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I am looking into a facial procudure to repair...

I am looking into a facial procudure to repair sunken cheeks which resulted from HIV (facial wasting). Can anyone help with regard to cost estimate comparisons, taking into account procudure involvement, recovery, and the amount of time each of the results last? I would like to feel more confident about my 50+ year-old looks and look 52, not sickly, which I am not!
JP, Seattle WA

Hi Pooty2005 -- Firstly, congrats on taking charge of a change you want to make. Have you had any consultations yet?

I've seen Sculptra used frequently for HIV facial wasting; here's a link to some reviews from other RealSelfers who were using it for this purpose. That should give you a starting point for expectations, costs, etc. but it will take a consultation (or few) to determine what's right for you.

Hope you find this helpful and please keep us posted on what you decide to do. :)

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