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Lumenis C02 Ablative Laser Treatment --Getting Ready to Marry the Man of my Dreams! - Seattle, WA

Took me long enough but, I have finally found the...

Took me long enough but, I have finally found the person that makes me feel whole, calm and excited all at the same time. In preparation of our upcoming wedding in March I have decided to address a few areas of my body that have bothered me for a LONG time. I am a 45 1/2 YO female that has been TOLD that I look younger than I am. I will admit that I take pleasure in hearing that but, don't necessarily truly believe it. I think it has more to do with the way that I hold myself, talk and act that makes people think I am younger then I am (wow that sounded bad! I promise I don't wear uber short mini's, gossip, or chase boys Ha!) I guess since I feel young it comes out somehow... Now I want my skin and body to match how I feel.

I'm on week 2 of the Ideal Protein diet and have lost 9 lbs without feeling hungry. The hardest thing is not drinking wine... I LOVE my wine. My goal is to lose 31lbs by Jan 1st so that I can order my wedding dress. Wish me luck! I'm a avid user of Botox. I have it done every 3-4 months and LOVE IT! I've also had juvederm added to my nasal folds (October of last year) and will do it again. It gave me a soft fresh look. Wait! Maybe this is why people tell me I look younger than I am! Ha! Ok. On with my story... like many of us i spent way too much time in the sun without the correct amount of protection. For some reason my face is less damaged then my chest, arms, and calves (yes calves strange huh?!?) The skin on my chest is the WORST it's rough, has bumps almost like small growths, it's redder in color than the rest of my body AND I have a number of brown spots. This is my biggest beef with my skin right now. I feel like it make me look so much older than my 45.5 years. My calves are what I like to call spotted. I have about 20 pencil eraser sized brown marks on the outside of my calves that get really dark if they get any sun at all. I know that if I don't do something about this now that I am going to regret it later. So... I have a consultation scheduled with a board certified plastic surgeon for tomorrow to see what he suggests as far are treatments and timeframe. From all of my research I think he is going to say an IPL on face and chest followed up with laser treatments to address the rough and splotchy skin.

Why am I going to put myself through all of this time, expense and risk you ask? Well I want to look as amazing as I feel on the inside now that I am going to spend the rest of my life as Mrs G!

P.S. I will post pictures as I go through process. Here is one of my chest. Once I figure out how to edit face pictures I will add.


Hey girlie,

You are doing the right thing with all of the research and consults.  Definitely keep us all up to date of what you decide to do.  

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Please review IPL damage and don't so this to your face. Please please dont!
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Dojung- Thank you for your concern. I have been doing a lot of research and feel that IPL in the hands of a board certified doctor is a great treatment depending on what you need. For me I am going for something stronger. Please see my update above.

Had my consult! Yip Yip!

I had my consult last wednesday and I have to say it was a great experience. My doctor spent over an hour with my finance and I. He listened patiently as I expressed all the concerns I had about my skin and that I wanted to look my very best for my wedding day. He was very thoughtful with his diagnosis and even kidded me for saying that my skin condition was REALLY BAD! If anything he said it's in fair condition which means that I should have very good results doing a spot C02 laser treatment on the bumps (moles) that I have 11 in all. He said that this will give me a smooth canvas for the makeup artist and will be the biggest bang for me. We are also going to address the skin on my chest at the same time. He says that the CO2 laser not only gets to the roughness that I hate but, will even out the skin tone removing the red and brown spots I have from too much sun exposure.

I also got to ask him about a couple of other things that were bothering me. I thought that my eye brow was drooping but, in fact one of my cheek bones is more prominent that the other which as I have gotten older has become more obvious to me. He recommended a chemical browlift (botox) to fix the problem. I also asked him about the extra skin I am developing on that same 'droopy" eye and he says that the chemical browlift will work for that too for now as the spacing between the brow and lid is the same for both of my eyes. Whew!

So what does this all mean? Well... I am going to talk to my work about being able to work from home for a week so that I can get the CO2 scheduled. If they agree then I will book ASAP. Wish me luck!


You are Beautiful and don't need anything, but I will not be able to convince you. Go to the best and check there background to make sure there are no law suits. Enjoy your wedding! Congrats!
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Got my quote! Lumenis C02 Laser Treatment for Full Chest & 10 Facial Spots

Just got my quote and I'm so excited! For the full chest and 10 spots on my face I am looking at $2816 which includes the Doctor fees, facility fees and anesthesia. I have been told that I will need 5 days off of work because during the healing time I need to keep the areas moist to promote faster healing. Tomorrow I will start my pretreatment of .25 retinae and a Hydroquinone to promote collagen. Going to talk to my finance tonight and work tomorrow. I'm hoping to schedule for the first week of december!


Thank you for the well wishes! I have been doing just that...And, have settled on C02 Ablative Laser. I feel very confident in my decision. I will keep everyone updated!

OK... So my CO2 Treatment is on hold

After talking with my fiance, mother and daughters I have agreed to go the non invasive route first.

I have started by using Retin-A and Hydroquinone on my face, neck and chest. I also have invested in some high quality products from ZO SkinHealth and Obagi Nu-Derm. I'm excited to see what these products will do for me. I can always have the CO2 laser in a year or so if this doesn't work.


Hi FutureMrsG: You look great and I would not do any laser treatments! There are too many horror stories on this site that mention skin texture being messed up, fat being melted away, etc, etc. Why don't you try a chemical peel? There a lot of different types and strengths out there and you can start at a light superficial level and then work your way up if things go well. Lasers go much deeper into the skin tissue then chemical peels. I know people have had terrible outcomes with peels also, but I have been getting them for ten years and never had a real problem. But make sure you get it done at the physican's office, etc. Don't do a home peel until you see how your skin will react. I think your skin will look beautiful. And they also promote collagen, which we need at this age. I am ten years older then you and I think the peels have kept my skin in great condition and I don't get the heavy duty ones. Best of luck to you on your upcoming wedding/marriage and with anything you decide to do for yourself.
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Thanks for the update, glad you made the choice that you are comfortable with, that's what's important! 

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