I'm on the Fence About Having my Implants Removed. Will They Look Terrible? - Seattle, WA

I had breast implant surgery 4 years ago and have...

I had breast implant surgery 4 years ago and have been so uncomfortable since. In fact I have felt more self conscious and insecure since having the surgery then I ever have in my entire life. I was a 34B before surgery hoping for a C cup and ended up a 34D with 325cc Silicone Memory Gel Implants :( I was dead set on the idea for 5 years and none of my friends could talk me out of it.

I'm 5'4" and athletic so now I look really heavy and super fake! There are SO many clothing options that I have completely ruled out because I hate how huge they look just spilling out of everything. I thought the point of getting implants was to feel more secure, but it's been so limiting and disappointing. I miss feeling classy & petite.... I used to go topless at the beach, but now would feel offensive & X rated doing so. I really miss wearing little tank tops and spaghetti strap dresses without that feeling of total self consciousness!!! I'm so envious when I see small natural breasts now.

I ended up on here and have been so pleasantly surprised that I'm not the only one that feels this way! Yay, I'm not going crazy... I have girlfriends that went through the same surgery & they're SO happy with the results. I'm not here to judge, only to tell my story and seek advice from others that have been through the implant removal surgery.

I never really considered removal an option until I went to a consultation last week to talk about downsizing my implants and the PS told me something interesting... He said that in EVERY case of downsizing in his entire career, EVERY one of them ended up removing their implants! I found myself considering it for the first time last week.

I really want to know HONESTLY if those of you who have had the implant removal are happy with the results??? How close are they to what they began with? The PS I saw says I have great skin & I went under the muscle so I should be almost exactly what I was before... I asked him about the fact that 4 years have gone by & he said it's more the factor of having good skin that will produce a good result. He said it would take about 6 months for the breasts to adjust back to what they were.

Any information would be appreciated!


I had my surgery over a month ago, and I am very happy to have the implants out. I had options regarding getting them replaced but the pair I had-needed to come out. I feel like me again and men aren't staring at me like they used to. Before my breasts would arrive prior to my entrance leaving me feeling like doll parts, and not the complete woman I am. I now feel healthier, and my breasts aren't great but they are mine. At some point we have to get off the merry go round and realize what we are about. It's important to feel good but having perfect boobs is not necessary to feel like a sexy woman. I wish you the best of luck in your journey!!
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Just to confirm what your PS said. I had my saline implants for 10 years and had them downsized last year. This year I had them removed. I am 6 weeks out and could not be happier. At first they were a little deflated looking but they are fluffing and how nice to go from a dd to a c. Love being able to wear cute tops and dresses again. The surgery took less than an hour. Mi had it done under local and was back at work the next day. I am back working out and running and it's nice not being top heavy anymore.
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Hello, did you make any decisions yet?
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