
I'm so sorry this has been such a roller coaster ride for you. I hope you get some answers when you meet with your surgeon. To me, your nose looks very good in the pics, but maybe the photos are such that I can't see what you see. Best of luck to you.

So my doctor confirmed with me that I will be a...

So my doctor confirmed with me that I will be a candidate to get a semi-revision. Definitely to remove the bump that is on the bridge. He did mention there was a 10 percent chance of this happening. We are going to wait a full year and see if the swelling in the tip goes down. Hopefully it does, but if not then I think he will work on that as well. I'm over the moon. Plus it is only going to cost me 204$.
Would love to see pics of how it looks now, are you happy with the results now
When are you getting it revisioned
Im glad you went to see him and hopefully when he revises it, you will be happier with the results. :)
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