Didn't think I'd have the motivation to sit down...

Didn't think I'd have the motivation to sit down and type this out- cant imagine what I have to say that hasn't been said before, but here I am! 

Like so many of you, I held my breath through my pubescent years, just HOPING something more would happen. *fingers crossed, eyes closed, murmuring, "Maybe I'll take after grandma." (Grandma was curvy - my mom, not in the least) Naturally, I took after the 'flat' side of the family. It was never an issue with the men in my life, but it has always bothered me - not being able to wear bikini tops, certain necklines, etc. I saw my first plastic surgeon for a consult 10 years ago, but the timing wasn't right/wasn't quite ready. I thought I'd give my daughter (now 15) to develop too, because if she turned out as flat as I am, I didn't want her to feel left all alone in the itty bitty titty committee! Fortunately, she's developed into a slim D! Yay, her! Ha ha! 

I should probably mention that I'm a VS 34A, but truly more of an AA. when I breast fed, I went up to a C, and it was beautiful! When I returned to work after having my daughter (I worked at MAC cosmetics), I transferred to a new store, and my coworkers marveled, "Oooh... you have PERFECT breasts! When told them that they weren't permanent they didn't believe me! After I quit nursing/boobs returned to natural size one of the girls said, "Remember when you said 'they' weren't permanent? You weren't kidding!" OUCH.
So here I am, just turned 40. Yes, 40... & I look pretty good so saying that doesn't really sting. :) I just think my mom's generation might have missed that "you can be hot after 40" memo. Nevertheless, time waits for no one, as some say, & I figure if I wait another decade I may waste a lot of opportunity to have some fun with my look. I've consulted with four surgeons in the past year and have finally chosen the right one! He's really encouraged me to go the high profile route (he describes the look as natural, youthful versus matronly, beautiful) although I think my measurements are borderline okay for mod plus too. (I can't remember precise measures, top of mind). I'm attaching two collages of me wearing sizes - one with 371 mod-plus (on the boob to your left- the one on the right is slightly smaller), and another with 350 cc on your left, 325 on the right. I'd like to be a C- the size I was when I breast fed- and 350 hp looks good to me (on some days - sometimes I think it's a bit big for my frams), but I know he's leaning toward 325 or even a bit smaller. He said he refuses to take me past what my body can handle beautifully for my lifetime. He doesn't want any issues w tissue atrophy because of large implantation, and he wants to work within the parameters of my natural breast. He's against "creating a new crease" and believes that in keeping with the natural breast, bottoming out won't happen. I've been worried that hp, because of the smaller base diameter, will cause more of a 'gap' between my breasts, so that's something I need to discuss with him at pre-op. I should also note that I was really firm on silicone, but after thinking it over and realizing that people typically DON'T replace implants prior to rupture or a complication, I should do some rethinking. (Meaning, expect a rupture someday & be pleasantly astounded if it never happens) Supposedly the new gels will remain contained in the capsule, but I've read that it's not necessarily the case. One doc on Real Self even admitted that he doesn't always get all of the silicone out of the pocket when he does a revision, but that it's not a problem. Hmm. Seems like that COULD be a problem, eventually. I'm definitely going under the muscle given my lack of natural breast tissue which makes me hesitant to go with saline, but I'm starting to think the tif they'll still look good and feel PRETTY good, it may be worth the peace of mind to choose saline. Again, need to discuss that @ the pre-op. hmm. What else? Oh, I'm 5'8" tall, 125 lbs, athletic build. Sorry the pics aren't that great & i don't feel like enhancing/editing them. I only took them to jog my own memory at the time, for comparison's sake. Anyway, if you have opinions on saline vs. silicone, or if you have any feedback, feel free. 

Sorry about the rambling. Just a lot of stuff stuck in my head and a small window for editing.


Oops. The inserts in the first photo are mod+, not mod. :)
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Hello Daphne and welcome. I'm at almost 11 weeks post op and I had the same concerns as u r having . Saline vs silicone and the profile. I basically showed my ps my goal pics and let him tell me what was best 4 my body type. I'm very very small up top and had no breast tissue 2 start with that's y he recommended silicone 4 me. I liked the look of mod + profile better than hp that's just my personal op. I wanted more of a natural look. I got the sientra textured gummy implant and I love them. At 1st I thought they would stay all round and hard but just all at once especially after I started my massages they started getting soft and dropping and now I feel like I was born with them. So my advice is trust yr ps he knows what's best. And good luck and if u have any ? Feel free 2 ask.
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Hi Jenn! Thanks for the advice! You're right- I really need to trust my surgeon. It's tough though, because we can gather so much information on our own about the subject! Your result is really beautiful- you must be thrilled! So glad you're healing up well. I'd like to know more about the gummy option, so that's something I'll mention to him! Congratulations on your new look!

Ive so much to learn about this site. i just...

Ive so much to learn about this site. i just posted an update as a comment!
anyway, July 15th seems like ages away. Ugh. Did any of you start to feel weird about doing push-ups when working out? I keep wondering why I'm working to strengthening those muscles! I wonder if that slows dropping/fluffing? Also, getting nervous about the days right after surgery. Some people seem to have such a terrible time! My pain tolerance is high (my daughter was almost born in the hospital parking lot!), but I've never had surgery or been on pain meds. :/


i actually had adjustable saline implants done. is there a surgeon in your area that does those? it definitely won me over.. no worry of getting 'the wrong size'. i read everyone's stories and have NO IDEA what all the measurement talk is about the height, width of chest, 12-12.5 bw, HP, etc.. is???????????? my surgeon was like how big u want? i was like idk LOL he asked if i liked my boobs when i was pregnant i said YES he said ok lets start with a full C. :) so we just go from there. if i want bigger, at 3 mo's i get bigger. if i still want bigger, @ 6 mo i get bigger :) no guessing :) i was heading towards silicone til i found my surgeon :)
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Wow. Sounds handy! :) I've consulted w four surgeons in the Seattle area and none of them mentioned that option. I've finally found a surgeon I click with, so I'll stay put... Especially nice that he's within driving distance. A friend of mine lives in LA & we thought it would be fun to do it in the summer (in LA) together, but if I any issues I want my doc to be readily available to me. I hope you like your size the first time in though! Less hassle and healing! You look great! I read that you're feeling sensitive, but I'm sure that will resolve itself in time!
I have the high profile silicones, and I love them. My doc said that with my rib/chest size the mod + would have given me uniboob or way too much sideboob. I am shorter than you, I am not sure if that'd make any difference at all. You could probably get away with either, but if you've expressed your concerns and your doc still recommends HP with your frame, that is probably your best bet! As far as size goes...if your doc recommends 325 and you like the look of 325, I'd definitely go with 350 cc since you'll lose a bit of size when he goes under the muscle (if that's what he is doing). Also, if you are taller, sometimes you have a bit more space to work with and can hold a bit more cc and still look really natural. I originally wanted 325...I ended up going 375 and I'm so glad I did. I ended up a 32D...which is similar to a really full C...I know I'd have been disappointed if I had ended up a cup size smaller than what I am. I would imagine you could achieve a C cup with 350s :) I'm so excited for you! July is still a ways away...but with good weather and summer fun, it'll be here in a flash. Oh and about the push-ups? I stopped doing them, and my doc told me not to build my chest muscles for the life of the implants. No need! :) I'll be watching your story! Good luck!
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Cold feet! Brrr!

One of the drawbacks to having *checking countdown app* 54 days & 8 hours till surgery is that you have a lot of time to think... & time to over think, if you're at all like me.
So today it's a 'cold feet/do I really want to do this?' kind of day. I've been looking at photos of girls on Tumblr who have pretty small boobies & they look super hot... so why don't I feel the same way when I look at myself? I also saw a tiny old lady in a car as I was leaving the bank today. She was easily in her late 80's with thin little baby bird feather hair... & I imagined future ME at that age, with implants. That was an odd visual.
I worry about going too large/too small. I worry about the pain of recovery. I imagine the implant sloshing around & never feeling like part of me... Nothing pleasant! I also imagine not waking up at all after surgery. (As I may have said, I've never had surgery.) I'm healthy & love life & so many people in it- how anticlimactic to go 'out' getting plastic surgery! *knock on SOOO much wood* I'm also really comfortable in my body and loooove sleeping on my tummy. Will I ever be comfortable on my tummy after?
Also when I breast fed (& was a large C), I quickly started taking my boobs for granted and wasn't even impressed at their impressiveness! *sigh*
My middle name should be Overthinker.
& thank you for listening!


Cool that you found a surgeon you clicked with, that's always good. I think I want a lil bigger :) no big issue on the healing part. its just a needle that is stuck into the port thats right under my skin & they just add more saline. You literally get to get up and look in the mirror @ the difference, right then. :) however at the final adjustment at month 6, they remove the port which requires another incision :( boo. Crossing my fingers this will all be worth it in the end :)
Hi Willow! I trust you're healing well! Of course it will all be worth it! Wouldn't it be nice to be able to wave a magical "boobie" wand and awake instantly comfortable and perfectly settled?! I'm sure another incision will be far less of a deal than the initial implant insertion. Ad you're sure to get exactly what you want!
I've decided to go with the HP! Yay! You're really look super! Seriously, thanks for the encouragement. I haven't discussed w any of my girlfriends (when I mentioned it once it wasn't well-received) & my husband, while supportive, can't possibly know what life is like with boobies, so its nice to hear a friendly feminine "voice". But... no push-ups? I'm addicted to doing Insanity! (Hello pushups, planks, etc.) Uh-oh! :)

No more cold feet! Post-surgery must-do's?

I went rough a period of worry, but it's behind me now. Just anxious to get the pre-op over with so I have more information! As a teacher, I chose to schedule my surgery in the summertime, hence the long wait which is a real bummer right now, but I'm sure I'll be glad to have so much time to heal before heading back to work.

I've decided not to tell family like my parents or my brother. They live in another state, and I have the full support of my husband and daughter here. I mentioned the thought of a BA a couple of years ago to co-workers and they were supportive, but I've not mentioned that I'm actually going through with it. I wear padded bras now, so I don't think it will be extremely obvious that I've had it done. (The less "talk" in the school, the better- at least that's my thinking.) Ultimately, I don't want to set myself up for any anxiety brought on by listening to the opinions of others. It's really my business and I don't need any affirmation aside from what I have from my two most important loves! :)
I've been starting to think about things I will need post-surgery and see that there are all sorts of recommendations on the site, which is awesome! I'd a bit of information overload though- kinda hard to boil it all down to the basics, especially w regard to vitamin supplements. I'm hoping my surgeon will give me more info at the pre-op! If you have any recommendations- something that was absolutely "indispensable" to you post-surgery, I welcome the tips!
I hope you're all happy and healthy!


