13 days post op! - Seattle, WA

So far I'm excited and can't wait! So far Dr....

So far I'm excited and can't wait! So far Dr. Salemy has been great and he has excellent communication. I have my pre op on the 5th and can't wait to try the sizers on and really figure out what I'm going to get.. My guess is something like 350-375cc.
I hope I'm making all the right decisions. But still stress about how my ba will look when I'm done. I'm not telling anyone. I have some friends that have made fun of people who have had a boob job so I'm not going to tell them. I always wear a padded bra so they shouldn't really notice after and I so rarely wear a bikini I can't even remember the last time anyone has seen me in one. I will put up before and after pics eventually.

Gosh I repeated myself how many times??? Duh I'm...

Gosh I repeated myself how many times??? Duh
I'm hoping to be a very full c to smallish d
I'm 5'7 and 140 lbs and wear a 36 c, it's much to big in all ways but I like the finished look with clothes on.

Six days to my post op!!!!!

Six days to my post op!!!!!

How about 6 days to my pre op... I might be a tad...

How about 6 days to my pre op... I might be a tad excited and not thinking straight

Starting to freak out a bit! Worried that they...

Starting to freak out a bit! Worried that they will be to big :o I think I have decided on 397cc left and 421cc right. Measure a 34 A with out a bra on but look more like a B (I think) and wear a C for a better finished look. Hoping for a small D. But don't want to look fake. 5'6-5'7 tall and 135-140 lbs, rib cage about 29" so stressful!

Yep, starting to really freak out! I dont want to...

Yep, starting to really freak out! I dont want to be bigger then a D... Does any one else have 397 and/or 421? what size are you now? I'm a professional horseback rider and ride about 6 hrs a day so I'm worried that they could be to big for show jumping.. should I down size?!?! It will prob be fine but its starting to consume me and my whole day everyday..
Seven days till I move to the other side!

So I called Dr.S today and asked to size down to...

So I called Dr.S today and asked to size down to 371cc and 397cc. I think I will be more at peace of mind just knowing they are smaller then bigger. I hate to do that last min but I was really starting to stress.. feel soooo much better now, I rather feel that they are a touch small then big.

So I leave for Seattle tomorrow! Surgery on Monday...

So I leave for Seattle tomorrow! Surgery on Monday morning!

I had my surgery this morning! I think everything...

I had my surgery this morning! I think everything went very well. I did get a really bad cough sore throat and a small temp the day before.. Yay. But after surgery I actually felt much better. I came out of the anesthetic a little sick and threw up had to take some pills and anti nausea medicine and was much better after that.
I can't really see what they look like but from what I can tell it looks good. There is quite a bit of pain and tightness. I think a lot comes from the band around the top and maybe a little from the compression bra. I slept lots right after when I got back to my hotel, when it was time to take more oxy my friend made me eat a banana and it was sooo good!! After that I was all of a sudden famished and went to the vending machine and got a bunch of junk that I gobbled down.. I was so hungry I guess. After that we just hung out watching tv for a bit then went to Panara bread, yum we don't have those in Canada.
As I said I'm feeling very tight across my chest and most movement with my arms hurts cause it pulls on my chest. I can't sleep right now so just took some more meds and hope that helps. I will get some pics up soon!

Feeling much better today! Still some tightness...

Feeling much better today! Still some tightness but not bad. Sleeping has been a little challenging at the hotel but I did fly back to Canada today so hopefully it will be better in my bed!
They already look sooo good, I am more then happy with my outcome! I will put up pics from my computer.. For some reason my iPhone won't give me a photo upload option. Dr. S really has to be one of the best out there! I can't even express how happy I am in all ways!!!!!

Well I guess it's been a week! Feeling good over...

Well I guess it's been a week! Feeling good over all. My left boob looks perfect, the right still is a little high but I am only at a week. I hope the left doesn't drop to much more.. I would say they are still pretty firm but are getting softer everyday. I will get my hubby to take some more pics! I really think they will look very natural on my frame, I will get a full body pic cause I had a hard time finding people that were a similar size as me before for comparison.

Having major boob greed right now!!! lol

Having major boob greed right now!!! lol

So my back is absolutely killing me! I had a...

