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A dentist had told me he cold fix the tiny gap on...

A dentist had told me he cold fix the tiny gap on my #7 tooth that was only noticeable from the side view but he filed my entire tooth to put bonding on that left my tooth very yellow and dull looking. The next dentist I seen shaved the bonding off the tooth so it is less yellow. Now you can see the composite filling (not very noticeable in pic) my tooth is no longer smooth and I'm worried that my tooth does not have enough enamel left to protect it. They also filed my front tooth that is shorter because I had a small chip. It had already been a little shorter but more so now. I wish I never let this dentist touch my teeth. Before the dentist pointed it out I never once felt insecure about my teeth, now I feel that my smile is very ugly. I really don't want dental veneers for I am scared to loose my natural tooth forever. What do you think I should do to improve my teeth?
I understand your plight. These dentists don't listen and they don't care. If it continues to bother you, select a dentist, after you have gotten at least 2 more opinions from different dentists, and have the other tooth filed down to match. Don't let them continue to do work on the same tooth. If too much work is done, then eventually you will lose that tooth entirely. Maybe you should take other people's advice and just live with it. Stop looking at it in the mirror. You will make yourself mental!
Fine meaning ok, medicore yes. Good or nice looking I'd have to say they don't. I can see the composite filling but I've become more of an expert in this area from experience. Go see another COSMETIC DENTIST for a re-do.
Your teeth look fine, leave them alone
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