I'm glad you are feeling better about it all. I'm like you, I didn't tell any family, except my MIL cause she was helping w the kids and had the full support from my husband. I'm a little over a month po and my family hasn't even noticed (I know they would agree w my decision, but its my decision) and we live in the same town. Lol! They probably think I'm just wearing a padded bra. So I wanted to tell you things that helped me out. My husband, couldn't of done it w out him. Pudding cups and saltine crackers were good for late night med taking where you needed a quick bit of food in you. Gaterade to just the taste of meds, water tasted like metal. I used my topsy turby (hair wrap) a lot once I was able to take showers again and it helped me not having to dry my hair as much and hurt myself. Chocolate exlax helped w constipation( I didn't have a stool softener). Pill bottles are hard to open at some point so you might need help or something to put them in. ICE PACKS were my best friend, I had 4 so a cold set was always on hand. I loved my cotton robe caused didn't have to pull anything over my head while at home. I had a zip up for when I went out to dr appts and stuff but its prob too hot where your at for that now(not sure where you live). Hope there are some helpful tips here that you can use. As for vitamins I just took my normal everyday woman vitamins and that's what my dr suggested I keep doing but ask your dr for sure. Good luck, it will be behind you so soon. I feel like a month was so long ago. :)
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I also went through cold feet after i paid in full, but my boobs are weird after bf that i really need to fix them and add size for my own liking.... I go in tomorrow, hopefully still need a time. I asked about any vitamins or supplement i should take the gals in the ps office said its better not to take anything but every person is different so better to ask. i hope it all goes well!
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Congratulations! I'm excited for you and know that all will be well! Take it easy after your surgery tomorrow! Sending good thoughts your way!

Travel question!?

So I'm flying to see family three weeks after surgery? I'm hoping that I'll feel okay by then. Any thoughts on that? Anyone? I didn't even think about asking my doc before I bought my ticket, but I think that doesn't SEEM unrealistic... though admittedly it's not the best timing.

Interestingly, the family I'm traveling to see (my mom & dad) doesn't know I'm having a BA. Think they'll notice? Bah ha.


I totally understand your reasonings not to wanna tell them. I haven't told my family for the exact reasons that they don't see my view. And I did this for me, not anyone else. For me, I am almost 2 months post op and they still don't know. And I see them all the time. You will do fine but yeah I would stay away from the camping! Good luck!!!
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Yeah I just read that you're in a workout dilemma with your mom, so we're thinking similarly. How great that you're back to working out! I'll be so happy when I'm ready for that post surgery! I hope you're feeling better then ever! I DID tell my brother ablut my upcoming surgery last night because I knew he could keep a secret & would be supportive. He knows where I'm coming from after hiding quite a few of his tattoos from my parents. Ha! *sigh*
I wasn't totally comfortable at 3 weeks at all but i had some over sensitive nerve issues going on. Muscle wise I think you'll be OK as long as you got someone else handling luggage, no hard pulling or pushing anything & continue to take it EASY ;)
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18 days to "Super Me" ;)

I just checked my countdown app... 18 days to go w my pre-op this coming Tuesday! Eep!
I had my hair colored by someone new today.... She's had breast augmentation & when I told her about my plans she got really excited & told me its the best money she's ever spent on herself. Super encouraging, right?!
I hope you're all healing well, or those of you heading into surgery I'm sending good thoughts!

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Sizers (again)

Still not sure about cc's but if its true I'll lose cc's under muscle, I might go w one of these. Right now these look too big when I'm facing the camera, but ok from the side.

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Sizer pic (again)


those sizers look perfect on you :) Very naturally your size :) front and side view ;)
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Is your brother gonna be around during your trip? At least you have someone you can talk to, that's awesome!!! But yeah it's been almost 2 months for me. I figured out my workout dilemma. I figured out how to hold the girls down during work out. :)
Geez my reply is so LATE! Sorry! My brother will be around for the last half of my visit, but since he won't be @ airport pickup (meaning, he can't help me with luggage) I'll probably give my parents the heads up AFTER surgery but before my trip. I'll need my dad's help at baggage claim!

I'm in the final countdown!

Monday will mark my last tiny-boobie Monday. I had my pre-op, paid all but the hospital fees, have my prescriptions... Just need to buy some things you girls have recommended for post-surgery comfort. (Pillows, ice packs) He said no sports bras (he doesn't want me to add support- just let them drop), no arnica or bromelain...just ibuprofen as directed & Vicodin hourly, as needed.
He gave me a MRSA kit to cleanse myself of any possible viral dangers the morning of surgery. It includes a scrub and an ointment I'm supposed to put in my nose the three days before surgery. (MRSA is a staph virus that can infect surgical sites. Yay.)
He seems to think I shouldn't be too loopy afterward, which is great. I like that he's not heavily medicating me, but I kinda wished he plan to give me a patch for nausea. I've never had surgery so who knows if I'll need it, but I really hate stomach yuckiness so I'd be totally down w playing it safe. Instead he said,"Everyone is entitled to one free throw up. If it happens again, call me immediately." Yuck!
Still, I'm totally psyched. I don't even feel self-conscious that I don't fill out my bikini tops, because I know it's all about to change. Instead, I'm enjoying my last days of über teeny in my bikini. I'll post flat chest photos!

I've been enjoying reading up on everyone's progress & I'm sending good, healing thoughts out to everyone who's in that mode! Happy weekend, everyone!

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Ah, I meant to post this one too


Man that stinks. Good luck. I'll be thinking about you! Your getting so close
good job , be brave. you may be surprised how much they may embrace you..

All Done! Feeling fantastic!

Here's an update I typed up last night & had posted elsewhere. Thought I'd cut/paste:
So my surgery was yesterday @ 7:30 am. It was all a bit surreal, as I've been planning this for ages & to find myself being wheeled into the OR was a bit like a dream. I've enever had any sort of surgery so I expected some sort of dramatic countdown to "out" with my anesthesiologist, but instead, all I remember is chatting and... waking to the voice of a very kind nurse telling me the I needed to climb into a reclining chair and have some crackers. It ws a bit disorienting at first (someone had put my sweatpants back in for me! Ha ha!) and the crackers seemed so uninteresting and dry that each bite lingered in my mouth and I exclaimed, "Do I have to eat all four!?" They switched me to applesauce and I mini shed my apple juice. I was afraid I was beginning to feel nauseous and they quickly added something to my IV & all was well again.
My surgeon came in to check in in me and told me that everything went beautifully. After my IV was removed he asked me to raise my arms above my head and instructed me to do that once every hour until he sees me on Friday.
Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a smoother transition. I've been taking 1/2 tablet of Vicodin every hour (although sometimes I forget), layering with Ibuprophen at regular intervals. He asked that I not wear any sort of bra unless I needed something soft to hide the nips under a shirt (ha) and I've iced periodically to alleviate some swelling. I slept well the whole night through, didn't wake for any additonal pain meds. When I woke up (now i know what "morning boob" is!) I slipped downstairs for my Vicodin & let that take effect before I started the exercise my doc asked me to do once daily for a month.
Exercise: (yes, it does hurt a bit. I used my slow yoga breathing!) Lie belly-side down on the bed for 15 minutes to keep the implant pocket supple.

I felt pretty sleepy after returning home on the day of surgery,but after a long nap I took a walk with my husband, and camped out in the living room for the rest of the night with the family. Today is my first full day after surgery and I went to the hardware store with my husband, gathered a few things at the grocery store, rested at home, showered, and tried on some of my old clothes to see if they still fit. (My sleeveless tops and dresses don't slipdown anymore! Whoo hoo!
I do feel lots of tightness and a bit of pain which I don't mind too much. I could medicate myself with more Vicodin, but I like to know what my body is going through, to a degree, and I don't want to nap these days away. I do have some bruising along the lower part of my breast. A lot of my pain, interestingly, is along my ribs below my breasts to my sides. I can feel some "bubbles" in there that I'm sure if fluid that's drained down, so perhaps that's why the soreness.
I may post some photos soon, if I sit down to get a few up.
Anyway, feel free to ask me any questions. I feel you girls are already well informed so I'm not sure how much help I can be, but I'm here just in case! Hope all are happily healing, and prayers to you if you'll soon be underway!

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Day 2 post op

Woke up today more comfortable than yesterday morning. I noticed I was less swollen right away. So far today (It's 4:37 pm) I've taken 2 halves of Vicodin and five Ibuprophen. Pain is very, very minimal. I've run a couple of errands and now I'm home! I feel fantastic, and I hope the same for everyone who's in the same boat!

I've not been prescribed any muscle relaxers, or even antibiotics. Just the Vicodin as needed. I've been really alert and content. Constipated, yes (Ha ha!) but not uncomfortable, so I thought I'd let that go on a bit longer to see if it can be resolved without medication.

My post op is on Friday, so we'll see if there any new tips then for massages. So far I'm just lying on my belly for 15 each day. (I almost fell asleep doing it today, although it DOES feel weird.) Stitches are out on the 26th, so I'll probably get some instructions for scar treatment then.
xo to you all!

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Photos from surgery day, days 1&2 post op, too

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A couple pics w Honeydew wireless bralette

Wasn't sure if I'd be a med or large after surgery, so I bought both. Here's pics w the medium, although both sizes fit. I guess the deciding factor would be comfort over time.
Anyway, so far I like my cc's. I think they will look natural, but I can okay them up when I want to.


