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Wishful Thinking for Dry Pits! -Seattle, WA

I am a 36 yr old mom of two. I have spent most of...

I am a 36 yr old mom of two. I have spent most of my adult life worried about covering up wet pits. 13 yrs in the army allowed me to cover it up pretty well in my uniform but not in my dress uniform. I have silently dealt with it and now that I am a civilian and in sales, I decided enough was enough!!!

I was just about to head in for Botox when I saw an add about MiraDry. I was sold. A day later I called, had a consult and just had the procedure done today -the following week. I hope this works I have heard that is it not always a cure but anything would be better than this.

I was nervous about this for sure. I don't like needles. The nurse that did this for me was very nice and helpful. She talked me through it before doing anything. It went pretty quickly but not without pain. The shots are not horrible but made my eyes water. Then the actual process started. I didn't feel much on the first side ( right) I did, however, have some issues on the second (left). The first suction was on the high side of my armpit and it sent pain through my arm down to my hand. Absolutely horrible. The nurse turned it off and gave me some more lidocaine. After a few minutes she started again and all was fine. I would advise you to ensure you are completely numb. That is not a pain I would wish on anyone.

I also want to share that I made an icing devise that works well. I used frozen water bottles, put them into tube socks and tied them together. Stays in there great and doesn't fall out like it did with them separate.

So, all in all, I would say not a bad procedure and if it works, well worth the small discomfort I felt. I hope this helps in making your decision! Good luck!

Oh, that was very smart of you to put the frozen water bottles into socks! Please keep us posted what results you are seeing and how things are feeling under your arms.

wow, that sock tying idea looks great! i used socks too but never thought of tying them together. if i did, i bet they would've stayed in place!

So, its been about a month and i have had good...

So, its been about a month and i have had good results. The numbness is just about gone and mt sweating is at about 75% less than before. I do have some sweating still, but very minimal. So far so good!!
Hi KatEck, I'm scheduled to have the procedure done this Thursday, and would love to chat with you over the phone to hear more about your experience and ask a few questions. Can you please let me know if you would be up for that? Best, Jerod

I'm so glad to hear an update from you!! A 75% reduction is pretty dang good. Please continue to let us know how it is going and if the results are lasting for you or not.


Second treatment

I just got done with my second treatment of mira dry. I honestly had forgot to go back before a year and then I saw an email from my treatment office with a discounted offer so I went in. This time around the treatment itself went much smoother. The treatment sites were a bit larger, and the level was at a 3 or 4 I think. That said, the day after I am MUCH more swollen than the first one. I can't even put my arms down at my side. I am taking Arnica, ibuprofen, and icing the areas regularly. I do not have much pain this time around either, just the swelling. I will upload some pics tomorrow.
I'm in the Seattle area as well... can you tell me where you went for the MiraDry treatments?
thank you for the information. Do you have an idea it this procedure is available in the Philippines? If so, where at?
Thanks for walking us thru the aftermath. I am scheduled in 2 weeks and can't wait :)
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