NEW PICTS! Some assymetry but hopeful-Seattle, WA

After months of looking online at Picts and...

After months of looking online at Picts and reviews I have finally booked a date!! I have always had asymmetric breasts and thought that if there was anything I would change it would be that.. After 2 kids, a total of 2.5 years of breast feeding, 2 episodes of mastitis later my husband and I decided to fulfill my dreams of near-symmetry (or as close as the surgeon can)! I am an RN and it took a lot of back and forth to finally decide.. From it is a lot of money to I am married so why need it to the polar I deserve it and will work the over time to pay it off. Knowing the risks also weigh heavily on me and I am athletic and wonder how that will impact my new boobies... But all in all I made the leap and scheduled.

I am still torn saline vs silicone but am leaning toward silicone because it is more natural feeling and my surgeon is going with a dual plane method but will let you know after per op appt in a few weeks!

Congrats on making the first step! Keep us posted on your journey ;)
Thank you will do my best.. :)

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Dr. B. has a nice way about him. I truly hope you love your results. Please keep us posted.


I have been looking at so many pictures online I...

I have been looking at so many pictures online I feel cross eyed..! I pass a stranger in the store and all I think is I love her boobs, I wonder if they are real or fake and what cc? I wonder if this is kinda what guys think but all of the time? Hehehe

Ok, Did anyone else size in a regular bra or in a sports bra? One thing I read was that since I am going under the muscle if u size with regular bras u lose 20% since it is compressed under the muscle? I am also thinking about high profile because of this and I don't want to look to wide.. Thoughts?

I am reading wonderful post op stories but almost...

I am reading wonderful post op stories but almost no lollipops! I am just nervous because I am getting a vertical lift (lollipop) along with the implants.. Any one want to share who has gone through the lollipop and augmentation recovery?? What do I expect? PLEASE
Thanks :)
We need to start a new FEB group!!!
Did you decide on a size yet?! :)
Next thurs is my pre op. I am thinking saline now due to my active lifestyle (prob re-do with silicone later 10 years) thinking 475 cc now poss high profile since under the muscle? I have some questions for my PS about my tissue quality and what he recommends for me since he is doing a dual plane method... Agh!!! So much to think about!!!! :)

Pre op tomarrow! Getting excited!!!!! I will...

Pre op tomarrow! Getting excited!!!!! I will update then with Picts of sizers in...
Just remember regarding sizers they will be smaller once they are implanted .. Keep us posted!!!!! Super excited for you girl!!! Personally I can not be happier and I know you will love yours silicone or saline.. Oh and a lot of docs are conservative even though almost everyone I know says they wish they went bigger .. Just a thought. Bring pics with you tomorrow!
Hi there. I had asymmetry and sagging breasted from nursing. I had a lift and implants done at southcenter cosmetic Dr Antonio mangubat my breasted look so super great I love having nipples that are even and breasted that are the same size. I got saline but I would reccomend silicone because my sister and sister inlaw got silicone and they're so much softer. I would really think wiethrr you want them to remove brest tissue to make the breasted the same size or weighed you just want one bigger implant. I had breasted tissue removed because I didn't want the assemerty to return if I got yhr implants removed but unfortunately I still needed 30cc more on the smaller breasted. I was a b cup before augmentation now I'm. A d cup I have 330 cc on the right and 360 cc on the left. I'm. So excited for you!
That's a good point about the tissue!! Hmm thanks for imput!!

Oh did I mention I am 31 years old, 6ft tall, and...

Oh did I mention I am 31 years old, 6ft tall, and 200lbs? I can't believe I didn't put my stats down?!

Ok ladies back from my pre op appt! Decided on...