Yay! It's done! How are you feeling? Looking hella good girl! You totally should of tried the sock during the nap...lol! Congrats friend
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Ha ha! Yay! Thanks! I'm holding up pretty well! Super excited to have it DONE & working on healing & enjoying it! :) Xox!
you look awesome!! wishing u a good speedy recovery :D
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Husband Approved

Hope this isn't TMI.
Last night, as my husband and I climbed into bed, he asked if he could see them. Feeling a little self-conscious, I watched his face as I pulled my cami off. He didn't realize I was studying his face, but I'm so glad I did. His eyes totally lit up @ he stammered, "They're perfect. I... don't think you needed 50 more cc's." (I had debated going w/ 350's) and then it degenerated into him asking all sorts of 'inappropriate' questions about "When is it okay to...x/y/z, " etc. So cuuuute! Ha ha. I did this for me, but seeing him so psyched was a massive bonus! Also, I've never seen anyone look at my boobs in that way. A new world, I'm telling you!
Today's uneventful. Just hangin out. Not able to drive yet caue I'm not completely off of meds & don't want to push it anyway. Happy healing to all of you girls who are in this now, & happy planning to others!


Looks great! I want the size you got!
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Thanks Mercy! When's your surgery date?

'chicken cutlets' & padded bras no more!


You look great! Congrats on your new set of twins:)
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Thanks! Glad you're healing well too! I read your review about back pain from sleeping on your back- I feel ya! But I woke up to find myself sleeping on my side this morning & I worried that I'd damaged myself, even though it didn't hurt. Eep! Congrats to you too!
Love that pic of throwing away the old! Love the size u picked!
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Day 5 post op

Hi girls!
I have a few spare moments to update but I'm on my phone, so bear w the autocorrects. (Do I always say that?)
So anyway, recovery has been as smooth as I could have hoped. I took my last half Vicodin the night before last, used Ibuprofen only yesterday, once this morning & that's it! I always have a low-grade ache which wears on me sometimes, but then I remember how early I am in the game & back myself AWAY from the attitude problem. I learn something new about the process every day- how new boobs can tingle and have shooting pains (not unbearable, so don't panic if you've not had surgery yet) etc. (basically some of the stuff I've read about but haven't known first-hand before.)
They're settling in nicely, getting softer. In fact when I've gotten frustrated w having to sleep on my back, or some random boobie-related this&that, I look on the mirror & think, "See? You look better than you did before. All these little annoyances shall pass!"
Oh, I went out last night to meet some friends who were in town visiting from LA (so I haven't seen them in about 5 months). They didn't know about my surgery & I wore a dress w a loose ruffled top to disguise it (not ready to show them off yet). Well anyway, the husband gave me a BIG HUG, totally squashing my right boob & making me cringe & silently gasp over his shoulder! (He then looked @ my chest w a mildly perplexed look & I went on to greet his wife.) Needless to say, I got strategic about our goodbye hug & made sure my purse was between us when we hugged goodbye. It worked!
So ladies, use your handbag to avoid awkward, excruciating embraces. Your handbag is your friend.
Happy healing to all of you gorgeous girls, & those of you waiting- every day brings you closer!


That's perfect - figures the husband paused, perplexed, Lol!!!! My huge purse is my friend....check!
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Haha! Awesome BooB-tactics tips with the purse/ruffles moves! Good to know! And fantastic results! :)
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Thank you, Manderelli89. Yes, remember that! :) I see you had surgery recently! How are you feeling? I think it was smart to not go too big. Your "bloobies" (ha ha) were really pretty to begin with, so moderate change will be extra gorgeous!

Yeah driving? Boo.

I was okayed for driving so I took my daughter & her friends out for dinner last night. (90 minute drive round trip-maybe just too long?) even drove the automatic (vs my stick-shift) & thought it'd be like buttah. Well... It was OKAY aside for some tight turns (Thank gawd for ower steering) but now my boobs are MORE sore & harder again. Feels like a bit of a setback. I think the fam is gonna have to chauffeur me a while longer.

Oh, I know a couple of you have had questions about who's surgeon is. Just ask & I'll reply in a personal message.
I can't say enough about how incredible he is-artistic, brilliant, nerdy in the best way, very highly regarded in the community (peers & clients) but I got the impression that he preferred to fly under the Real Self radar. So... Okay. ;)
Xo, girls!


I will be back to work at 19 days post BA and have a 60 min commute. A bit concerned there.
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Seriously! Especially if it's a big one that hangs just below the shoulder. ;)
Aw thanks! Actually the surgery date was changed to the 24th! So only a few more days hooray of this excited-waiting business! And thank you! I believe it will be also! I am very paranoid about people noticing, especially at work, so your tips are excellent :) happy healing!

New pic day 6

Maybe I just a bad case of morning boob after my driving experience yesterday. Took a couple if ibuprofen & I feel good. They're even starting to jiggle a little bit when I brush my teeth. Bah ha. It's the little things, right? ;)


Driving was a B!!! I drive a big car and it was hard doing sharp turns even just going to the store. I felt the same way after too. Don't worry you are ok! Haha, the toothbrush boob jiggling! It never gets old, I still love it. When they start dropping they will get bigger. But they r a good size on you :)
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wow! day 2 you were up & moving and trying on clothes. i was SUCH A BABY! i felt so sore for 2 weeks. i dont think i even tried anything, other that the very tight sports bra's, 1 bathing suit top, just for photos like at 2 weeks. Lol How weird how different surgeons can be. I & i read so many others required to wear the ugly bras 24-7 or bands and yours had you not. and OMG i am 3 mo post op and JUST starting to lay on my tummy comfy. wow! wtg and you LOOK GREAT. Now if you can tell me how to get that flat tummy thatd be awesome :p
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Yeah, when my daughter was being born my doctor lectured me, "If you have another baby, he/she will be born in the parking lot if you don't get here sooner" 'cause I waited so long to report to the hospital with her. I think something might be wrong with me. Ha ha! No way were you a baby! Everyone is obviously different, doctors included. I know, I was expecting to come home wrapped up, but no. He said no sports bras either - just let gravity do the work. Anyway, we seem to get to where we want to be one way or another! :) BTW lying on my tummy isn't something I do for fun right now- only when I have to do that exercise. Now I DO like to lie on my side cause my back aches! I had a horrifying thought about spas and relaxation massages today. Do you think we'll ever feel super comfortable lying belly down on a massage table again? I hope, hope, hope so! & thanks for the compliments- btw you have a beautiful body so no tummy worries, lady!

Better & better!

Hi girls,
My healing so far has been pretty straightforward, but I've had my moments of boobie blues and wondering if I did the right thing too. If any of you are in the middle of the first week/weeks & you're feeling down, I want to tell you to just hang in there! Today was the first morning I woke up feeling really minimal tenderness (not the usual painful morning boob!) & today was the first day I was able to go out and about and forget (more often than not) that I had implants! So my point is that they do become more and more comfortable, and I suspect may eventually just 'become' part of us. It may take weeks or a few months, but I have faith that we'll all get there! Hugs to all!


yours looks natural! love them and good choice in cc's!
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hi - thanks for sharing, I'm 5' 7.5" and 112 lbs, getting my BA Sept 12th and still undecided on size. docs recomending 375 but I am thinking more like 325-350. Its nice to see someone not recommending to go larger, yours fit you perfectly, congrats!
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Thanks, Eva. I think any if those cc's will look great on you. What profile are you thinking of getting? That makes a big difference. When I was thinking Mod+ I was having to go up in cc's which seemed like a lot of stretching would be required!

A couple of day 10 pics

I'm getting my stitches out tomorrow & hope to learn more about massages. The only exercise I've been doing is lying on my stomach for 15 daily, plus the overhead reaches which I forget to do, but I frequently reach for things during the day, anyway. Morning boob is nearly non-existent and I feel no pain today aside for some tenderness in my right ribs after I drove yesterday. (I drove my stick-shift)
The driving itself was no bother at the time, and I spent yesterday at the art museum & shopping in downtown Seattle. My only reminder to be careful was when I started to jog across the cross-walk. Hello!
Here are a couple of pics from the side. Yes, they're a bit redundant, but thought I'd post them anyway. I'm a righty, & selfies taken w/ my left hand just don't happen. They're settling in & getting a LITTLE softer, (sometimes the softness varies so if I've been more active they tense up a bit) though they obviously have some more settling to do.
Oh, side note- my nipples have been tender lately so I squeezed them this morning (just because) & small beads of milk came up. TMI? Sorry. Just wanted you girls that know that it happens, apparently sometimes. I'm not worried about it because I'm NOT pregnant. *Hallelujah.


These are the perfect size boobs, this is what I want !
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Thank you! I love the size too. Interested in seeing how they will drop/fluff. People say they seem a bit bigger after that, but I just don't know. I think mine can drop a bit more, but not Very much. I'm not sure where they'd drop to! Guess I'll see! Good luck choosing your size! :)
Wow, you look great! I am having all of your cold feet issues right now and every day I say I'm going to make the call to schedule my BA and another day goes by that I haven't done it! I'm addicted to reading the RS stories, but so scared! Yours is a huge success! Congrats! Maybe I'll bite the bullet soon... :-)
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My boobies, about 2 weeks ago

I recently realized that I'd never posted a topless 'before' shot & was feeling kinda guilty. Hope this helps some of you w sizing!


Looking lovely
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you have such an amazingly awesome attitude :)
Read my story so far, I was so nervous too and now so happy!!!

Stitches out, day... 13 I think? Pretty lemon squeezy. Any scar treatment recommendations

Hi girls!
I had my stitches removed on Friday, I've been assigned new massages and I've been instructed to rub the incisions every day until they flatten. I've been too afraid to actually look at the incisions (and I keep them covered with tape), but I can tell that the initial 'lumpy' feeling is slowly starting to dissipate.
Friday night I noticed that I've developed what I assume is "Mondor's cord", and it seems I just need to wait that out and they'll go away. I've been slowly stretching my ribcage by doin a modified 'cobra' (yoga) while applying pressure to them, and that seems to be helping a lot. My right boob is a bit harder than my left and is taking longer to 'drop', but honestly, healing has been really straightforward thus far.
I'd say my implants have been feeling like 'part of me' since day 11 or so. I only think about them when I'm doing massages and when I'm getting dressed. :) They continue to get softer and they've relaxed enough that it's easy to push them together. My doctor has okayed me for any and all activities, as long as it doesn't cause me discomfort, and frankly, I really love this relaxed approach. He suggested I jog up a couple of stairs before I decide to launch into impact cardio, and that seems like a fair comfort test. (I'm not going to do that yet, btw - I think I'm ready for squats and low impact workouts... probably not going to mess with any real weight bearing on my pecs yet.) I have been sleeping on my side for some time, and napped on my stomach earlier today. My left breast is really comfortable with the tummy pressure, though my right still has some relaxing to do. I've been doing laundry, reaching high and low, carrying lawn chairs, watering plants, vacuuming... I feel good! OH, he also okayed me for any sort of bras, but cautioned that I choose underwires that fit VERY well.
He told me a horror story about a woman who was diabetic/had various health issues, and she chose an ill-fitting underwire that eventually PUNCTURED through her skin AND through her implant! Aaaaaaugh!


