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Hi, I am 45, mom of two, almost 5'9" and about...

Hi, I am 45, mom of two, almost 5'9" and about 150. I exercise a number of times each week and am cursed with the genetics of my Aunt Janet's thighs. Not pretty compared to the rest of me. After reading/thinking for a year, I had cellulaze done on the fronts, sides and backs of both thighs 1.5 weeks ago. I want to be able to swim and go to beach and wear a dress above the knees without looking bad. I have reasonable expectations.
I live in Portland, OR and the closest cellulaze providers are in Seattle, WA, which is a three hour drive, so it took a bit of planning with a ride.

The doctor I chose was great, as was his staff. I took arnica pills for two days before and continue to take them. I also use the arnica gel once a day. I drank a quart of water every day for a week before the surgery and am trying to maintain that.

The day of the procedure, I was given a halcyon, an oxycondone and something to prevent nausea. Worked just fine for me. As everyone else said, the lidocaine stings, the insertion of the numbing fluid is pinchy and uncomfortable and the rest I slept through on and off for about 4 hours.

Here is the fun part of the story (for everyone else). THE MACHINE BROKE before Dr. Stridde did the whole front of my left thigh. The lasers are such that if anything goes wrong they will shur down. Good thing bc no one wants to melt. So I was roused to hear that I was 5/6s done and would have to come back and do it again for the last section.

Recovery for time #1 was ok. Sore to sit on toilet, numbness still, bruising, etc. Nothing unbearable. I only took painkillers for two days.

The garment are like tight shorts. They feel like they cut into the back of my legs and I prefer the below the knee spanx I purchased and now wear 24/7. 
After 1.5 weeks I got another ride to Seattle and did the top of the last thigh. Same routine as the first time. Machine fixed. This time the recovery seems more difficult. It has been two days and today should be the worst of it, but feels worse than the first time. I was supposed to go to an event this evening and bailed bc it would not be fun to sit there and be "on." Could muscle through it if it was totally necessary. The procedure was also a little different the second time in the I did not fall asleep and it felt a little sharp at times. Again, nothing unbearable. It is just better to sleep.

That's where I'm at. I will try and get some pics up. Based on the other reviews, I am hopeful that the results will be worth the cost and time.

Dr. Stridde did two incisions for each area. My...

Dr. Stridde did two incisions for each area. My legs had three areas each, so 6 holes in each leg. He also put a stitch in each one so that they would heal better. He is a board certified plastic surgeon and was more concerned than I was about the holes. They are very small holes. Maybe 1/4 inch?
To answer the pee question...One cannot sit down too quickly for a while so that may be the issue some women referred to. For the first day I was very happy to have the foam padding that was placed underneath the very sexy and attractive (sarcastic) crotchless garment. Also, I think that people are habituated to pulling their pants down and are conditioned to not pee through a garment. The procedure itself does not cause any problems with urination.

Glad to hear an update from you and read you are doing ok now in your comment below, drd67! Some ladies have talked about it being difficult to pee in the first few days. Did you do anything different when you had to use the restroom or was it not all that bad for you?

Thanks so much for the review I hopes it works out, could you please tell me how many incisions did he make, I scar horribly and that's what is keeping me from doing it

IT's been about 3-4 weeks and all the bad bruising...

IT's been about 3-4 weeks and all the bad bruising is gone. My legs are a strange color, kind of grayish purple, but it is not bruising. I have quite a bit of swelling, particularly in the knee area. My two cents....make sure you wear a compression garment that goes below the knees! I just finally purchased a calf length one from Marena and it is sooo much better than the spanx I was wearing or the marena shorts. Really makes a difference with movement and the swelling. Not cheap though. I feel fine, no pain, but with swelling cannot exercise and am supposed to keep feet up. Very weird sensation when I take the garment off to shower - like the skin might slide off your legs from the inside.
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