Ok ladies back from my pre op appt! Decided on saline due to the extra play for the surgeon on the OR table to get my crazy Picasso boobies aligned! :) he decided on two different profiles: high for my right (smaller) and mid for my left. Thanks to the blogs on here I wasn't nervous knowing how different profiles can end up amazing looking! (Thanks ladies) 395cc-420cc on left (saline comes in ranges I guess) and 490-505cc on right! I am hoping for a DD since that is what I was breast feeding (natures breast tease) and I routinely wear Victoria's Secret bombshell bra which has me at a DD. I know this sounds huge but I am currently a LT C/B RT, on my small boob and 6ft tall 200lbs. I am really active in BJJ and the gym so not 200lbs of flab..
Sorry had to pause to read my daughter a story. Anyway paid my check and drew blood and found they will use drains because I am getting a vertical (lolly pop) lift too. Everyone was wonderful answering all of my questions! I also printed several pictures (thanks for the recommendations) I am now set and counting down untill Feb 11th!!! Thank you to everyone for their support and comments you are all amazing!!!!
Yay. So excited for you. Tall girls wear them well!!! We are practically same height and weight. I'm 6'0 gotta add in that lil 1/2 inch and 196 now ( 2.88 lbs from my implants). I'm about 2 lbs heavier than pre weight before implants. I reinsured my foot (collapsed arch) so I've been doin upper workout now not lower so hoping once I get clearance I can get back on full body workout. But I'm athletic so like you people would never guess my weight right. You are ready and your day will be here before you know it. I'm so happy I did it and to think many on this site has wanted it for years. I thought about it after working out so much and realized there was nothing I could do to fix them or tone them up like the rest if my body. I talked to my bf about it, went for 2 consults in Nov Sbd after i tried on some at the office i couldnt wait any longer and scheduled it for Dec Xmas present for ME!!! Best present I ever gave myself. Wishing you all the success and can't wait to see your transformation.
Ahhh thanks! I am soo excited! I also am active from the gym (when kids arnt sick) to BJJ to the Awsome obstical courses! So excited to fill out sport tops in yoga!!!!
Ps I love your posts and all your replys:) you are my boobie mentor!!

Ok did I mention that I OVER prepair? I placed an...

Ok did I mention that I OVER prepair? I placed an order for some silicone scar treatment lollipop strips (nervous about the scar) and I am still 13 days untill surgery?? Haha anyway still so excited!! Here is a 5%off cupon any one can use at an
My biggest thing now is my family :( my husband is supper supportive (go figure haha) but I told my mom. She is very conservative and I knew she would freak but we went from talking daily to an email if she needs something. My dad answers the phone if I call (he knows too) anyway right now that is the hardest :( I told my mom because I believe there are few people we are truly honest with and I wanted to share with her and I didn't expect her to be for it but now she is in this blaming herself crap for my "messed but self image" and that I should "not see a surgeon but a shrink!"
Anyway I feel better now. Thanks for letting me vent. My husband I love him just doesn't understand the bond between a daughter and her mother, he tries though :)

OMG after all that I didn't even paste the code...

OMG after all that I didn't even paste the code number!! Sorry. Here it is

COUPON # 1011
Ha! I had a couple of the VS bombshell bras myself. I actually wore one to my consult to show him what I wanted to look like in clothes after surgery. You are going to be so happy. I have always had a hard time with the shape of my breasts more than the size so the scars were not as big an issue for me. Definitely weren't a deciding factor on whether or not to have the surgery. You are doing a great thing preparing yourself thoroughly for surgery. Read and research as much as you will only help you. As for your are doing this to make yourself feel better. Your mom does not have to live with the feelings you live with and quite frankly it just doesn't even matter what ANYONE thinks about your decision for surgery, except you. Good luck and keep us posted :)
You are going to love them and wear them with pride girl. Representing for the tall ladies of the world. Hey my mom is kinda ole fashioned as well but she wasn't going to let me get out to sleep without get being there. It was crazy. My appt was originally 12pm so she was there with me. However my time got pushed back and she had to leave to pickup my son from school take him home to my daughter and then come back. My surgery time didn't start til like 530pm and she was able to get back. She was worried thinking they had already put me to sleep and was happy to know it didn't start while she was gone. Then she had to drive me the next day to my appt and she came in with me. My PS took my bra off and was like wow they're perfect. Then he said to my mom " you want to come over here and see" and she was like "no". Moms are funny but she has been supportive all the way. I don't think she will ever see then naked unless we go shopping and are in a dressing room. I love her though. Our moms just come from a different generation. She will be amazed how happy you will be afterwards. I'm getting excited for you like it's me all over again.
Thank you so much! :) you make me smile when I need it most! :)

Getting so excited!! It's over a week away.. Still...