U look awesome! What kind of workout routine do u do? I need to tone up lol
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Thank you! You're looking beautiful, too! I think the size you chose really suits your body!
Aw thanks.

Photos 2 weeks post op

One looks like a pseudo glam shot but my forward facing camera freaked out & that was the result. It didn't REALLY look the way it came out but I'm including it anyway cause my cleavage looks ridiculously dramatic there. Forgive me.


I hope to look like you at 14 weeks!!!!
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Thanks! You'll probably laugh, but I do the Insanity DVD's, which is all about jumping around. So I modified a LOT today... All low or no impact and when I was supposed to do push-ups I did crunches. (I need to do more crunches anyway.) it wasn't the workout I'm used to, but I managed to work up a sweat & it felt good to get moving! :) I like those workouts cause you don't need any equipment @ home!
P.S. I just looked @ your profile & you seem to be in great shape! I don't know what you're talkin' 'bout!

Topless 2 weeks. Ha!

Not sure there's been much visible change but just on case...

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Well it wouldBe fantastic if the pics posted.

Damn mobile.


Hi! I read your story and looked at your pics--I got my ba done 5weeks ago and I love mine too! :) quick question--who makes the white bandini bra that you posted in your first days post op? Thanks!
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Looking Great!! :)
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Thanks, Luna. It's great to see how yours have changed over the weeks! Beautiful!

18 Days Post-Op... Bra sizing

Al's been well in my camp... Left implant is going just fine, right is still a tad higher & more tender. I get deep pangs of pain on occasion but not anything constant enough to need pain killers.
I've continued trying to work out but just manage 35 minutes of no impact cardio (ha ha. Does that really exist?) & lots & lots of squats. I held my body in a high plank position w no problem the other day but given the tenderness of my right side overall, I've decided to lay off any arm stuff completely, for now.
My doctor had okayed me for any bras so I went to VS to be sized. I was a bit disappointed to measure at a 32DD cause that just SOUNDS so huge, & i really dont look that big @ all. Anyway, I guess that's a small DD, given my band size. So I was hoping to measure smaller @ Nordstrom, sine time has it that VS runs small... But Nordstrom gave the same result. I bought a black push-up @ VS, a nude Natori bra @ Nordstrom for everyday (super comfy & not too ugly for a nude bra) & a very sheer floral bra by L'Agent by Agent Provocateur. Kinda cool that they're making a line @ a lower price point. I also bought a Tata Tamer II sports bra (so I don't have to borrow my daughter's anymore- see pic) @ Lululemon. I bought that one in a 32D so is have über minimal bounce. So now I think I've spent plenty on undergarments for a while.
I haven't taken pics & may/may not.
Oh, I ran into one of my co-workers while @ Nordstrom & after greeting me her eyes went directly to my chest. Ack. It's kinda weird because I've adjusted so much to how I look that I didnt even think about it until I saw her glance. Anyway, a glance is all it was & we had a friendly chat (w my arms cross my chest. Eep.) Recently I've gotten a bit shy about site security so I'm not sure how active I'll be for much longer. Just really not sure which way I'll go @ this point... But wanted to update you anyway. :)
I trust that you're all doing well! Happy weekending, girls!


What have you heard about site security? That sounds like something I am very concerned about....
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Nothing in particular... But as you know anyone can see our photos & reviews & the more info I give the more paranoid I get about someone I know figuring out I'm me. Or, just knowing that guys check out the BA profiles is starting to bug me a bit. Nothing we didn't think about going into it, but the more I'm on here, the more weird I feel. Maybe it's just a phase I'm going through. Dunno! Didn't mean to worry you though!
Hi Barbie! Congrats! You look great - boobies & pretty nose! :) Sure, the bra is a Bandini bra by Hanes. They usually come in two packs... Super inexpensive & comfy. I heard about them from girls on this site! I'm sure you can find them out & about but I just ordered mine from Amazon.

My body is not my playground

I feel like a terrible RealSelf friend. I haven't even mentioned the dreadful nipple sensitivity I've had for about a week... Even clothes brushing against them puts them on high alert & I've felt a lot of tingling, especially in the lower half of my right breast. I think it's probably nerves regenerating. Anyway, no big deal but not a good time. My husband has wanted to have some fun but I'm not feeling all that psyched. I'm a good sport & all, but my body is not feeling especially like a playground right now. Yippie.


VS sizes run so weird. Before my BA my vs bras were 32dd. Untold my dr and he laughed. I was more a deflated b. just one week post op and I'm more a real full d. But haven't been measured. Oh, and 32dd can be very similar size to 34d. And boobs are looking great!
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That's wha I'd heard, so I was hoping my # would be different @ Nordies, but no. You're totally right- 34D is the 'sister size' right? I've tried both & it depends on the bra, but so far the 32DD is usually best. & thanks. In the pics I posted they were still swollen on the sides & stuff, though I'm not sure there has been much change. :) In time, I guess, ay!
Same very tender here as well like ouch!!!!! Do you think those nipple covers will help? I might check to see if Walmart or target have them tomorrow. I agree, no one is touching mine right now either!
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Too much

Yeah so I decided, after walking around & comparing my boobies to unaugmented boobs, (Did i just IMAGINE that 95% of the female population had perfect, glorious boobage before?) that mine are a tad too big. Too symmetrical. Too perky. Just too TOO.
I like them in most clothing & I like them in certain lighting when I'm nude, but my upper pole is too obvious to me in some lighting. Though wasn't my goal, I've been getting even more positive male attention than usual, though guys aren't staring directly at my rack *thankfully*. Still, for my personal sense of aesthetic, it's just a bit 'too much'. I'm surprised since 325cc didn't seem like all that much compared to most other girls I've even reading about.
I have to caution myself about never being satisfied, so I'm keeping myself in check, but when it's revision time, if I decide to replace them, I'm sure I'll choose to go smaller. I'm not unhappy but I'm still wrapping my head around the change.
Hope you're all healthy & happy girls! :)

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Oh btw

My nipple hyper-sensitivity is improving (yay!) & I'm getting bored of doing my breast massages, but everything else is pretty normal. I'm gonna work out again today cause I've been slacking & I told Minibear that I would get back on it! :) Uhm... Oh yeah, I don't know where I supposedly 'lost' X number of cc's by going under the muscle. (I know that's the usual thinking. If anything, my 325 LOOK bigger than the sizers, to me anyway.


I think you look increadible but thanks so much for sharing your feelings about size/attantion etc. I'm going to have to make that desicion soon and I feel like I get so much encouragement to go bigger than I think I want so its nice to hear a different side.
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Just don't go so big that you'd feel awkward in a really great push-up. :) When we're small we feel limited in our bra selection, but if we go really BIG, we're limiting ourselves in that department too, unless we're okay w looking extra augmented. (& some women are- no judging! Ha ha!)
You look lovely! For the future, if you don't like upper pole fullness, ask for anatomical implants. They've been used in Europe and Canada for many years and require surgical know-how to create the pocket, but leave you with a natural looking slope. I am too thin for rounds, and was directed to anatomical implants for a.natural appearance. I love them...super sexy yet subtle. So you don't necessarily need smaller cc 's, but a different shape with less upper pole roundness.
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Was I just mistaken about what a size C was?

... cause I'm not feeling too big today. Size D/DD. No prob. Depends on the day?
& while I have this sports bra on I'm gonna try working out again. Wish me luck!


You look awesome, your boobs are my wish boobs!
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Ah it's good to hear the risk is low! I love goals achieved & 'top secret'! ;) Congratulations, D! I'm sure you look gorgeous! Guess we had surgery @ about the same time!

Re-uploaded pics

Sorry! I realized I had more background showing than I have liked in my last upload!
OH! I also did an Insanity workout today! (Plyometric Cardio Circuit, for those of you who have the DVD's) My only mods were crunch variations instead of push-ups (I'm still afraid of going there) & no wild flapping when doing jumping jacks because those Mondor's cord things are still a but of a boter when my atms are up high. did all sorts of jumping & even did some plank work. Didn't hurt! :)


Sorry I have been MIA, I'm a bad real self friend. Just read your updates. You sound just like me. There was a period of time where I questioned if I went too big and I was looking at everyone else's "rack" and doing a quick comparison. You will get more comfortable and pleased with them over time. Now I can't even imagine myself w out my 425 HP. I am however 3 mo PO. It took time. I would put certain tops on and think, holly Molly what did I do these things look huge. And now I put on that same top and rock it. Each day is a new day. And don't worry you are totally on track and looking GREAT!
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Yep, that's EXACTLY what I've been doing, but I'm getting better! You've been right about every bit of insight you've given me, & I trust that you're right on this one, too. Bad real self friend? No way! It's great to hear from you again & I'm so very glad that you're loving life with yours! Xx
I'm so glad it's getting better. Oh and yes, massaging is tedious and hard to remember daily for me.

Scar tissue

Hi girls,
I'm away on vacation so this will be brief! Today as I massaged my incisions (using a good amount of pressure- my surgeon said I can't damage the tissue by pressing hard @ this point) I felt & heard a small *pop* & the area I was massaging went totally smooth. It didnt hurt at all. I thought I was imagining things & I took a break. Later I went back & after massaging a bit, applied firm pressure to the 'knots' I felt in the scar, & each of them did the same thing- popped! They made a tiny pop or snapping sound & that place in the incision went totally smooth. Given that it doesn't hurt & the result is exactly what I wanted - a smooth incision- I'm guessing it's okay. I googled it & it seems normal. Did this happen to any of you? Also, I wish my surgeon had told me that could happen! So I'm happy right now but also kinda grossed out. Ha ha.
Hope you're all well! Big hugs!

