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Hi there, I just recently underwent revision...

Hi there,

I just recently underwent revision rhinoplasty with Dr Sam Naficy and want to share my experience with you all.

My primary rhino took place on 30 April 2010 in Sydney, AUSTRALIA (This is where I live). After a few weeks went by, I could tell the primary surgery hadn't gone to plan as the result was far less than ideal (but not absolutely horrible when I consider what other patients have had to overcome and live with). Yikes ?

My nose was scooped, I had a collapsed left valve and my tip was pinched on one side and very angled on the other. I also had a left deviation in my septum. Overall there were several defects that needed to be addressed.

I had consulted with the top rhinoplasty surgeons of Australia countless times and still wasn’t feeling confident about having a revision. That is when I decided it was time to seek out a revision guy in the USA.

After researching surgeons from all areas of the United States for two (2) years, I finally found the surgeon I believed could make a big difference. Dr Sam Naficy.

I went through a list of questions with Dr. Naficy which I put together in effort to find out all there was to know about a potential revision and what I could expect prior to, during and after surgery and throughout the healing process. I was so happy and confident once Dr Naficy answered all of my questions... Finally, my mind was at ease for the first time in a long time! That was a big deal to me!

My surgery took place on 1 August 2013 (I am now 20 days post op). I was very anxious as I was along was from home but I was very close to the clinic so this made things easier for me. Dr Naficy and several nurses would frequently check up on me after surgery so that made me feel much more relaxed.

The cast came off on 6 Aug 2013 (5 days after my surgery). To be honest, I didn’t look at my nose straight away… I wanted to wait until I got back to my hotel in Eastgate to analyse it on my own.

Once I got back to my hotel, I looked in the mirror and….. WOW! I couldn’t believe how much straighter my nose was. Symmetry was the biggest factor for me! My nose was very crooked before so this was most immediate. Dr Naficy explained that there was still quite a bit of swelling (which was very evident to me) and that it would take up 12 months for my tip to gain more feeling and definition.

Dr Naficy used my rib cartilage to strengthen my nose and to soften the defects that resulted from my primary rhinoplasty. Dr Naficy doesn’t use artificial fillers for grafting work which is fantastic!

Now that I am 20 days post op, the swelling has gone down so much and my nose continues to become more defined each week.

I really couldn’t be happier with my decision to go through with this and I believe that has a lot to do with my surgeon of choice.

Thorough research, having a selection criteria and maintaining superior communication between surgeon and patient really is so important when it comes down to it and Dr Naficy… you tick every box.

Thank you for being so humble and caring throughout this whole process. You and your team are just wonderful and I am blessed to have found you!

A special mention to Julie Legman from the Naficy team… Thank you for holding my hand just before I went under anaesthetic … You are so beautiful and wonderful! ?

Best decision ever! :D

Before and After Revision Rhino Photo's - 22 Days Post - So Fantastic!

Still a bit swollen/numb/hard... but am loving the overall shape/structure so far. Can't believe the difference and didn't expect it to look this good so early in my recovery. Loving it! WOO HOO Thanks Dr. Naficy!!! Can't wait to see final result after a few months has passed!
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