Getting so excited!! It's over a week away.. Still have to decide between lt 450cc rt 540cc or lt 420cc and rt 505cc. I have pretty bad asymmetry 1+cup size difference :( the prob is I have a fair amount of tissue in my left (large droopy C cup) and don't want to end up to big. Truly my boobs should be on two different people!!! I am active in BJJ and don't want them to get in the way with training. I am worried switching from silicone to saline that saline is already more projecting and going to 540cc (+ if they overfill) I won't be happy. All the larger I've scene are silicone which are lighter and not as projecting. HELP!
Omg I'm sooo excited for you!!!!!!!!! 6 more days!!! And it's gonna go by faster than you think!! I can't wait to see your results
I love my silicones! My friend who has overfilled salines to 600 (her 2nd BA) said next year she is getting silicones. I can see and feel her rippling on her sides. Just food for thought. :-) xoxo
Thank you I have considered that. But the main reason I am getting these are for my notticable asymmetry and saline will give my surgeon that much more play vs silicone where what you have is what you get.

Ok MONDAY is the day!!!! WOOT WOOT!! I've decided...

Ok MONDAY is the day!!!! WOOT WOOT!! I've decided on 450 MOD LT and 500cc HP RT saline. I am getting nervous... My house hold is sick and to top it off I started my period today! Sigh. I just want Monday to come already!!!
Monday will be here before you know it! Good luck! ")
I had asymmetry as well. I chose saline under the muscle and it turned out great. I wish I would have done my story and taken before and after pics. Mine are soft. I did have a decent amount of breast tissue to begin with. My husband said if he didn't know me that he would not be able to tell they weren't real. Good luck on your surgery!
Oh I have so many questions.. What size and type did u end up with? Do you have any pictures now I can see? I am starting with a fair amt of tissue as well and am anxious about the results. Thanks

Well surg is MONDAY! I have all my shopping done...

Well surg is MONDAY! I have all my shopping done just have some more cleaning.. My husband is being super supportive and taking 2 weeks off of work to help with our young kids. I love him so much.
Now I am working on what to bring to surg with me because it is just over an hour away depending on traffic. So far I have:
A pillow for the car
My meds
Some crackers
Bottled water
Vomit bag

Anything else you can think of? So far able to keep away from cold running through house.. :)
Good luck! You're going to love your new girls! Don't worry too much about the CCs. I trusted my doc to go with what looked right once he was in there and keepign in proportion to my 5'8" 130lb frame. I had asymetry too, so he put 375cc in my left and 415cc in my left. I hadn't realized I was that off from one size to the other, but I was only a 36B, so I guess not that noticable. I'm wearing 36D sports bras and expect I'll stay a D. :) Looking forwad to your update and new photos!
p.s. Mine are saline/under the muscle. He started with 350cc and went up from there. I'll be 2 weeks post BA on Tuesday. SOOO glad I did will be, too!
OMG - I meant 375cc in L and 415cc in R...not two left boobs! LOL

Strange to think this time tomarrow I will be in...

Strange to think this time tomarrow I will be in surgery.... I have wanted a BA since I was 18. I am reading all sorts of posts and I am actually worried I went to big?!? I have a decent amt of tissue and am going saline 540cc HP RT and 450MOD LT. I am a 36 c/d in lt and b/c in right. I am looking to end up a full DD (like I was breast feeding my kids). i guess if i went smaller then i would worry i went to small.. geeze. LOL anyway to late now... Just finishing cleaning the house.. Got all my stuff together. And I am so excited!!!! I will make a list of the items I have ready:
Meds filled
Stool softener
4x4 medical pads
Waterless shampoo ( I can't shower for a week)
Heat pad for my back
Phone charger
Paper and pen to write down med times
Zip front bras in reach
Tylenol and Benadryl (just in case)
Facial wipes
Tea bags for sore throat after intubation
Few extra pillows (I also bought a wedge pillow)
Extra bobby pins (I am having drains put in)

Ok I thing that is everything. LOL I tend to over plan :)
Thsnks to everyone who has opened up to share there stories. thos site has been so unbeleavibly awsome! Wish me luck and will see you on the other side!!!

LOL I put "bobby pins" on my list and I meant...

LOL I put "bobby pins" on my list and I meant safety pins!! Oh am medical tape for drains as needed, i have a hat ready incase i need to go out with yuck hair, and have laid out all my cloths I will need. Haha ok I am done :)
Good luck and happy healing :)
Praying for you~
Yay just about time!!!

On may way. Just took Emend and Visteril. :) see...

On may way. Just took Emend and Visteril. :) see you ladies on other side
Happy thoughts....