So my back is absolutely killing me! I had a really bad fall from my horse about four years ago and have had problems ever since so sleeping every night on it is not a happy place for me. I'm also having a bit of a sharp pain under my left breast.. Has anyone else had anything like that? I will contact Dr. S if it doesn't subside in a day or so. That was the slightly bigger natural breast with the smaller implant. I took a sleeping pill (which I haven't taken yet cause they scare me for some reason) so I'm hoping I will be out like a light by the time I submit this! And I know I still need to get more pics up!!! I'm on it...
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

I had been feverishly researching on the internet and when I came across Dr. Salemy I just had a feeling he was the right ps for me. Then of course I read his reviews and that solidified my feelings. In person Dr. S is very kind, informative and professional. I would deffanatly recomend him and go back for anything I may want in the future. The best for sure!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Your results look fantastic! I am pretty sure I want get my surgery done by Dr. Salemy! They look really natural! Congrats! How are you feeling now? Any advice for being a patient of Dr. Salemy?
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You look great! I have a fantastic chiropractor in Bellevue if you want I can forward his name to you, just let me know.
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Love my chiropractor lol! :)
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You look amazing! I hope your back feels better soon.
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Forgot to ask you if you liked your size?? Also, my chiropractor has been a godsend for back issues and I have one of those things where you lay on it and it kind of hangs you upside down which helps with decompressing your spine ;)
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I have those sharp pains. My PS said are the nerves that were affected. I read the same in other answers by different doctors here. Stii have them 2 weeks after surgery day. I take vitamine 12 and 6 that I read helps. Good recovery!
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I saw those answers to! I will try the vitamin 12 and 6! Thanks for the tip! They have been a bit better but I can still feel that pain there.. Day by day right!
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Hope your back feels better soon!!
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Thank you! Me to! But I think it just might be my next trip to the doc..
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You look fantastic!!! Congratulations Rucap, great job! Wish a nice and soon recovery. Mine is going slooooowly...but I'm impatient so maybe is only that :-)
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I feel like mine is going slowly to! I like to do things and it's hard to just take it easy for such a long time haha The morning boob is a killer on me. And I thought I had a good pain tolerance but I guess not haha
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I'm with ya! It seems to be going around lately. ; )
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Must be contagious!!! Everyone looks so good it makes me want more lol
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Lol! I
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I know right! Me too! But I think we will all be satisfied with what we got!
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Yes for sure!!! Its all more then what any of us had before! :D
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How are you feeling?!
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Still feeling sore. Started my "massages" today and that really kind of hurt. I have to do them five times a day so not really looking forward to that. All being said they look great! :)
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Wow I just looked at your pictures and you look fantastic!!!! I almost wish I went slightly bigger but I know for my show jumping this is the best size
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Fantastic! I ride too lol!!! (Hunters/jumpers) I started massaging on day 2 but it hasn't been bad which I have been thankful of! Can't wait to start riding again!! :)
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To funny. I do hunter/jumper to (but you know how most people don't know what that is so easier to say show jumping) I'm actually a trainer so I'm hoping my clients don't notice. I can't wait to start up again, although my horses are happy with the extra time off.
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OMG too funny! My daughter and I both ride! I'm sure with the right amount of compression, sports bras (which you will need to wear anyway), clothes, etc. you will be fine. If you show up wearing a skin tight tank top on the other hand .... ;o) When did your doc clear you to start riding again? I'm dying to ride!!!! I am at 3 weeks post op today.
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Haha I'm one if those mean trainers that doesn't even let the girls ride in tank tops.. Polo shirts or other appropriate tops heheh. He said probably at six weeks, I might wait till the end of feb. What about yours?
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Lol my daughter usually rides in polos and always in a hair net (without me forcing her). Ha ha .. I guess at 6 weeks I will start light riding... I haven't asked my PS .. Afraid I would like the answer. :P
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Ahhh good girl! I like it! We are all hairneters to, even the jumpers ;) How are you boobs doing? Settling in? I feel like my right still has more dropping but I don't want my left to change to much more. I guess it's still very early for me.. Just 13 days out :)
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