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I asked for high. DOT laser set on high 25. Dr....

I asked for high. DOT laser set on high 25. Dr. said I will have really great result, and red for 2 weeks. It has been 9 weeks (63 days), and still red. Blood red if I wash my face, go outside, or lower my head. I have tried hibernating, for it is so embarrassing. My skin looks like I've aged 5 years, especially around my mouth, which is what I wanted to smooth. Dr.-taken before and after photos also verify I look worse. So embarrassed, I broke up with my BF over the phone, afraid he'd see what I had done to myself. I am 59yo Female, Caucasian, very slim and athletic. When I try covering the redness with makeup, I just break out. I feel my life as a decent-looking gal is over for good. It certainly has ruined my social life, and given me months of crying. God must be punishing me for being vain enough to try this. All the doctor could say is to try injectables. Don't be fooled by those before & after shots. They are no more true than the over-the-counter cream's photos. Save your money and your love life. Find your hope somewhere else.
Just a "possible" suggestion, I had a couple of bad Fraxel like treatments that left little square red waffle scars on my face that did not go away for 6 months. I have had a series of IPL / photofacial treatments and they have lightened some. I have had about 8 of them (yes that is a lot) over 3 weeks apart. First the red turned brown, then little by little parts became dark brown and peeled off. Perhaps doing a small test patch of an area with IPL could be an idea (don't do your whole face to test it out).
Yes, it HAS helped to write about it. I took pictures every few days, then every week. I work alone, so as long as I don't look in a mirror, I do okay. I would like to go out and socialize. Or date. One seeks confirmation that one is okay. And female looks are a big part of that. That embarrassment and isolation has been the hardest part. And, yes, being heard and communicating on this site has been very helpful. There is an undisclosed reason I quit trusting my doctor soon after the procedure: Before procedure, Dr. offered me an expensive series of treatments to temporarily reduce symptoms for an issue. Investigating during healing, I found that issue was CURABLE with OTC liquid. And, after I mentioned the cure, Dr. said she knew that. :( I had a GREAT CARING, tell-it-like-it-is doctor in another type practice. I guess expecting too much from the DOT doctor.
I feel the same way. I have scars on my face and they will never go away. thanks for sharing

scarred hopes and wallet

Honestly, I thought the idea of burning the crp out of my skin would improve its appearance. My neighbor still pokes fun at me over this. It's now 3 months after procedure, and redness is finally gone. So are all my hopes. Good news is the occasional pimple no longer looks like a bloody volcano. I saw Dr. J R cut the cost of the procedure by 1/3. Maybe she is lowering the intensity, since now she's saying one WEEK of downtime (my downtime was 2 months). With lower intensity, when one does not see results, its then easier for Dr. to say, "it takes many procedures to see results".
The doctor has had this procedure done to herself many times, and posts a chin and neck shot in her waiting room showing results. I've seen photos of many types of procedures have displayed improvement in the neck. But I did not have the neck done.

P.S. (downtime 2 months)

That is, my face the 2nd month would have required heavy makeup to cover the redness and square DOT pattern on my face. I worried about makeup causing more of those blood volcano pimples, so I wore a ski mask almost all day, every day. Ski mask also kept my face moist.
Would YOU want to post photos after a botched surgery/treatment? I feel I look 5 years older. I think when I went in for a follow-up, the whole staff was shocked at how bad my face looked. They took photos. That's enough.
Realself asked for an update: It's been 17 weeks since DOT. I scraped $ together to try Refirme (to undo the odd mouth wrinkling the DOT caused).
Thanks for the update, sounds like things are going much better, are you able to post some photos?

trying Refirme to undo DOT nightmare

This week I went to Athenix, Bellevue to get 1st of 6 Refirme (radio frequency) treatments, hoping to undo the odd-looking wrinkle lines that formed on RHS of mouth after DOT. It has been 17 weeks since DOT. I don't know if the Refirme will fix the odd look DOT left, but Refirme was painless. (and I wasn't red or anything.) Refirme is bulk heating, and the experience of the tech is critical to prevent burning. Athenix tech has been doing Refirme for 7 years; obviously very skilled, as It was very pleasant treatment. I may post photos before, after DOT, and after Refirme if Refirme fixes the odd DOT wrinkling.

3 weeks post DOT

Warning: RHS is what DOT did to ME.
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This forum is to help others know the results real patients have had. So they don't make the same mistake. So they won't believe what I received IN WRITING "you'll look 5 years younger", which IS on paper. No, like I said before, I did NOT sign any such disclosure forms. Interesting how you write with such venom: finding one skin treatment in 60 years as BDD. Bizarre how you aren't instead picking on the 50% of all U.S. women have breast implants (not me). Sounds like you'll soon be writing your misplaced anger onto EVERYONE who has posted on Realself.
Dear Shiny Happy, The reviews left by PrideB4fall are helpful and appreciated. In a market where a diverse range of dermatologists exist from pure greediness to greedy but tempered with ethics, these reviews help consumers make informed decisions. I'd advise to not diagnose mental health disorders via comments. That's not helpful or necessary. I can assure you that you, me, and lots of people in America have a touch of BDD. It's part of our culture. Also, unless you're a burn victim or been disfigured then anyone reading these reviews is looking to get a cosmetic procedure to enhance their features. More likely than not we who read these have a touch more of BDD. As a psychologist with a Ph.D. from an APA institution with the pedigree of APA internship and license I'm very appreciative of this story. I also recommend to us all that we can all benefit from psychotherapy via wide range of modalities that fits your personality and presenting concerns. Bryce

I filed a complaint with the BBB.

UPDATE: I filed a complaint with my regional Better Business Bureau, which accepted my complaint and forwarded it to Cosmedic SkinCare for their reply.

DEKA DOT laser, setting 25

Warning: from my experience, the BBB won't save you. The courts won't save you. Once damage is done, the only loser is the patient.
I am so very sorry that you have suffered this experience. Thank you very much for sharing, your posts have been an invaluable source of first hand experience. I believe that you have saved many (myself included) from a similar outcome.
I am glad. We gals are so desperate to look younger, that when a doctor promises youth by burning your face for about $2000, it sounds like a dream. But it turns to your nightmare and riches for the doctor. I do not know what movie stars do to look young, but this C02 laser treatment is not it. Only good thing that came out of it is I have lots of alone-time to finish projects. I lost my looks; so what else can I do but shout, "don't do it".

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