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Boobies & airplanes

Oh, I forgot to mention that implants
at 40,000 feet feel just the same
as they do on land. I know some girls are curious about air travel after implants. Uhm... on that note, if a plane was airborne & the pressurized cabin was suddenly ripped open I don't think anyone would be noticing the sensation of their implants either. All good. ;) xx


Hey there, when you have a chance let us know how the travel went, I have a trip three weeks after and my office is wanting me to travel two weeks after, I can put it off if I need to, how did it go for you at 25 days?
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I loved reading about you BA. I got the 330 mod profile silicone and as of today I fit my 32D VS bras... but I still have a way to go! Thanks for sharing your experiences. Fun to see what I have to look forward to!
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Well thanks for reading it, & I'm glad it was helpful! I think you look fantastic for just 10ish days post op! My left one just got really soft in the past couple of days which is really exciting. Can't wait for the other to catch up. You will love them so much!

Air-travel & vacation update

Hello again! I returned from my trip a couple of days ago and, frankly, travel went so well that I didn't even think to update sooner! It just felt like I was living life, really.
Before my flight, I was concerned about lugging baggage around and almost checked my suitcase, but I opted to pack light & brought just my handbag & a carry-on. I had to be a bit strategic about placing the carry-on in the overhead bin (I hoisted it on my knee w/ my foot on the seat, and then upward), but only had minimal tightness (briefly after lifting my bag) on the flight over, and didn't feel it at all on the return flight. Truly though, if you're traveling less than a month after surgery, I recommend that you pack light and check your bags so you don't have to place anything overhead at all. (Unless you're comfortable asking another passenger or flight attendant to do the lifting for you) ***If you're traveling WITH another adult, you could pack as you would normally, as they can help you with the lifting! :) *** I recommend using bags that roll! Rolling luggage is your friend post surgery!
Otherwise, the travel itself was easy. I was able to do everything I wanted during my trip, including going on a hike and taking a dip in the hot springs. Hmmm... I'm wondering if I'm forgetting anything!?
At this point in my healing, the "knots" in my scar tissue are gone & the incisions are flat, though I need to be better about remembering to rub them daily to keep them flush with the skin. They are still purplish rather than light pink (I think scars in fair-skinned girls may fade faster?), so I don't like to look at them really, OR photograph them. :/ I know that will fade with time. I've learned to accept my 'new additions' as part of myself, and don't feel self-conscious of them in public anymore. I rather like them. I LIKE THEM A LOT! They feel soft, but a bit firmer than natural breasts, although when I lean forward and squeeze them they feel very natural and squishy which might have something to do with the positioning of the native breast tissue in relation to the implant. *Wow. Listen to me hypothetizing. I'm TOTALLY guessing on that, girls.*
OOOOHHH... I hadn't told my parents about my ba, and they picked me up at the airport. My mom had it figured out before we even got to the parking lot. Ha ha. She was kinda excited and whispered, "Did you?" *motioned to her breasts* "I know you've been thinking about it for a long time. Can I tell your dad?!" They were both really supportive and a little curious. The whole trip they kept complimenting how great I looked. So... yay!
I've also been back to work, just briefly, and I've run into a few co-workers. No one has stared at my chest or acted awkward at all! The custodian mentioned that I look really well-rested. (Okay!) So far so good! My husband still totally loves them. Periodically, he'll comment that I have a "Nice rack!" (or something like that-ha ha) & when I told him that a friend had asked me if he liked them, he said, "I love them. They are a GIFT!!!" Sweet!
I've been hoping to take some photos of me clothed, but haven't really had the time. I hope to soon. So now that I've talked too much, I'll sign off. Mostly I want to help some of you create a travel strategy immediately post surgery, if needed, and I want to encourage all of you who are in your first couple of weeks post-op (& may be feeling a bit uncomfortable) that you WILL ABSOLUTELY feel like yourself again... just 'yourself' with a "nice rack". ;) & I tell you that from experience.


:) nice update. I plan on checking my luggage on the return trip home from my surgery.
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Yes, smart move!
Great info as usual. . Keep it up! X
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T-shirt photo

Iris asked if I'd be willing to post a photo w a shirt on, so I chose a weekend t-shirt that's neither tight nor super baggy, so it doesn't play them up or down. Hopefully this will help one or two of you w sizing. I'm posting three in the same shirt taken @ different angles, because they look different in each.


Looking fabulous in that t-shirt!! Sizing is perfect for you. :-)
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LoL you are too adorable! Well, better late than never right? WE DID IT!!! Rock those boobies, girlfriend! :)

A couple more. Well maybe 3. :)

Just took these. No bra. Oh, & I thought this was an interesting comparison between sizer & finished look.


Thanks for the sizer comparicon, very helpful! Is the sizer you are wearing the same exact implant you got? its so close and the docs always say you lose about 25 cc's...
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Congratulations! You look absolutely perfect. I enjoyed reading your review along with all the helpful tips. Thanks for the photo with the shirt on. Great idea @Iris34. Glad your parents came through for you and were supportive. Is your daughter still "cool" with the procedure and mom's hot new look? ;) Thank you again for sharing your story on RealSelf!

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Glad you had a great trip with your parents! love all your super cute bras!
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Bralettes sizing

I purchased all of my bralettes (not bras) before surgery & since I was always a very small 'small', I bought a couple in medium. The mediums work well for the most part, but a couple of styles really needed to be large. I'm posting a pic to show how this medium is NOT quite fitting. (I know at least one of you is like me & interested in buying bralettes before surgery :).


You look great. I am almost 3 weeks post, and felt the same. TOO big, Too Perky, too perfect. But I feel amazing in them, and I am my worst critic right. I have not told anyone yet, but think I am going to tell my mom just so there is no weird moments. Since it is already done, there is no talking me out of it. I just hope I start softening up!
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Thanks! I checked out your profile & you look amazing! Yes, we're definitely our own worst critics... though I'm glad I've finally move past the "TOO everything" stage! :) Telling my parents after the fact worked best for me, especially because I live so far away. I thought they'd worry themselves too much beforehand. I bet your mom will be really interested in knowing! :) I started softening up a LOT in the last few days, & I'm sure you will too! It's interesting how things improve suddenly sometimes! (No change then sudden change!) BTW, how strange that you would know one of the nurses from your high school days! Ack! Ha ha! ;)
Yes, it is & I've heard thata t doctors say the same. I tried to make sure I had zoomed in the same way on each pic to get as close a comparison as possible. (I just did the best I could) My takeaway is that 25cc just isn't visually all that much. (?)

Holy cow! My push-up actually pushes up!

When I bought this push up from Victoria's Secret at about 18 days post-op ( hey my doctor said it was ok, so I went for it!) I was a bit disappointed in my look because they didn't "push up" as well as I'd hopes they would. My daughter assured me they would relax more but I was skeptical- after all, I felt I'd been healing so quickly why WOULDN'T I already be 100%? ;)
Anyway, I tried it on again for the first time & IT WORKS! Weirdest thing to feel my boobs touch in a bra like that. I know, call me silly. But whoohoo!


Thanks for the t-shirt pics! Look great!!! Can I just switch bodies with you now?! ;) I love the bralettes-hope they still fit. I'm not going to focus on CCs but I want your look so hoping a similar amount will get me similar results.
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No problem, & thanks! Ha ha! I'm excited for your November change! Seems we have similar tastes. ;)
I hope mine come like this! Im also a 32A and Im pretty skinny so i think after looking at your results that they will look similar in size ! I cant waitttt
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Week 5 pics, nipple creams & a boob that squeaked for one night

Hi girls! I. Feeling kinda "meh" right now... Nothing boob related, just a humdrum moment. I took a few update pics a few days ago @ about 5 weeks post op, so I'll post a couple. Haven't noticed much visual change, but thinks keep getting softer. They feel firmest when I'm lying down, more like "soft but firm" and when I lean forward they're the most squishy, almost alarmingly/surprisingly so the first time I felt it! I know I have months of healing ahead of me, but I don't think they'll ever feel EXACTLY like natural boob. I think they'll always be a TOUCH firmer, & I don't think thats bad-just different. My husband certainly doesn't mind! However... They are starting to bounce like natural boobs when I hustle to cross a street or when I come down the stairs quickly. (My husband noticed first. Ha.)
I can sleep in any position I like (don't know if I mentioned that) so I'm no longer afraid I'll never enjoy a good massage at the spa again. :) Basically I don't feel physically limited in any way, aside from needing to baby my pecs a while longer. (I'll get to that in a bit)
I don't think I ever mentioned this, but I do have a patch of relative numbness above each incision, in almost a triangular pie shape. The nipple & areola are okay, but just below I don't have full sensitivity yet. I can feel pressure and light tickling, but not with as much sensitivity as I can elsewhere. When I rub that area it kinda tingles, so I suspect the nerves are still at work, trying to make connections! I can say that it has improved since surgery, so I'll keep you posted of how it continues to progress over time.
Oh, I've read a couple of suggestions other users have made for that period of heightened (painful.) nipple sensitivity so many of us go through about 2 weeks post op. One girl (sorry I can't recall who, exactly!) recommends Oragel, and another actually found a cream for skin that is sensitive after surgery. I didn't catch the name, but I wonder if it's something your surgeon may know about. Anyway, there ARE options, but I didn't know when I was going though it.
I don't have any pain at all anymore & haven't for quite some time. I think I pushed it a bit yesterday when I worked out & used my pecs more than I should have. It didn't hurt, but afterward I could hear a squeak & feel a little fluid moving in my right implant pocket. Eep! Maybe I just released some excess fluid but I'll mention it to my doc tomorrow just to be safe. I don't feel (or hear) it there today.
Speaking of pecs, most of you have probably heard this before, but when you go under the muscle, your implant can move when you engage your pec. Well it's quite true & a bit strange to see, though MARGINALLY entertaining for a moment. It's not something that happens unless I want it to, so I'm not worried about it but that's not a trick I'll be sharing with the hubs. I don't think even pasties w tassels would make that move exactly sexy.
I have another follow up appointment tomorrow, so I'll update you after & I'll take another clothed photo or two. Sorry it's a nipple upload today, ladies.

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Oops wrong upload!

Trying another...


Your so beautiful! I love your boobies! lol They are perfect size and shape for your body! Happy healing:)
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Thanks Zumba Mommy! So are yours! How great that your surgeon realized he didn't need to go with a full lift for your surgery! I imagine that was a really nice surprise! :) Happy healing to you too. I know your patience will soooo pay off, Zumba!
You look awesome! I have surgery oct 25 I am 5"3 120 lbs and 34 a. I was really hoping for saline but with all the research I don't know what to go with. Because of my breast tissue I may have rippling. I felt like my surgeon didn't help me choose:( were you given an option of saline?
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Don't need to see my doc until NEXT YEAR!