Thank you Dr Sam Naficy for performing my revision rhinoplasty. My nose is looking very beautiful and elegant. More defined as each week goes by.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Beautiful job!
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I hope healing went well and you're still happy with your results. Would you consider posting some updated photos since the last ones posted were only 22-day post surgery? I'd love to see your final results. Thank you.
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AmaZing results
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Thanks so much!
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Thanks for sharing. This makes me excited as he is going to be my surgeon!
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After reading your story I have requested a consult with dr. Naficy!! Thanks for sharing!
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All the best to you and I'm glad I could be on some help! :)
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Let me know if u have any other questions
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Looks gorgeous! How is the healing coming along?
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Thanks so much! It really is a huuuuge improvement. Even still (10 months post revision) I feel there may be a build up of tissue inside my nostrils, it's a little uncomfortable so not sure if my polyps have resurfaced :( or if this is simply post op residual scar tissue which will dissipate over a longer period of time! It feels like so long already! Such a lengthy process! As for the aesthetics, all looking the same as my post op pics, just a smaller version! I feel there is still swelling in the tip which need to go down still (hopefully swelling)
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I have the same issues with tissue build up inside nostrils! I am only 6 weeks post revision... It feels like scars that protrude a bit into my airway and makes me breathing a bit more constrained. Have you asked Dr Nacify about it?
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That is exactly what I feel right now! I think at 12 months I will have another follow up to discuss this further! I have heard residual scar tissue takes a long time to resolve but sometimes you wonder if this is really the case for you! As gross as it sounds, if I place my finger in my nostrils, it feels lumpy throughout! This wasn't there before and so I suspect this is tissue build up where incisions were made. Should go down!
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Your new nose is fabulous :) u must be excited! Did u r first doctor use grafts ??
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Also when did u notice your inverted v , was it apparent the first year or after 3 or more years ???
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Hi there No my first doc didn't use grafts and I noticed the inverted v within the first year! All my defects were noticeable in the first year including the collapsed left valve!
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Your nose has some aspects that were slightly similar to mine pre-revision. It's nice to see your pictures. ….yours turned out basically perfect. Seriously your profile is ideal! :)
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Thank you Jayess :-) Too kind of you! I am very happy with the outcome at this point (will be 6 months post op on 1 Feb) I am long overdue in uploading more pictures Will get onto it at 6 month point. Have you had ur revision and if so are you happy? x
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any updates?
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Any updated photos you can share with us? I hope you're healing and still feeling good. Thank you!
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Hi there Omg we have the same deformity before ur revision... It's a copy of my nose now:) I would send them to you if so Your result are beyond amazing its a miracle ;) you must have done something really nice to have a good karma :) just joking don't believe in that stuff. Regarding dr.nafecy why did you choose him? I mean looking at web gallery is not enough for me because I will travel all the way from the Middle East to the us for revision so I'm under pressure and confused.Thinking that things might get worse after revision in another country gives me pain in my stomach :( Finally is possible if a can call you by phone or by email? Thank you so much
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Hi Hanno, Big apologies for the delayed reply. Thank you for your lovely comment. I chose Dr Naficy because... - He had a lower personal revision rate than the other surgeons I was interested in. - He was double board certified (facial plastic surgeon/otolarynology) - He does somewhere between 150-200 (I Think) primary rhinoplasties every year for over 10 years (I don't remember how many are revision cases - which is important since you are a revision patient just like me) I would ask this question. - Dr practically guaranteed that my nose would look much better after my revision as opposed to worse than what I had prior to the revision. (I would not have gone through with it if this wasn't the case) - Dr explained if rare infection occurs due to my body rejecting the grafts or improper healing, this can affect the result causing the nose to buckle. This scared me but Dr said that surgeons are legally obliged to clarify the risks involved. No infection occurred and I knew it wouldn't as it is highly unlikely and the grafts were harvested from my own body (not synthetic/artificial) - Dr was very humble, kind and warm - He answered all of my questions (which I per-prepared prior to my long distance phone consult) - I liked his artistic eye - The pictures on his website were very natural and great improvements - There were none I beleived looked better prior to having surgery. Send me a private message and attach your pics if you would like... It is as though we were corresponding privately via email. :) xxx
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How was the rib harvesting experience alone? Ear was not an option? Do you know what locations the rib grating was used? And did you think rib harvesting was an extreme option at first considering how minimal the collapse appeared to be? Your nose looks great and I do hope you come back and post periodically. We are all in this for the long haul and what serves best is seeing long-term results. Enjoy!
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To be honest, I was completely fine with having a rib graft... I was actually relieved when Dr Naficy said he would be utilizing rib cartilage as opposed to other Grafting materials... My rib hurt a little after the surgery and my nose feels a little unusual sometimes due to the density of the cartlage. My nose is a little hard and I am not sure if that is a permanent feeling, but that is probably the only difference I really notice with the grafts used. I don't think ear cartridge was ideal due to the amount of grafting required. If a minor touch up was required ear cartilage may have been useful but I think Dr N decided on Rib mainly because it holds its form better... Grafts were applied to my septal catilage, around my tip (to acheive a more rounded appearance), my nostrils (where collapsed), along left valve and top bridge (front view where collapse was dominant (nose appeared deviated to the left due to this)).
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Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I guess I am not the only one who would love to see how your nose looks now as the swelling decreases. Would you share some new photos with us? Thank you so much! :)
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I most certainly can and I agree, people rely on these forums for updates as swelling resolves so give me a few days and I'll upload a few more... The swelling in the bridge really does resolve quicker than the tip... I am realizing this.. I need to stay patient!
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