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I've always had large breasts. For a long time I...

I've always had large breasts. For a long time I never thought seriously about a breast reduction, but as they keep getting bigger, I've given it a bit more thought. I've been researching and thinking for the last month or so - not long, I know, but I've got a little less than a year left before I'm too old to be insured by my parents, so I've got no time to lose, really. I'm going in for a consultation tomorrow, hoping to get a bit more information and get the ball rolling in terms of insurance approval. I hope it works out, but I'm nervous that it won't.


I had my consultation today and it went really well, I think. I liked my doctor a lot, he was very kind and straightforward. He went over the process in detail and talked the risks and aftercare a bit, and showed me before and after photos. Then he left and I changed into a gown, and he came back in with the woman who helped me fill out my paperwork, and he took some measurements that she wrote down. Then he came back and we talked about what size I wanted to be. I told him I honestly hadn't thought that far ahead - I knew there was usually a minimum amount that insurance would require be removed, but I didn't really know what that would look like. I know it's usually around 500g, but I had no context for what that really meant. He said he could take that much from me easily, and that if he only took 500g I would not be pleased with the result because I'd still be really big. That was a relief to me, because that was one of my main worries. He said that he thinks I'd look best as a small D, which sounds good to me. I'm short, but I've got really wide hips, and tend to be a bit heavier even when I'm in good shape.

I had some pictures taken and the doctor is going to write a letter to be submitted to insurance. I was told they usually hear back between 1-3 weeks, and that I'd get a call as soon as they hear back.

So now that's all I need! I'm nervous that I won't get approved because I don't have any other documentation about the trouble my breasts have been causing me. I never thought to say anything, though, because I didn't really think there was anything that could be done. I guess we'll see if this works, and if not I'll try to jump through some more hoops. I definitely can't afford it without insurance approval right now, but it's something I absolutely would consider somewhere down the line when I'm in a better place financially.

Welcome to the community!  Stay positive and something will work out.



Here is a photo of my breasts now, as well as pictures from over the last 12 years. It was surprisingly hard to find pictures where you could actually see how big I was. I never realized how much I've been hiding them!
I hid mine too. In minimizer bras, and shirts that made me look smaller. I know how you feel! You will love your new boobs.
Thanks! I'm realizing I've been slouching and rolling my shoulders in. I need to stand up straight! At 5 feet tall, I need all the inches I can get!

The Waiting Game

It's been a week since my consultation, which is not very long, I know, but every time my phone rings I get excited and nervous. The place I'm staying at right now doesn't really have cell reception that often so I've been really paranoid that I'm missing The Phone Call.

My life is very much in flux right now. Pretty much everything is up in the air, so I am so looking forward to having something concrete to wrap my head around.
fivezinnias, I had to wait about 2 full weeks and then the call came that I was approved by insurance. That was about 2 months ago and now I have my surgery on Monday at 7:30 a.m. The first 6-8 weeks after you have approval goes by slow and now this week has flown. Just read all the posts on here and gather the information. I've cleaned my house, made up the spare room so I can move in after my stay in the hospital. Good luck with your approval, I hope it comes quick. We are here to support you through the waiting, it will be worth it.

Still Waiting

Still playing the waiting game. I got a call on Thursday from the surgeon's office to let me know that the paperwork did go through and that they were still waiting to hear back, and that they hadn't forgotten about me. That was thoughtful, as it has helped quell those worries. I'll update as soon as something happens.
Fingers crossed you hear soon!!
Which insurance company do you have? I love that you have pictures from year to year! I should look for some old ones.
I'm with United Healthcare.

The Wait Continues

Haven't heard anything, getting impatient and discouraged.
I think it's a good sign. It took just over a month before I heard about my approval. But that was my 3rd attempt. The first attempt took almost a month but my insurance approved just one breast. Yes, you read that right. I decided to try to start losing weight that I had put on after I had my son (he was 18 months old at the time). A year and a half later, after losing 4 dress sizes but not much on top, I tried again and was denied. That denial took only a week to get. My doctor sent an appeal within just a few days, it was denied again. Another year and a half went buy and this time, in addition to all the other discomforts common with large breasts, I started having a lot of pain in my breasts. I saw a different doctor this time and I was very impressed. He really advocated for me. It took just over a month to hear back and this time BOTH breasts were covered. So hang in there, this may be a good sign.
Good Luck!! I got denied within 24 hours of the PS submitting something, so hopefully this wait is a good sign!

Waiting, But Less Discouraged

After my last update I received a call from my PS, saying that they had called my insurance company up to check on things and make sure my information hadn't gotten lost or anything. It's still being reviewed. The woman I spoke to said that that's unusual, and apologized that it's taken so long.

I was glad to hear that nothing has gone wrong, and appreciated the phone call. I'm still feeling very impatient, though. I'm currently looking for a job after moving back to Seattle from California, and am also hoping to schedule the surgery for this calender year because my family's out-of-pocket max has almost been reached. That makes things a little complicated, because I'd prefer to have the surgery done in the next month or so, if possible, so it doesn't interfere too much with the holidays, but it won't look too good to ask for time off a job I will have only just started. I guess there's really no use worrying about this right now, I'll just have to see if I'm approved and then figure out what dates are available. Fingers crossed I'll hear soon!
Good luck! I hope it all works out for you.

Still waiting

Just thought I should pop back in and update... it's been six weeks since my consultation and my insurance company still hasn't gotten back to me yet.
I'd be calling the insurance company on the daily and find out WTF is up
Darn - that is a long wait - hope you hear soon.
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