Yay! Today's follow up went great. He checked my incisions (said they'd still fade a lot), said any numbness will continue to improve, softness is good & I don't need to be back until next summer, though he is there for me should concerns arise @ any time. :)
The appointment went quickly, & since I'm hearing up to go back to work I thought I'd try in a couple of things to see if they still fit. Unless I state otherwise, all clothing is stuff I wore before my BA.
Oh, I've been wanting to mention that I recommend getting a bandeau so you can wear strapless looks, unless you want to go braless or buy a strapless which is okay too. :) I like to slip one on under tops with odd necklines & stuff.

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I'd meant to post more pics!

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Last oops

One more of the jumper.


Gosh D don't know how you could squish yours together after just 3 weeks? I'm four weeks and there is no way I can push then together like you did. . Have you been massaging them every day? Oh and my worst body part too is my thighs below the bum. . Doing lunges every day is a bummer ( excuse the pun) but is definitely having some sort of effect. . :0) x
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Mmm... I followed my doctor's instructions about massages, and when I went in for my last appointment (about 5 weeks post-op) he said I didn't need to do them anymore! Yay! I'm not sure how big your boobies got when you were nursing, but mine were similar to what they are now, so maybe that's why they've progressed rather quickly? Maybe it's boobie memory? Bah ha. And oh gosh those problem thighs! I guess the bright side is that when I work out they're far less a problem, so they keep me fit. Ha! How have you been progressing? You posted some pics a while ago and it looked like you were moving along beautifully! Hope all's well! :)
I'm thinking HP. In normal clothing, I think it will create a nice silhouette. Anything larger than 325s will look fakey in workout clothing for me. I'm just trying to figure out how to get those nice flat abs of yours. I call myself the skinniest fat person out there. I carry all my weight in my tummy and have stick figure arms and legs. After three kids, my tummy is lax, but my doc doesn't think it warrants a TT. My doc thinks maybe a little lipo, but all I have to do is more sit-ups. I workout 4x a week, eat nothing but cottage cheese, salads, fruit and nuts. I'm turning into a rabbit. How do you stay so thin?
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Boobs on the Down Low.

My summer is officially over & I returned to work this week. On my first day I wore a white button-down shirt. Day two was my grey tee with a light sweatshirt, and yesterday I wore a black tee. (Black is very boob-minimizing, by the way!) Nobody seemed to notice anything different... more comments about my haircolor (only slightly lighter), my earrings (I guess they matched something else perfectly), etc. My hope is that by the time I forget to be strategic about my clothing, everyone will have forgotten what I used to look like. ALSO, we have a new part-time staff member who looks to have augmented boobs (She doesn't play them down), so hopefully she's a bit of a visual diversion.
So... do you girls remember when I mentioned that my right boob was squeaking & then it stopped? Well, it's squeaking again, although it's only detectable by me. I looked into it and it seems it will stop for good, eventually, but it's kinda annoying because my left is so perfect. First of all my left boob is SILENT, and it's super soft & squishy. I'm amazed at how soft both of them are feeling actually, and the left boob is so soft I marvel at how natural it feels. I didn't think they would feel like that! But, the right still needs to catch up. It always progresses, but always a bit slower than its sister!
Something I did notice early on but probably forgot to mention is that my boobs feel cooler to the touch than they did pre-BA. I can warm them up of course, but they seem to keep cooler than say, my stomach, generally. At first I thought it was just part of the healing process, but now I'm starting to think it's just part of the deal. I mean, no circulation is needed within the implant and the surrounding skin/tissue probably doesn't provide a ton of insulation so I guess it makes sense.
By the way, let me know if I'm being too detailed about it all. If you want me to say that it's all just miraculous and glorious, I can do that... but I thought the subtle oddities might be worth mentioning.
Anyway, I love these things & I'd do it again all over again in a heartbeat. Like many, I wish I hadn't waited quite so long. And, if it wouldn't weird out my daughter or distract my husband, I'd probably have my hands on them all the time. You know, just keeping them warm. :)
Sending hugs to all and healing thoughts to you friends who are in the midst, especially a couple of girls I know (TinyTots & OutlawCranium) who had surgery this week... on the same day! How cool is that?!

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Ha ha! I meant "Smalltots"

Smalltots (now Mediumtots or Largetots?) had surgery today, not TinyTots.


Thank you for all your details! It is SUCH a help!
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Thanks, mum24. This site was a lot of fun for me when I was in the daydreaming stages, & such a support for me when I was nearing my surgery date. I'm happy to pass on some goodness! Good luck as you make your decisions! :)
thank you for your details! your review is so helpful. you look fantastic, too! so...thank you!
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Sorry I've been MIA

Nothing too eventful happening on the 'boobie front'. (No pun intended-- badump tish!) I've been totally head down at work and don't even have time for social networking. *gasp*
I guess the good news is that I forget I have knockers until I come home & unwind in a cami & yoga pants/pj's/etc, & then my husband ogles me.
My 12 year old adopted Pomeranian went in to have her teeth cleaned today & she came home minus 20 teeth! Poor thing had more than half of her teeth removed. She's on antibiotics & pain killers, & while I watch her drift in & out of wakefulness & listen to to her feeble sleepy squeaks, I can't help but think that I've been there!
Hopefully you're feeling much better than she is today, ye that are healing up! Oh, I'd ordered some bras from a company called Tonserio. The bras are made specifically for women with breast augmentation. Anyway I was excited to get them because I was hoping for a strong fabric, unpadded bra, but now that they're here I'm a bit disappointed. They're super comfy but I was hoping the fabric would hide any hint of nipple & I'm afraid it doesn't. I may have ordered a size too big too. Can't decide if I want to try an exchange or just return 'em.
Oh, a problem that I forget to mention is that cleavage catches all sorts of crumbs. It's almost silly how many cracker bits I catch when I'm snacking on the couch. It's not all glamorous around here. ;)
Thanks for reading my most boring update! Whoo hoo! Miss you girls!


You never have boring updates !!! I love hearing your stories and you make me laugh all the time. It is so great to have people like you that leave these very detailed updates. I think that there are a lot more women out there reading your stories than you know. Your honesty makes them feel more at ease. I myself read way more than i post and I am always happy when I may be wondering about something and see that it has happened to you also. Then it's like I don't have to worry. Don't stop what your doing . I just don't know how you do it all. Take Care
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Hey guys..... Do u remember how they felt when we didnt have any implants in..... Well do u think the sensation feels different now? I don't think I have lost feeling but they just feel different
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Mine don't feel any different in an abnormal sense. I have had two kids and nursed one, so mine feel like they did when I was nursing a newborn. So they feel different, but completely normal different. Does that make any sense?

Tonserio retraction

Okay so I was knocking Tonserio, but I have to retract my initial poor review. I had only tried them in once & didn't give them a fair shake under clothing. I do think one of them is too large (the cross back) & I'm exchanging it, but I kept the 'scoop' & I love it after all. It's like a stronger Bandini... lower cut than the Bandini so I can wear more cleavage revealing tops. I can adjust my boobs in it so I get a little more cleavage (push together not up), & it's so comfortable that I've worn it all day long, even when I changed into my lounge wear. I also like that, because of its shape, loose tops don't fall into the CAVERNS between my boobs so my looser tops hold their shape nicely. I'm ordering another scoop in a smaller size to see if I like it even better. I'll eventually post pics of my favorite fit. It's seamless under fitted tees & camis. I'm a fan of this cut, at the very least.
They aren't exactly sexy pieces, but I wanted something for every day that would give me more cleavage without any additional padding at all. My nipples are invisible in in my thinnest tops, unless I get cold. :)
I know they're not cheap & it seems they should be more w affordable. I mean, it's not as if extra craftsmanship has to go into making them. (They don't have any underwire or lacy details) Maybe it's because they aren't produced in large quantities. (Total guess there) Mine were back ordered, but they did express deliver them free of charge to compensate for the delay.
That's all for now!


Tonserio!!! Wow just went on their website. 50$ for a bandeau:(( but if they are comfy then it s worth it!!!!
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Yeah, like I said they should be more affordable, & if I wasn't so particular about not adding padding I'd forego them altogether. I should mention that I don't recommend them for immediate post-op use because the Bandinis are GREAT, less delicate & waaaaaaaay cheaper. Get a Tonserio 2-3 months down the road when you've dropped/are dropping, & only if you want a comfy alternative (that gives a little shape) from what you're finding in the bra department. That's my thinking anyway. My boobs were so stiff in the first weeks I wouldn't have noticed any benefit over Bandini & sports bras.
First of all I just want to say a HUUUUUGE THANK YOU. I literally just sat here and read your entire review and all your updates! I LOVE your outcome. They look amazing. I am so jealous and I am actually the same as you - AA cup and thinking of going with 325cc (but moderate+).
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I'm almost regretting posting about those bras. Ha ha.

I need to clarify that I don't recommend spending big bucks on a Tonserio bra for immediate post-op use. As I mentioned to my friend Anuta, stick with the inexpensive, über comfortable Bandini in the early weeks. After your boobs start to drop & fluff, & if you want a break from underwires & padding, then maybe look into Tonserio. I'm just unusually "anti-padding" right now, I think, so I wanted to find an alternative. Also, I tried a Medium in their sizing. medium in the scoop style was good, but I want to try a small just in case. The cross back style didn't make any sense to me in medium. (If you look it up you'll see why)
& I'm gonna stop talking about them now in my review cause you girls are so awesome & wanting to do things just right by adding everything to your pre-surgery checklists & I want you to make the best use of your money, as I know you do too!
If you're leading up to surgery, spend your money on Bandinis!


You're results are amazing!! My BA is in 4 weeks and I can't decide between 325 or 350 mod plus. Your pics are leaning me towards 325.
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Thank you! I remember when I was trying on mod+ sizers I was looking at more cc's. The profiles really do look different, so choose what feels right & looks best on you. 25cc's is a small amount, so you could let your surgeon make the call too. Good luck! You'll love them!
Your Bandini recommendation has saved my boobs PostOp! When I'm washing my surgical bras (which arent that ugly or uncomfortable) or when I'm actually going out somewhere, I wear the Bandini! I love them! Thanks again :D
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Two months!