Ok posting quick update. Surg went well 550HP in...

Ok posting quick update. Surg went well 550HP in rt and 450MOD in lt. I am having ALOT if pressure and only intermittent pain. On pain meds round husband is amazing tucked in and ready for bed. Will text more tomorrow. Night all :)
You will be so happy after you heal. Give yourself a few months to fully recover and settle in. Can't wait to hear all about it!
Pics tomorrow!!!!

Post op day 1 up and Arround a bit much today I am...

Post op day 1 up and Arround a bit much today I am tired and more sore all of a sudden but pain really isn't that bad (I am on 2mg dilaidid every 6 hrs) sleeping stirring up was interesting. Taking pain pills scheduled (thanks ladies). Rains in place but I can't wait to have them out.. Afraid I will accidentally pull on them.
They are hard and high (heavily engorged is a good description) but I love them!!! They are still swollen but great! I was afraid I went to big but I actually could go bigger!! ;) hahah yeah!!
Hay there hun...sorry just getting back to you .....i see you have gotten your girls since last time we massaged.....i am so happy for u congrats ....i wish u a speedy i am actually getting a BBl in 12 days i know a shock right ....i decided on a full body enhancement....after with i will get my breast done in about 4 mths...again congrats....
Welcome to boobieland Glad things went well!! Keep us posted!! Your going to be ecstatic.
Yes, engorged is the perfect word to describe the fullness of your breast. Your Doc gave u the good stuff(diludid). Take care....get plenty of rest/drink fluids.

Drains pulled out today (ouch) and finally was...

Drains pulled out today (ouch) and finally was able to see my beauties!! There is still some swelling and surgeon stated there was still some assymetry. But I am not going to judge untill the selling goes down more. Also found out stitches that are left are dizzolveable!! Yippy! Now just have to rest and not overdue it!!!!!

Have some chills and a slight fever (100.1) anyone...

Have some chills and a slight fever (100.1) anyone else experiencing this?? Taking meds still no change in boobs( not harder)
How exciting to have the girls done! Hopefully they'll become more symmetrical. Mine looked the same size at the 3 day post op so I'm curious if yours will fix themselves or not. I did have to have a second lift on my right breast a month after surgery my doc used local anesthesia so it didn't cost me anything to have him correct it, thankfully. The size looks great!
Great idea!! I'll gove it a month and re evaluate then :)
It might be too early to judge the boobs right now. I do remember feeling like I had cold sx's for weeks. Rest and fluids my friend. Think happy thoughts :)

Day 4- fever broke last night. Still no nausea......

Day 4- fever broke last night. Still no nausea... And now bowel movement.. Ill have to keep an eye on that. Anyway I am still on dilaidid every 6 hrs but I have more energy today then any day prior! Yippy. The girls are still swollen but incisions look wonderful. Rt side (larger implant) is taking longer to drop. I still get a sharp pain at my incisions if I move a certain way. All in all today is a good day!!!!!!
What is emend and visteril? They look great!
Emend is a pre surgical anti nausea pill. Visteril is a anti anxiety/anti nausea med. Emend worked great (all prescription) but is expensive. :( I vomit easily though and am super stoked I have no nausea!!!!!
Ahhh I see! :)

Day6- so much less pain! All pain is consitrated...

Day6- so much less pain! All pain is consitrated on vertical incision from nipple to breast fold. Still taking it easy and need meds at night to sleep sitting up. unable to use pects still. Nipples numb still and puffy. Plan to attempt shower today or tomarrrrow. In my under armor zip front bra 38 DD. I don't know if it is the drains or my larger frame but my boobs have dropped significantly since surg Monday!! I love LOVE them!!!! my surgeon says there is still some asymetry but i am waiting at least 6weeks to judge. Ok attempting to nap :) happy healing
Wow they are looking really nice now. Just keep making sure you get your rest and don't overdo it. They will heal up nicely and you will be eagerly awaiting summertime for bikinis!!!
Glad things are evening out!! I am at 7 1/2 weeks post op and try not to engage my pec muscles still lol so definitely take it easy! :)) xoxo
Happy healing!! Im so happy for u they look really good!! I also think they are perfect in size for u! Congrats!!! Soon I will be on the other side as well my surgery date is April 22nd :) I cant xoxo

Day 10- finally off pain Meds for 24 hrs now! I...

