Fat Transfer Breasts (With BRAVA) - Seattle, WA

Hi everyone, I've been lurking on this site for...

Hi everyone,

I've been lurking on this site for some time now, and I've decided to post about my procedure. Maybe I can help someone out there like so many of you have (unknowingly) helped me! :)

Some background information:
Late 20s
Petite (105 lbs, 5'2)
A cup with "slight" asymmetry (goal is to get to a B cup)
No kids or previous implants

I'm really nervous and excited for my procedure next week! However, I have only really been using te BRAVA "strictly" for about 2 weeks. By the time surgery comes around next week, it will be 3 weeks of constant wear and another 2 of on and off.

I've had this system since early April, but haven't been successful with using it due to rashes/welts/blisters. It was/is a painful experience for me. I've even skipped a few days in favour of actually getting some decent sleep. I wonder if this is going to really negatively impact the fat transfer results? Does anyone have a less than stellar track record with Brava and had the fat transfer? How was the retention?

Everyone seems so diligent about using it that I feel quite badly about it!

However, I definitely see the changes, especially taking off the domes first thing in the morning. I started at 31, and now by evenings I'm around a 32.5.

My PS said that the goal would be to transfer 300cc into each breast. Donor sites are abdomen and flanks. I'm a pesky apple shaped gal, and despite eating well/working out I still have a flabby stomach/skinny arms/thighs/small chested. Sometimes I feel like I was MADE for this procedure, lol.

Anyway, wish me luck, girls!

So tonight is the first night I'm not going to use...

So tonight is the first night I'm not going to use the no string prep wipes..I'll see if it helps my skin or not. It's looking at it's worse as I ramp up usage before surgery (TWO more sleeps!!!) I think I have great swelling while the Brava is on (cups at least half full)...but it rapidly deflates by the end of the day. The Brava coach said might not be long enough wear and also maybe I have "good skin" (i.e. good elasticity). It bit worried, but the whole process was tough on my skin, I couldn't sustain such long hours.

I'm REALLY dreading Brava post-fat transfer..although no cycling I'm sure it will be a total pain. But I will try as I want the best possible retention. My PS said without Brava he's usually around 50%.

Currently searching for pics to send my PS (is this weird? I just want him to have a reference of what I'd like). However, I am looking forward to the 'improved' me -- my small size has always left me feeling self conscious. I know it's not what really really matters..but hey, if it makes me happier and feel better then I'm game. My apple stomach has ALWAYS bothered me too..actually this is probably a bigger point for me than my breast size. I don't know what to look forward to/be more nervous about!

Going to take Arnica starting tomorrow afternoon (2 days in advance). Has anyone tried this? Any tips post-surgery for pain and diet? I'm stocked with extra strength Tylenol, Arnica gel, and some nice scented oils/moisturizer to help me relax lol.
Hi Jchoo!! I see you here, yay!! SO EXCITING that tomorrow is your BIG DAY!!! YAY!! What time is your surgery? We will be thinking of you & saying a prayer for you. I think you have good goals as far as only looking for a 1 cup increase with one transfer. It is important to be realistic with fat transfers and getting a half to one cup size increase is good for a fat transfer. Make sure you wear Brava as much as possible today!! Try to leave it on until right before you shower to leave for your surgery as you want the breasts to be as swollen and vascular as possible during surgery so they can place as much fat as possible. I know you are nervous but once your day comes tomorrow then the time just flies!!! I can't believe that I am 1 month post op today already! But, it felt like it would never get here before the surgery. Try to wear Brava for at least a week after surgery to keep that fat!! GOOD LUCK and welcome to the forum. Please stay with us & keep us posted, good or bad.
Hi! I'm in the Seattle area, too, but didn't use Brava. Who is your dr.? I used Arnica, and took iron after my surgery, too. Do you have a sports bra to wear post surgery? Hope everything goes well for you!
My fat transfer was done 2 months ago in Seattle. Without Brava 150cc was put in my each breast. Now mine is about 50%retention, and may have less at the end, so I think you will get better retention if using Brave. Best Wishes!

It has been about 24 hours since surgery. Thanks...

It has been about 24 hours since surgery. Thanks to all for your kind words and wishes!

I am from the Seattle area, but traveled to Canada for the surgery (Kelowna, BC). It was quite a long drive!

Feeling okay, just sore on the donor sites (abdomen) and breast area.

The PS said he was only able to get about 200cc in, despite Brava! I am quite small, so I'm happy with that. Hopefully it retains, I'm going to get Brava-ing again tomorrow afternoon (48 hrs post op).