Ah, feels so good to be two months post op! Much of this update I've mentioned in replies to other girls, but I thought it would be hard to find nestled in the comments!
I was asked a good question about how my chest muscles feel and function now. Honestly, they feel exactly the same in every way EXCEPT for when I do something like a push-up. I have full range of motion. (High, low, side to side, etc.) when I do push-ups I feel a sensation kinda like pressure or light tugging from my muscles at the bottom of my breast, near the crease. It doesn't hurt at all, but it feels kinda weird. I somehow doubt this feeling goes away, but I could be wrong about that. Am I okay with it? Yes.
When I press my implant with my hands (up, down & around) I can feel the implant somewhat. It doesn't feel like a ball or anything, but I can feel it move along my ribs inside. That feels strange too, but the feeling has been decreasing. If I squeeze it the way my husband would, I don't feel "implant", it just feels like boob.
& don't tweak when I tell you this but... I had to WORK really hard to make them ripple, but they did. I found that if I stand & bend in half somewhat unnaturally so that my chest is facing the floor (TOTALLY horizontal to the floor), I can detect some rippling at the lower sides. (It's hard to see, but I can feel it if I run my fingers very lightly across the sides. If I grab or squeeze them, any rippling disappears.) It's not anything that my husband or anyone else would ever see or feel, & as I said I had to try to make it happen. I had very little breast tissue to begin with, so it makes sense. Am I okay with THAT? Yes.
Do I have mediocre to low standards? Absolutely not. I'm a perfectionist. I'm also a bit of a realist. I love my new boobs. I do. I love the way they look in clothes. I love the way they make me feel- just really sexy. Sexy to myself... & anyone else is just bonus. Ha ha.
I feel no discomfort at all. My incisions are still purple, but that will take a while to fade on my skin. Once I got some deep scratches on my side (a bit of road rash) & it took at least 6-8 months to fade. So, I won't obsess over that.
Really, at this point I tend to forget that I have implants. I consider that, in itself, a success!
I took a couple of these photos, by chance (I didn't plan the ambiance- bah ha!) this evening & the light looks soooo romantic. I think everyone should pour themselves a glass of wine & photograph their boobies at dusk. You will impress yourself. ;)
Healing wishes to you all who are on the mend, an all the best to you all, girls! Xx!


Hello! So I'm getting my surgery on Monday! I decided on 325 cc high profile silicone too. You look amazing, hoping for a good result early on too!
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Oh, very cool! I'm excited to see your transformation & I've hopes for your quick healing too! & thanks for the compliment. We'll soon be 'cc sisters'. Ha ha!
Thanks again, you are amazing on this site !!! :-) I am now at just over 2 months(10 weeks) but my right one still feels tight and is a little higher. It was the smaller one to start with. I love my left one, that like you explained feels like it has always been part of me. I am hoping the right one does soon. I guess I don't sleep on my stomach and haven't really checked that out recently. But I love having them too . Feel so much more like a real woman and like the way cloths look . You keep up the good work and keep us all posted.
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First post-BA bikini

Maybe not the best pic, but I thought I'd share that I purchased my first bikini separates. This was really inexpensive from VS. I just wanted something easy I could throw on if we went to LA on a random weekend. (Our friends there have a pool, so it's nothing I need to put extra thinking into. :)
The GOOD news is that the tighter you tie your triangle top, girls, the tighter your cleavage. It's instant.

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One more

I also ordered a little swim coverup, also from VS. That, & the bikini were online. The selection is greater online than in the shop & there were a ton on sale when I ordered a couple of weeks ago.
Side note, it covers my bootay but not my boobies! ;)

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You rock! Seriously! You have no idea how helpful your posts are. Thanks for sharing your experience :)
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Your breasts are perfect! I feel like they started a little high and far apart just like mine (and obviously most women). How long did you not wear a bra for? And I'm thinking of laying on my tummy for a while too...even though im starting farther post op then you...i want mine to drop like yours!
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Lame update, but I'm afraid I'll forget if I don't post it now

I noticed today that my boobs were feelin more tender, which was weird 'cause they've been feeling so good. At first the soreness seemed to be toward the bottom of my breasts (crease and upward), but I sat here on the sofa (starting to obsess) I realized it's my entire boob!
They're sore when I push them together. They're sore when I leave them alone. And JUST when I start to thinking things like, "Uh... is this what bottoming out feels like?!?" I realize... I'm in the week/week & a half before my period. They ALWAYS hurt before my period. Some things never change!
It's easy, after all we've been through with our surgeries, to think that every pain is an augmentation related pain. Sometimes, it's not! *whew!*
That said, knowing that doesn't make it hurt any less. Wah.


Thank you soooo much for sharing your journey with all your posts! You look absolutely stunning!! I am pretty similar to you stat wise, 5'9 and 120lbs and although have been pretty happy with my cc choice the boob greed has been niggling me (I'm having 300r/360l silicone under the muscle) but now I've seen your pics I am more happy with my choice. I'm just beginning my ba journey and I've learned so much from your updates and others on here so Thank you again. I was going to ask if you told your family in the end??
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Hi Littleleigh! I'm glad you've come to this site. I found SO much support from the women here as I moved through the process of augmentation. I think you'll look fantastic with your choice. What I like about this cc range is that boobs are large, but not so large that they look ridiculous/top heavy if a girl wants to wear a push-up, & they can be downplayed conveniently. I like having some flexibility with my boobage. I really, really like my size. I've seen girls with boobs in the 350/375 range & I think they look great too. For my body, I'd never consider going larger than 375. When I HAVE felt a rare twinge of booby greed, I look at women with natural breasts and I'm reminded that I have plenty, plenty, plenty. Balanced proportion is beautiful.  I DID tell my family when I flew out to see them, though my mom figured it out before I could get the words out of my mouth. They have been very supportive. I think they were even happy for me, really. I'm still glad I waited to let them know until after the fact, as they didn't go through any sort of worry. I just showed up with boobs. *Ta-da!*  You may have already realized what a great resource this site is. Know that if you have any questions at all, I or any number of really great girls will be there with an answer... or even too many. Ha ha! Best of luck as you move forward!
How I wish I had read your story from beginning to end before my surgery date. Your pictures are great and I most likely would not struggled going to 300 cc's. I stressed over a mere 25 (2 tablespoons). But so far happy to just have boobs! I was so scared of colleagues noticing and I work in male dominated business environment . I am happy that non will be the wiser and today going for color and cut to deflect some possible female boob enviors at work lol . Question : i took my tape off today and was not expecting my scar to look so scary. My scar on left is not a straight line like right and looks strange (like he had to dig in one spot). Did you feel this way when you first saw your scar? How long did the dried blood take to dry? Did you use silicone scar cream right away? Last question...did you notice you seemed to look bigger when they dropped and fluff? What week did you notice they did this? Sorry for so many questions but I would appreciate if you responded. Tks
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Ugh. Identity crisis.

I don't know if "that time of the month" has just taken its toll on me, or WHAT, but I haven't been having a good time these past few days. My boobs are okay, but somewhat uncomfortable again (hormonal uncomfortable, as I mentioned in my last update). I'm also getting tired of them feeling cooler than the rest of my body, especially as the fall is arriving. (We have our first fire in the wood burning stove tonight.) I joked with my husband that I should learn to knit "boob cozies". Maybe I could make them so hot water bottles would fit into them. Ha ha haaaaaa. *sigh*
Again, I'm going through the "too round, too perfect" phase. I feel like such a jerk complaining, or expressing that I feel it's all less than perfect, but sometimes I just feel that way and have to vent to my husband. He thinks I just need time to adjust and that I'm kinda crazy. He really loves them and tells me often. Sometimes I don't trust his perspective though, 'cause although he's English, he spent a number of years in LA , and women with large augmented breasts there weren't uncommon. (He once dated an ex of Sylvester Stallone, for instance (I never asked who), & I tend to imagine her as someone w/ big knockers, though Stallone is a petite fellow. Ha ha!)
Sometimes I miss my ultra thin look... maybe I'm just adjusting to the updated me, since it's still new. But I remember that a guy friend of mine used to call me "lithe"... & now I think I'm "less lithe". And... maybe that's not a bad thing. I feel like a total jackass for complaining at all.
They're really pretty. Don't get me wrong. When I complain that they're not squishy enough to really grab hard in my hands, my husband says that big boobs don't really do that anyway. I notice that they're more firm when I'm lying flat, so I like to wear something fitted when I sleep to keep them "gathered together" & that helps in my mind. I also like to keep them gathered at bedtime so when I lie on my side the cleavage doesn't bunch together too much. (I want to avoid getting lines between my cleavage over the years.) The last thing I mentioned is just something big-breasted women have to deal with, & it's not implant specific. I guess I'm just still sorting out being a bustier woman. And... that's okay, right?
Anyway, I hope you're all happily healing, or eagerly researching and that I don't rain on your parade. Thanks for letting me get a few things off my chest. *sad trombone*


Oh dear... This is hard to read in the midst of a pre-surgery freak out. I'm feeling super anxious as I approach my date next week. Of course, I always appreciate the honesty however brutal. Thank you for keeping it real.
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Aw, LovingLife, I don't want to add to your stress. I don't regret doing it, so I hope that eases your mind a bit. It's just a change, & I think it's okay to "have a moment". Some women never look back & others are like me... Having moments. :) I think I sometimes forget what it was like to have no cleavage. I'm sorry to post my down moments, but I do want other girls to know that it does happen. Or may, & that its ok. o
It is more than okay to share the good with the bad! It's a necessity if we're going to help each other and offer encouragement! So there's absolutely no need to apologize AT ALL for being honest. I want to hear these things so that when I feel them, I'll know I'm normal. I'd just read that after having a serious moment of "I'm calling to cancel." I know feelings will fluctuate and I'm hoping mine (and yours!) are on the upswing soon. :-) have a great night!!

Yay! Feeling better!

I just left Target w a bra measuring 34C! I feel soooo much better knowing I'm not going to have to wear 32DD every time I guy a bra. So... 34C @ Target (they didn't make 32C?) & 32DD @ VS & Nordies. (Bras I've tried so far. It's such a mental thing guys, but knowing that I can wear a C makes me feel more comfortable with my size. Yippie! (Thanks for listening!)


