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My doctor is suggesting removing the capsule from...

My doctor is suggesting removing the capsule from my left breast as it is thick and twisted. He says if he does not my breasts may look different sizes. Has anyone had this? Any comments?

I got my implants 10 years ago. I was 22 and in a different place in my life. I went from a 34 A to a 34 D. They have always stuck out from my body like torpedos, and when I am really fit they feel so hard and strange in my body. I have capsular contracture in my left breast, and it has twisted so it is looking somewhat deformed. I had one consultation to have them replaced, and thought about how I don't want to have to do this ever again. I want to be able to hug people without big rocks in my way, and do a push-up without my breasts pushing into my armpits, and wear a low cut shirt without looking slutty. I'm really hoping I can have the surgery next week, and can't wait until I can go shopping for a new swimsuit. Push-up bras, here I come!

Had a second consultation with another doc. He...

Had a second consultation with another doc. He wanted to do a capsulectomy on both sides, which the first doctor thought was unneccessary. I've decided on Dr. Haeck in Seattle, I have my pre-op this week and am hopefully going to be scheduled for April 2nd. Thanks for your helpful comments!

Had my pre op yesterday, surgery is scheduled for...

Had my pre op yesterday, surgery is scheduled for April 2nd. In the meantime, the capuslar contracture in my left breast has actually been changing the appearance of my breast week by week as the implant is sqeezed into new and unlovely shapes. I now have a lumpy looking breast. Soooo ready to get these out.

So, it's done! Everything went smoothly. Pain is...

So, it's done! Everything went smoothly. Pain is moderate, most of the pain is around where the drains are in. He put drains on both sides, but I only seem to have fluid on the left side where he removed the capsule. It is strange to look down and not have a bosom. Drains will come out wednesday, then I will post pics.

Well, 2nd day after removal. I went in to get the...

Well, 2nd day after removal. I went in to get the drains out this morning, and that made a world of difference for my pain and comfort. Most of my discomfort was because of the drains. He went through the nipple, so I still have tape on the incision. I've also been squished in a bra and now a compression band for 23 hours a day, so my skin is wrinkled and imprinted from that. I took my first look tonight when I took a shower, and I'm pretty pleased. I think once the tape on the nipples come off and they fluff up a little they will look pretty good. I feel pretty good, much of the pain is gone. My fiance told me that he is already happier with the way I look. he said that my implants looked weird and unnatural. That makes me feel better too.
All in all, it still feels strange to see myself in the mirror with a flat chest. But I think I will be very happy with the decision.

Itchy! That is the worst of it now. I'm down to...

Itchy! That is the worst of it now. I'm down to only 2 pain pills a day. I'm probably doing too much right now, which is why I'm needing anything at all. The incision sites itch, as well as the little incisions where the drains were in. But feeling better every day. I'll post pics again after he takes the tape of the incisions on the 16th.

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

Just went back in for my 2 week post op. He took...

Just went back in for my 2 week post op. He took the stiches out, ouch, and told me I am free to take off the compression band and graduate to a big girl bra! He is very pleased with my results. I feel great. I still have some tenderness and swelling in the left breast because of the hemotoma, and the doctor told me I need to wait another two weeks to work out so it doesn't get worse, but other than that I am healing just fine! I'll post new pics once I go get my new bra!
BTW, my doctor says not to get a push up bra for awhile, because while I am healing a push up bra could possibly cause my breasts to become deformed.

Got fitted for a real bra today! I went to a...

Got fitted for a real bra today! I went to a professional fitter and she taught me alot. Turns out my underwire size is actually a D. That doesn't refer to the cup size, but the underwire width. I'm a 32 D in a small cup. She says it is very important to not have the underwire pressing on the breast tissue, and that my breast tissue goes far around my chest. She said that having the right size bra will help develop a better shape as I heal. So glad I didn't just go to Victoria's Secret. So for all you explant ladies, go get fitted!

Well, had my first real workout today, just over 1...