Will post new pictures later. Best, x.
Hi Jchoo! Congrats on being "on the other side" as they call it!  Awesome & glad you are feeling okay.  Wow, that was a long drive.  What made you go to Canada for the procedure?  Was your only donor site the abdomen?  Do you have to drive all the way back for many follow-up visits?  I was wondering if the doc was going to be able to fit in the original cc's in the plan as you really need the space.  Well, like you said, get back to brava after 48 hrs so you can retain.  Hopefully, you can get about a 70% retention with using Brava post-op. Keep us posted!  Can't wait to see your photos. Amelia
I used to live in Vancouver actually! And my husband's family lives in Kelowna, so we're here anyway for a visit! I took two weeks of vacation, so on the last day I will go in for a check up. Next one will probably be in 8 weeks he said. I don't mind making the trip up for that during a long weekend maybe. I really am quite pleased with early results. I'm a small gal as noted, and with the size/shape the usual 250ccs is likely more than a cup size for me! I will post pics in a week as I'm trying to be good and keeping Brava/compression garment on. Abdomen/flanks/a bit off my hips were taken. Thanks for the thoughts! (Especially you, amelia!)
Aaaahh Jchoo, that sounds nice!  You will get such a nice effect having the abs,hips & flanks done since they all lie near each other.  I kind of wish I had the abs done too since they are the only thing that bulges now, LOL!!  Good luck, keep up your post regiment & we will look frwd to your pics!!!!!!

Almost two weeks post-op!

Hi yall,

Thought I'd post here for an update.

First three days post op were awful, it was hard to feel so helpless as I've never gone through surgery. The pain was tolerable with exrta strength Tylenol. I took the precription anti-biotics religiously (I was so scared of infection) but only pain meds night one.

I also didn't start Brava until Sunday night instead of Saturday as I was told not to take the dressings off until Sunday.

At two weeks my lipo scars are looking good, but I am concerned they will be dark so applying a blend of vitamin e, argan, rosehip oils to the sites. The belly button one is totally fine, and as expected well concealed. My tummy is a bit swollen as I haven't been so great with walking and diet enough, but I'm certain the results will be great.

Compression garment is a pain and a half.

Swelling from my breasts I do believe are almost gone, and I'm quite pleased with the shape and size. I hope I stay this size!

Three Weeks Out

So, all looks good, I am healing well and have stopped using Brava. I was really horrible with it after surgery as it was so uncomfortable and I was coping with lipo.

I am a little bit sore on my abdomen still, my flanks feel fine, but I do have a bit of swelling and certain areas feel stiff/hard to the touch. I'm hoping that the next 3 weeks will be much better.

For all that are considering this proceedure, I will say that while I am generally happy, it was more pain than I thought. One, the itching is TERRIBLE I wanted to rip my skin off! Icing helped me as well as massage and keeping my skin moisturized. Two, perhaps it'sjust me, but I am not used to feeling so immobile and lethargic. You need to remind yourself that your body just underwent surgery and is in recovery mode - extra rest and a tired feeling. Not being able to hit the gym also adds to me feeling blue. Three, waking up from surgery was AWFUL. I was shivering and nauseated and dizzy. Promptly went home and slept the day. Woke up feeling much better.

I don't see huge results from the lipo, but this is because I didn't have a whole lot taken out. I do have a much flatter tummy, especially first thing in the morning. I used to have to suck in my tummy and now it looks like I'm sucking it in even when not. So I love how natural the result is. My next post will be more dedicated to lipo results since it is 1/2 of the equation!

Now my breasts! I don't want to sound conceited, but they're much nicer looking in person! I love the subtle fullness and shape is very nice. I'm not sure if I will do the second graft as suggested by my PS, here's to hoping I retain well!
Hi :) I did this surgery a few years back and did not use brava at all. I found I lost a lot of volume within the first three months and stopped getting smaller after about a year. There was still a noticible size increase but it was much closer to my natural size then after the surgery (I had a lot grafted about 300cc). It has been a while since you last posted. Are you still maintaining the graft? I am going to do the surgery again. This time I started with brava tough. I put medical tape in the center of my chest and so far no irritation. I am going to try not to look at them much until 3 months after since last time it made me sad to see them get smaller.
You look GREAT!!  Thanks for sharing & keep us posted.  Glad you are done with Brava, that must be a relief!
Thank you, hon! I might try Brava again later, if I lose a lot of the fat just to see if it helps. I'm reading that the fat shrinks and then grows again? Not sure, but let's see!
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