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I am having the same experience with my Seattle...

I am having the same experience with my Seattle dentist. I got three consults--one from a professor at UW who told me braces would definitely be the way to go, another from a private dentist who came highly recommended who refused to do Invisalign for me, and the last from my historic dentist who also teaches. When he told me he needed to file my lower teeth, I was terrified--because I'd come in to REMOVE spaces. He reassured me the spaces would not only go away but were necessary. Now I'm close to the end of my Invisalign treatment, over a year later, and the spaces remain EXACTLY as wide, noticeable, an embarrassing as initially.

I keep asking my dentist about the spaces but he continues to reassure me the spaces will vanish. I wish I'd had a backbone, but when your healthcare provider is URGING a procedure, you assume (s)he knows far more than you about what's right. I regret deeply-deeply letting someone file my otherwise perfectly good teeth. And for the record, I'm not at all impressed with Invisalign. Yes, the overall shape of my smile has changed. Yes, the biggest gap (NOT one my dentist created) has shortened, but all the original gaps remain, are noticeable, and the new gaps make my lower teeth look like something out of a horror movie. I've actually had nightmares about my lower teeth falling out.

I don't care about the waivers I've signed--if at least the gaps my dentist CREATED don't close after a refinement I'll be contacting an attorney to discuss a law suit. When a patient says (s)he doesn't want a procedure and a doctor pushes it strongly, that doctor better be very confident the procedure will do what is being promised.

Very ashamed and upset with myself.

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I used an online consumer rating site like Yelp to find my provider (can't recall which site).

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Sorry to hear you aren't feeling very confident with the way things might turn out. Have you seen your Clincheck video? You could also ask to see the trays that are later in your treatment series to see what the projected outcome is.

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