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Had first set of implants at 51, with right side...

Had first set of implants at 51, with right side puckering. Replaced them 2 years later.The second set was in for 5 years, and developed a seroma. Decided to take them out with a lift. I am 3 weeks post-op, and my right side looks like someone pulled the nipple from my back -indented all the way across.

tj in seattle

Here are pictures I did not send before. I had my implants under the muscle both times.
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Very good Dr. just not sure about his outcome. Not many options presented to me that don't cost a lot of money.

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You can always look into fat transfers later on after you have healed and see your final results.
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I agree with the other ladies TJ. With lifts things rearrange and settle in, and I think it just need time and massage (when your surgeon give the go ahead for that). Patience is key in this...
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Thanks for the encouragement. I had this same type of indentation with my 1st set of implants. The 2nd DR fixed it. So just wondering if without the implant, this will need something more. He said I might need more implants.
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Omg are you serious, he suggested more implants??? You had trouble with both sets you already had! If you get implants you will be back to all that trouble! They say that if you have had trouble in the past with them, you are likely to have trouble in the future if you get more, it increases the chances of trouble! I would run, RUN, to get other opinions after you give this 6-12 months to heal and improve. If your not happy then get a revision, of some kind! If you get implants again, you will be back to square one, and will be facing more and more surgeries....please give it time and get other opinions! Hugs to you, and sending you patience! Xoxox
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i had a lift too, and under my right breast there is a bit of scar tissue that is making me anxious. my left looks so much larger than my right. im not sure how much it will settle, but i def feel vulnerable about it.... ive been massaging softly and my naturopath suggester castor oil and moving my hands in a ver specific way to support drainage. I have no glad to be free of my implants. i just feel vulnerable....
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It's very normal to feel that way, vulnerable! Vitamin e is amazing too! Stay strong! Don't give in to the pressure of having perfect breasts. I am sure they will improve significantly, and if they don't, consider other alternatives, anything but more implants! That's just signing up for a lifetime of surgeries...
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I too had removal and lift, and I know it takes several months for them to get their actual shape. Your scars are very thin. Focus on wearing a good compression sports bra or surgical bra, that will definitely help.
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What if I have had a previous type of indentation with my first set of implants?
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Thanks for sharing your experience so far on RealSelf! I hope the indent resolves. Please keep us posted as you continue to heal.

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My nipples were huge when the implants were in and now they are sort of puckered looking from the stitches since he took them out through the areola where he also put them in. I think with time they will straighten out. My PS told me that can take 6 months to a year to get to where they will be. Just keep hanging in there and like deborah said they do fluff out.
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As you start to fluff I bet nature will takes it's course and you will fill that area back out over time. I have heard of this happening and then they come back out. You hang in there and keep us posted on what happens. Gentle hugs to you
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Thanks I did post my pictures. Take a look.
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Hi TJ, thanks for posting your pictures and you do seem to have a lot of breast tissue left which is a good thing. I think over time things will fluff out for you. That's just my feeling.
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