2 Boob Jobs, 14 Years Later - Goodbye! - Seattle, WA

2000: Saline breast implants, 400+ CCs 2002:...

2000: Saline breast implants, 400+ CCs
2002: Develop capsular contracture.
2002: Removal of saline implants. Replaced with silicone, 300 CCs.
2014: Infection, seroma, pain and swelling in left breast. It is hard as a rock!!
Tomorrow: Getting my implants taken out! I'm scared but I owe it to my body.

Implants are Out!

One week ago I had my implants removed and capsulectomy. I'm so glad I did!! The recovery hasn't been as easy as I thought it would be. I'd say this surgery was about as bad as my first boob job but hurt worse than the second boob job. Today my breast are pretty tender and sore but I'm feeling better each day.

The doc put in drains when I got them out. I'm glad he did and recommend finding a doc who uses the drains since not all do. I had quite a bit of fluid that drained out - over 300 CCs out if each breast in the past week. If I didn't have the drains I would have been a lot more swollen and bruised. Today I got the drains and stitches out. To my suprise I actually have some boobs and I'm not as flat as I thought I would be.
One of my boobs looks saggier than the other but hopefully in time they will even out -- and it's nothing that a bra can't fix. I can't wait to see how they look in a few weeks.

I will post more pics once the bruising, swelling and incisions have healed more. I will also post updates as to how I'm feeling. I've wondered if some of the medical issues I've been dealing with relate back to my implants - brain fog, IBS, increased sensitivity to pain, vertigo, etc.

I was very encouraged by other posts I saw. I hope mine encourages others as well. It's totally worth it to get them out. Don't get a boob job without going to Victoria's Secret first. If you get a boob job know that it will be one of many even if there aren't complications. I've had three surgeries related to my boob job and I'm only 32. It wasn't worth it in my opinion. If you're considering getting them out I say do it!! Your body will thank you. And if you absolutely hate how you look you can always get another set put in. You may be like me and surprised how happy you are with all natural boobs!!

Good luck ladies!!

Before/After Pic

Here's a pic of me before and my after. I'm still a bit swollen but you get the idea. :)

Almost two weeks!

14 days post op. I'm still swollen, not sure if I should be concerned. They are still pretty tender but feeling a ton better than I did last week. ;)

They're Much Smaller!!

My boobs are much smaller! Probably a full B. I can still fit into a C but they have changed so much. The initial swelling made them much larger but still not as small as I thought they'd turn out. It's SO nice not having implants. I feel so much more free. I've been asked if I've lost weight - I haven't. Bonus!! Very, very happy with my decision.

I will post pics as soon as I can.

No More Swelling!! Small!

Here's an updated pic! They got much smaller during the third week post op. At first they were still the same size, well a little smaller, than what I had with implants. It makes sense now because there is so much space for fluids and for the breast to swell after an explant. And I was def swollen in the pics I posted a couple of weeks ago. I'm still very happy with my results. I can wear a VS bra and look just about the same. I feel SO much better health wise. It has been a mental adjustment for me. But I'm learning no one really cares how big your boobs are as long as you're happy and a nice person. That will get you much farther than big boobs!! :):)

PS don't mind my sunburn!
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beautiful results! no sagging, minimal scars, and very nice size. congratulations on being implant free. :)
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How do you know if you have a capsule?
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U look great!!
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Thank you! I think that whenever implants are put in a capsule is created, to give room for the implant. Honestly I'm not 100% sure tho. I'd ask one of the docs on here. xx
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Wow! You look great. Did you have a capsule? Sooo excited for u. Lisaroxy
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Yes, I had the capsule removed. Very happy with my decision!! Xx
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Thank u
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Looking good...happy healing and congrats on your explant xx
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Thank you!! xx
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Lucky you , look great so far! What size were you before any surgery? Are they taking shape of how you looked before? X
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They were really small - As. But I also weighed like 30 pounds less then. Now they are Cs. Big Ds before I got them out. I'm surprised at the size. I thought I'd be a B. Not sure if it's swelling, fluid or just bigger because I gained weight. I'll post updates so you can see of they go down in size or what. :)
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interested to see how it went! mine have been in 12 years and I went from 350 to 250 last year and I actually feel bigger! very much considering explanting -
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I'm so glad I got mine out! I've been really sore but I'm so happy I got them out. Mine are bigger than I thought they'd be. I wonder if the scare tissue has made yours and mine bigger? I know mine are still swollen but I went to Victoria's Secret today and they measured me as a 34C. They were a 34 D before.
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Yay, you are on the other side now! How is recovery so far? I'll be looking for your updates.
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Hope your surgery went well. Happy healing
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Good luck with your explant... Sending prayers xxx
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@slbaxter2 thank you so much!! My surgery went really well. I'm definitely very sore but I'm surprised at how well I'm feeling. I'm so glad I got them out!! I'm going to post pics once I get the drains out. :)
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Look forward to your updates for now rest up... Happy healing Hun xx
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