Day 10- finally off pain Meds for 24 hrs now! I can move my arms up and down still trying to resist the urge to pick up my 18 month old daughter... No picking up things over 5 lbs for 2 weeks. :( hubby still making me take it easy so my Awsome recovery due to him! Breasts feeling softer and have dropped almost all the way in just 10 days, I know there is still some to drop by I am amazed by how quickly they dropped already. Don't mind the tape on my lt breast my ps placed it for a better final result after swelling. Happy healing ladies!!!!
Just wanted to say how great they look! Many congrats!!!
They're looking really good!!!!! I bet you can't wait to be able to sleep on your side!
Wooooowwwwww you look amazing!!! Your husband should be thrill!!! Congrats and I dont see asymetry at all!!! Hopefully we are right! Xoxo

Well did a bit to much today but trying to rest up...

Well did a bit to much today but trying to rest up now. Pain in my rt breast after closing the slider door. :(. Also there is still NO sensation in my nipples or lower 1/2 on my breasts. I knew this may be a side effect but still sucks. It is eairly though so here's hoping for the best!!
Your pics look great! What an awesome outcome. I did sort of the same thing as you. I used my left arm to lift myself off the bed from laying on my side. I pulled the muscle and had bruising from it. I was really worried and it definitely made me much more cautious. I am 8 1/2 weeks and I too am hoping to regain sensation. I never lost it in my right nipple but my left is numb and lower half of both breasts are as well. I hear it gets better in I am waiting and hoping. You are going to look great on the beach this season! :)
It is great to have a boobie bud! Lol yes ill post an update after i meet with my ps tomorrow im so excited for the check up that its going to be hard to sleep tonight lol! By the way where did you get the vs sports bra?? Soo cute!
Don't worry sweetie it all will pass. I too had the same problem with my left breast/closing the shower door. I'm just getting my feelings back in my nipples 12 weeks out. It's all worth it :) You are looking great !!

Day 14! Wow 2 weeks. Had an episodes of vomiting...

Day 14! Wow 2 weeks. Had an episodes of vomiting and diarrhea last couple of days. I think my system it trying to get back to normal after stopping pain/nausea Meds (finished them completely 5 days ago) and went to eat pizza which I guess my body wasn't ready for yet. I am able to put arms up over my head and can lift a bit but have to be careful. Steri strips in place still (nervous to see them off *gulp*) I know we are over critical of our own bodies but my lt and right still appear way off :( not freaking out untill 6 weeks. Lets see... Oh measuring out at 36DDD or 38 DD so right on to what I was envisioning!!! once i heal more iknow i will be more chipper.. i am just sore and tired all the time (makes for a grumpy mommy) :( oh by the way, has some Awsome bras!! Ok I think that is all. My follow-follow up is march 6th! Have a great day ladies!!!!!!!!!
Look fantastic! So lucky...enjoy and pamper your new lovelys!
You are looking terrific!!! They look very much the same size. Yeah! As for the nipples and shape, they change so much in the first 2 months. I am now totally in love with mine (at 6 weeks PO) whereas the first few weeks I was worried about their shape, and hardness. Give it 2 months and Im sure that you will be in love with them by that time. You are going to look awesome!!! :)
Thank you so much! I really enjoy hearing from people who have more healing under their belt!! I loved your update too :) you are looking amazing!!

Went to commicon this weekend. Needed Underarmor...

Went to commicon this weekend. Needed Underarmor zip front sports bra (heavy duty) to make it through the day but good overall. Can't wait to show puppies off next commicon in a costume poss Starfire, Slave Leia, or She-Hulk? :)
My tape and steri-strips still in place. I am getting more sensation in nipples and breasts YIPPY!! Swelling way down and now able to sleep on side again.. Oh and I am getting my lumbar disc replaced April 30th, it seems a year for surgeries.
I am a Happy Girl!!
Get it in girl. So happy things are going great. Had to check in on you. I'm doing well 3 months post op and not looking back. My babies are doing fine and I so love to dress them up. They will adjust more as the weeks go by and you will be pleasantly surprised. I was Selene from Underworld for Halloween with the leather corset. I will def be another female superhero with lots of cleavage this year. Tall girls rule.
Yay yay yay! Glad you're feeling great. Leia for sure, next year... Show those babies off!!

Had post op on Thursday. Went well. My PS said my...