Well, had my first real workout today, just over 1 month out. I tried running earlier in the week and found my bra was not supportive enough, I could feel my breasts bouncing in an uncomfortable way, so had to get a much more supportive bra. It feels so good to workout without big beach balls in the way! I ran, did push ups, chest presses, etc; and had no pain or discomfort. I am so glad I went through this.
I also saw a bunch of my family this last week. Everyone keeps telling my that I look thinner and younger! Can't go wrong with that! It was also wonderful to hug everyone tight, without feeling awkward!

2 months post-op. Saw the doctor last week, and he...

2 months post-op. Saw the doctor last week, and he pronounced me wonderful! He said I don't need a lift, and just need to start massaging the scars. Yay!

Wow, I forget that I had those things sometimes! I...

Wow, I forget that I had those things sometimes! I am very happy with my breasts now, and love not feeling freakish! The scars are healing, and while they still pucker when I bend over they are getting better. I am so happy with my choice to have the implants removed.

Over 1 year out, still happy

I went back to the Doc recently for my one year check up. I am really happy with my results. I'm little, but everyone tells me I look skinnier without the big boobs, so I will take that trade off! I also fit clothes better, no more gaping shirts or massive cleavage. I can wear low cut things without looking trashy. Plus, it is more comfortable to run and lift weights now without them. So, I'm still super happy with my choice. I don't even bother with push up bras or inserts anymore. I just don't need bigger boobs at this point in my life.
Dr. Haeck

Dr. Haeck is wonderful. He made me feel so good about my decision. He just wanted to do what would make me happy, and never tried to sell me on a different procedure. He was very professional and friendly, and made the whole process smooth and comfortable. i would recommend him for any procedure. He is very caring. My results are so wonderful, he made me very happy.

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You look awesome! I am hoping my explant is a success. I haven't had it scheduled yet, but I am meeting with my PS tomorrow about it. I have only had my implants in for a little over 2 wks, and I realized they are just not for me. You can read more of my story if you 'd like under my explant review. I'm trying to reach out to as many women as I can who are going through, or have gone through, similar experiences. It's been very tough for me! I'm glad there are sites like these!
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I'm sorry you had to have such a traumatic learning experience. I really hope it all goes well with you. This site is a blessing and helped me through my procedure.
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Thank you! This site really has been such a blessing! I'm now 4 weeks with implants and hoping to remove soon! I visit my surgeon this week to discuss it. I am definitely going to take your advice and get a fitting done as soon as I'm physically able to after removal. I'm sure a bra that is the perfect fit will make all the difference. I was never able to find a bra that fit me right pre implants!
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Thank you so much! I'm having mine out July 2nd! I'm in a similar situation as you were, so I'm hoping I'll have a comparable outcome. I run and workout too, and it's been painful to say the least. Not to mention, I haven't been able to hug my husband or daughter since the CC kicked in. You look great! Thanks for sharing!!
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Good luck with your surgery, I hope it goes smoothly. After a little downtime you should be happy with your results!
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You look fantastic! I also had removal and am so much happier having soft, natural breasts. I don't care if they're small! However, I am much older than you, had larger implants, and I may need a touch up since I've already had a lift before the implants (I know, I know.) so glad I had them out -- done with that awful implant look!
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Thank you so much for the answers! It means so much to get some calming information in this situation :) I read this forum daily and it helps so much to read other's experiences. I feel that I'm not alone with this, thank you again! I guess I just have to give it some time. I don't have that problem at all in other breast so that's why I'm also worried. And it is just that when I'm bending the flesh looks inverted and it is almost the whole breast below the nipple that goes inverted when bending, it is not a pretty sight, actually quite weird. It is hard to believe that it will improve but I try my best to stay positive :) It would be nice if all of you keep us updated how your situations improve and if the massaging helps.
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Mine are also puckering. My scar is in the crease, well... If I had a crease! Not anymore! It kind of looks like double chins! Haha! My Dr said that it's from the internal stitches and should go away in a few months!
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You look beautiful!! You said that when you are bending over your scars pucker. What do you mean by this and what did your doctor said about that? Did he gave you some instructions to make it better? I have a similar problem even thoug my scars are on the crease not around the nipple. When I'm bending over my left breast is inverted and sunk in below the nipple like the skin is over attached to the tissue underneath or something. So the problem is not with the scars but the breast tissue below the nipple. Does anyone else has this problem? I'm two weeks post op so I hope things will improve when scar tissue in the breast matures. Feeling a little blue if this is permanent..:( (Sorry my english, I'm not a native speaker)
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When I bend over the flesh around the scar looks inverted. My doctor says it is the scar tissue underneath. He has me place two fingers on the scar and press, massaging the scar tissue underneath. It seems to be getting better. If you are only two weeks out then I wouldn't dwell on it too much yet. My doctor gave me the go ahead to start massaging the tissue at 2 months, and said that it will take a couple of months of massaging to break up the scar tissue. So give it some time. Your body is amazing and can heal from just about anything!
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HI! I have similar problem I think it is breast tissue or the stretched skin i have it on both breast when bending over, and when laying down nipples sink in with skin I don't know what would make it better. My incisions are under armpits. I'm giving it time, maybe it needs more time. :)
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you look amazing!! well done on your 2 month consultation. x
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Thanks! My doctor also works out of the Swedish Hospital in Issaquah, WA, and they have shops at that hospital. There is a bra shop there called Perfect Fit. They specialize in women who have gone through surgery, especially breast cancer patients. The women who started the shop used to be professional fitters for Nordstrom. I was a little shocked by the size bra she put me in, but I must admit it fits perfectly. In fact, I had both my mom and a good friend who both have the same size breasts try it on....they both ordered one. If you aren't in Washington I would say go to a high end retailer like Nordstrom or Saks Fifth Ave to get fitted. You don't actually have to pay the big bucks to buy a bra there, the secret I found is to find the exact bra that fits you....and get it on ebay. I paid $65 for the bra at Perfect Fit, and then ordered a second one in black on ebay for $20.
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You look fantastic! Congratulations on your explant. I hope to be there soon too! Where did you go to get fitted?
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Hi!!! you look great.. I am getting really close to my 2 month post op. but I dont know yet if ill need a lift, but when i lay down my nipples sink in with skin. ill ask my doctor about it. to me it seems that i will need a lift but its only when i lay down. I did have 405cc. You got really good results!!!!!
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You look amazing! Your results are beautiful. It must be such a relief to move on. Do you know how many cc's your implants were?
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You know, I'm not sure, but I think they were around 390 each? The doctor who removed them said they were waaaayyyy too big for my body. I actually ended up having more breast tissue than he thought I would, because the implants had compressed it so much.
Thanks for the comments!
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You look beautiful. I had a lift and it took about 7 month for things to "fill" back in. You are brave!
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Thanks. My Doctor is on holiday and unreacheable. That's why I'm asking here.
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My incisions are around the nipple. I am about a month and a half out, and mine are healing really well. Still obviously a scar, but getting better all the time.
Victoria's Secret has a sports bra called the Supermodel Cami bra that give great shape and support without underwire. I don't know how much it would rub on your incisions tho. I got mine on ebay for like $20. You might want to try one on in the store first, but I did a small and it worked out just fine.
As far as putting stuff on the incisions, my doctor has me using Scar Fade gel, which is silicone based. I don't know about VE. Some docs say yes, some say no. I just decided to listen to my doc.
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Mine were removed with partial capsulectomy Arpil 17. Girls - how long does the redness on the incisions last? My incisions are under the breast. And it's so hard to find a bra that doesn't touch this area- any suggestions? Also, can you/should you, put vitamin E on the incisions? And if so, when?
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wow, that sounds like a workout! was wondering when i could start back up at the gym. i'm two weeks post explant, so perhaps in a few weeks (with a good sports bra on!)

well done!
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Yes, a good bra is a must to keep the girls in place. I would ask your doctor when you can start up again. I have to say, working out felt amazing without the implants. They were always in the way, plus it got old having men staring at me while working out. I look and feel much more athletic now. And my implants used to push into my armpits when I would do chest exercises, so it its really
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Looks great !!!'
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You look great and thanks for your story and pics. I am nervous my explant due 1 week today and still pondering about having capsulectomies. I keep posting questions to everyone as everyone,s stories are so helpful. Keep healing and thank you for sharing.
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