Had post op on Thursday. Went well. My PS said my Lt boob was settling in a "boxie" shape and I needed underwire ASAP! The steri strips came off (sorry didnt get picts) then my PS re-placed the tape. There was a gap under my lt nipple and bottom of right breast but except for that every thing looks great!! I bought silicone strips for my scars but untill my sites are closed my PS believes tape is best. I even think I am re-gaining feeling in my nipples and under my breasts!!! :)

Then I went right from my appt to my local mall.. Vs had a nice Demi bra 36DDD yippy! And then to Macy's for some 38 DD underwire bras to sleep in. They are ugly as can be are so comfortable (large racer back with front closure)

Next appt at my 6 week mark.. :) good luck ladies. I am loving them boxie and all. I can't stop smiling. :)
You look great!!! Glad your doing good!! I love love mine!!:) Go us tall boobalious ladies!!

My new VS 36 DDD bras arrived!! I need to wear...

My new VS 36 DDD bras arrived!! I need to wear underwire 24/7 to help shape my lt "boxy" (or wide settling) breast. ):
I have way less upper pole fullness in it but they were so different (100cc difference and two diff profiles) anyway still TOTALLY worth it!! Nipples still numb but regaining sensation in lower breasts, finally!!!!!!!!!
No pain back to normal energy wise.. Able to sleep on side!! Yippy! Tape still in place to help vertical scars should be all off by 6week appt!! I have silicone scar sheets already when the tape comes off!
My first date night with my husband is next week!! I finally get to dress them up (or down haha) happy healing ladies! Keep me posted!!!!
Nice pics!
Looking good girl. Im so happy for you. Glad things are going well for you. I have been really busy and have not been on as much but am in love with my babies still. My how time flies......already at 6 weeks. I think that once you get to the 6 week mark, everything begins to fall into place. Im glad that you are happy with them.. They look great in that multicolored bra. Keep us posted. Tall girls wear them well!!!!! Have a boobiful week!!!!
Thank you ladies all so much!! I could not do this without the support of my husband or all of you wonderful, amazing, sexy ladies!!! :) you mean the world to me!!!!

Heading into week 7... Tape off at PS office...

Heading into week 7... Tape off at PS office yesterday!!!! Internal sutures still dizzolving. Lt breast needs more lift and aprox 50cc more to get it even with right but they are SOOOO much better then pre surgery! I have lollipop silicone scar sheets I wear 24/7 and I still have to wear an underwire 24/7 for next couple of months to try and shape the "boxy" lt boob. We will see... Hope everyone is doing great. Thanks for reading!!! :)
What does your doc say about the 100cc difference? I had the same lift and 1 cup difference pre op but post op they were the same size. I did have a revision because one nipple was lower though. I would think you need a revision too with the size difference.
Yea after the tape was taken off my lt boob looks like a cooked egg!! :( loving over the Picts I am not as happy. My lt looks like there is no upper pole fullness at all :( My PS said I need to wait 6 months before we can talk about a revision to my LT
Your breasts look great in the bras and bikinis for sure! Your Ps should def make them so there's no visible assemetry though. Mine were very similar to yours. I wish my Ps would have had me wear a supportive bra for an extended length of time like your doc is having you do. I'm def not looking forward to having a corrective surgery for my bottoming out : ( I just pray you wont have that same problem!

Week 8 approaching! My left still looks like an...

Week 8 approaching! My left still looks like an egg over easy and I need a second lift and poss 50 more cc all in the Left. But my PS wont touch it untill the 6 month mark. You can still feel the ring of dizzolveable sutures especially in lt nipple so he thinks more changes may come... I still am wearing an under wire bra 24/7 :( but hey they are still worth it!! The staff and the PS have been wonderful!!! I am just anxious to hit the 6 month mark!! Hope all you ladies are doing well... My thoughts are with you :)
I'm about to make my pre op apt. with dr. baxter for a breast augmentation and I'm just wondering if you are still totally happy with the work he did. Also would you recommend him and if not why. Just want to make sure I'm making a good dr. choice before I go through with it.
I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Baxter. I am TOTALLY happy with my results. Easy surgery, fast recovery, and GREAT boobs!!!! :))). It's been about 16 months for me, and I have never regretted my decision even once!!!
Hay r u doing?, havnt seen u post in a while, (we all getting back to our lives lol)...hope all is well with u....
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