I'm the same about the bras. I returned two bras from VS that were 32DD bc I couldn't grasp the idea of me wearing DD! Now I have one from target that's 34C and three from Marshall's that are 34C!
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Don't cancel. If you read my latest update you'll see that I'm doing better again. You're right- we just need to ride the wave! (& I'm happy now that I've found a C cup I can wear, which was my original goal size. Whew!) xox & sleep tight! ;)

I've got my groove back?

Xoxo to you all. Don't let my freak-out yesterday freak you out. (Those still debating)


Hi hot mama haven't heard from you for a while! How are you doing?
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Daphne you said our ps are similar so I have a question. Did you wear anything at all after surgery?
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No, nothing other than a Hanes Bandini bra for quite some time. I found that they were really comfortable (though they go on over the head so probably not best for new auxiliary/armpit incisions.  I've developed a slight complication though (dropping a bit low- & I'll will update soon) though my doc assures me it's nothing to do with post-surgical support. 

Things are great, but might be a bit... complicated! Anyone w/ permanent stitches?

Hi girls! Do you remember me? Ha ha... been a while, I know. Things in my life have been busy with change - both good and bad. For instance, one of our dog-babies was diagnosed with aggressive bone cancer last week, so I've been wrapping my head around all that a diagnosis like that involves. I've been distracted for many reasons.
I spent a long weekend in LA a couple of weeks ago & got a chance to show the cleavage off. My upgraded set were a biiiig hit w/ my friends (one is now getting hers done this summer). :) Girls who didn't know me pre-BA said they thought I just had naturally perfect boobs & didn't suspect that I'd had anything "done". (These sort of conversations can pop up when you're drinking champagne by the pool, I guess.)
I love them still. They feel more natural than I ever thought they would. (& believe me, I was a bit skeptical in the month or two after my BA.) They're really soft and bouncy... w/ one complication. Soon after I posted my last pics, (maybe the week of, actually) I looked in the mirror and saw them through a different lens, for some reason. Suddenly I noticed that the nipples seemed to be riding higher on my implant than I expected them to, and the incisions were more than a finger width from the crease. (Mind you, this wasn't a sudden change - I just suddenly noticed!)
So, as all good patients would, I made an appointment with my PS, who confirmed that the implants had dropped a bit low (I call it "bottoming out", as I think most of us do, though he didn't use that term.) I explained that I actually liked the way they looked (they have a nice natural slope and "hang" in a very pretty way) and I wanted to wait to see if they would stabilize, or if they would continue to drop. He agreed that they still looked great, and that it was possible that they wouldn't drop any more, but if I decided to have a revision done he wouldn't charge me anything. (Though cost of anesthesia is about $1000)
So I went home thinking that I'd not do a revision, but as time has passed, I find that I think it about it a lot. I wonder if they're dropping further/I try to wear a bra almost all the time/etc. So now I'm thinking that when I imagined having implants, my plan was to have them done and to go on with my life. I didn't expect to spend so much time thinking about them and analyzing them... so perhaps I'll go ahead with a revision in December.
He said that it's an easy procedure, requiring the addition of internal permanent stitches, and opening up of the pocket above my implant a bit. He said that I would be able to drive the next day and do regular workouts by day 10. I won't need to do massages or any of that again. What I'm MOST bummed about is that my incision will have to start healing all over again. Ugh.
I've since read that complications like this- whether bottoming out, implant sitting too close together, or shifting too wide - may happen in up to 45% of breast augmentation surgeries. Really?? I've been reading that sometimes the permanent stitches aren't a fix for everyone though, and that some women get an "internal bra" put into place, which fixes the problem completely. I should probably ask him about that. I'm also wondering if internal stitches are uncomfortable at all, long term. If any of you have experience with them, let me know what you can! I'd much appreciate that! :)
So, some of you may be wondering if I still think it's "worth it". Yes, I really do. And truly, I could leave them this way and they'd be fine.. but I know how I am once my mind latches on to an idea. (I can't let it go!) So... thinking December revision. I may still change my mind, but just wanted you girls to know that it's a possibility.
I'm sorry I've been so MIA lately. I keep cleaning out my mailbox by deleting "comments" but holding on to "updates" in hopes that I will return to read them sometime soon. I hope that all of you are happy and healthy, and know that I've not forgotten you. xox


Omg, sorry to hear about the revision and your dog. I always thought your turned out was great. I hope everything is ok!
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Thanks. Things are okay, just not exactly thrilled at the thought of another surgery already, but... it is what it is. My dog is getting around well so I think I'm in a bit of denial right now. I'm glad about that! Hope you're well! 
aww im sorry to hear about your dog xx
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Revision scheduled

Okay, so I finally made the call & scheduled my revision surgery for December 23rd. Oooh yippie skippy.
I've just started to notice a dull ache at the crease of my breasts (my right, in particular) when I'm not wearing a bra, so imagine that means they're still "on the move". Doc was right on about not charging me his surgical fees, but the anesthesiologist + OR time will be $2500-$2700. I haven't broken that to my husband yet. (I'd quoted him $1000 after speaking to my doctor on the phone) The funny bit is that last week I ordered a custom coffee-table ... costing$1900. Don't judge! It's going to be an epic coffee table! Ha ha. And... so it goes. Boobs & coffee tables.
My doctor says that he thinks my skin is plenty strong to support the implant, but that it's possible the strength of my muscle has pushed them down, slowly. (Yeah, that whole idea kinda freaks me out because I don't want to fear using my pecs in the future.) I just have to take things as they come, though.
My pup is doing okay, btw, at the moment. We've decided against any amputation or chemo (the vet finally admitted that she'd vowed to never out her own dogs through chemo), & she gave her a month to live, but it's been a week & a half & she's good as new, albeit on low-grade painkillers.
Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, you girls who are boob shopping. Just trust that odds are good that you'll be complication free, & if a complication does pop up, it's manageable. The reality of revision isn't as scary as you imagine it will be. It's just a drag! Xo to all you gorgeous people!


Hey daphne did you start bottoming out because he lowered your crease?
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No, he didn't lower the crease. Doing tht can increase the odds, but it's not the only cause. I'm guessing I don't have a "double bubble" at all because he DIDN'T "lower the crease".
Hi D. Sorry to hear about your revision. Why did you go with HP and not moderate + What is your BWD and chest measurements? I love your results and not sure if I should as my PS about HP for me.
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A couple pics, & an update while I watch Netflix :)

This is a multi-tasked update, so it may be scattered & not especially thorough, but I wanted to check in with you girls! Despite the fact that my revision is scheduled I keep going back & forth about whether to go through with it in December, or to wait until a year passes. I've heard that capsular contracture can sometimes start up around the year mark, so I'm wondering if I should hold up just in case? (I'd be EVER SO BUMMED if I had a revision only to need another revision soon after.) but you know, I overthink things, which is why it took me a decade to have my breasts augmented in the first place. :)
Otherwise things are great in the boob department. I bought a new bralette today, as I now sleep in these things every night, and this one may be my fave yet in terms of support and comfort. (I bought it in a size small, & it actually gives some support without any underwire or padding! My books are really soft and I love them. I love the size now- not too big, not too small & my cleavage makes me ever so happy. :) My dog is getting around famously with her painkillers, and she's happily made it to 4 weeks post-diagnosis.
So anyway, I took a couple of pics tonight as I've been movie-viewing. A couple of you were wondering what I'm talking about when I describe bottoming out. I took one from the side, which is how I notice it most. My nipples are positioned a bit high on the breast, and there's more fullness below. See?
Anyway, hope you girls are all well. I know several of you have had surgery since I last posted so it will be good to catch up with you girls when I visit your profiles! Happy weekend, everyone!


You have some of my favorites boobs on here! Good luck with your decision and know they I'll look perfect either way! :)
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I can't see the bottoming out. To me they look perfect but I know that it needs to be done right!! About cc that's tough!!! Maybe you should wait! Are there any risks if you don't fix the bottoming out soon?? Xoxo
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Hi Anuta, it was hard to capture in a photo as it's pretty subtle. Yeah I'm thinking I'll wait to make sure nothing else needs adjustment before I go under the knife again. (At least that's what I'm thinking about today.) There's no real risk if I wait.... Just the possibility of them dropping more, but I guess if that happens I'll feel a lot better about having another surgery, right? Thanks for your feedback. It's need such a touch decision to make! Xox

Just for fun- another bralette

This is the 2nd bralette I bought from Free People. It goes on overhead so there's no clasp to deal with which makes it really nice for sleepwear.


You look great and can't wait to see your revision. I would like to thank you for being so honest and straightforward in your updates. I appreciate it very much, I have surgery in 13 days and I'm starting to get nervous! I have bought a couple bralettes and can't wait to wear them. Where have you bought all yours?
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you look beautiful! love your new bralette. you have a very good taste in clothing and lingerie :) happy new year to you and family!
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You still look awesome to me-enjoy as long as you can. Those halter bralettes look great on you too. I'm finally getting to "Daphne results" meaning they are starting to slowly look much better/fantastic. Hope you had a great Christmas!
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No revision. Just good times. ;)

I meant to update over the holidays but I juuuust didn't get around to it. Happy New Year, ladies!
First & most importantly, (as far as boobies are concerned), I cancelled my revision surgery. I haven't noticed any additional shifting (for those of you that haven't been following, my implants dropped a bit low after surgery) and frankly, I just like them the way they are. I figured that another surgery could result in capsular contracture or who knows what else, so... I'm just holding tight. If it becomes an issue, or if other complications arise, I'll see more worth in a revision.
I'm so accustomed to them that I can hardly remember being small breasted. I can still wear every article of clothing I owned before, but it all just looks better! For a while, I thought they were a bit big, but I feel like they're totally great now. I wouldn't want to go larger or smaller! Yay! Two things: now that I'm 6 mos post op, I can say with confidence that if you get them under the muscle you will always feel them when doing things like push-ups. But it's worth it! And it doesn't hurt when you life weights or engage your pecs- it just feels "different". Also, I had my first massage. While lying on my bed (belly down) is totally comfy, lying on a massage bed is less so. It was hard for me to completely relax at first, because I felt a lot of pressure on my natural breast tissue. Still, the massage was good. Guess we can't have it all. Big, beautiful natural boobs eventually sag, and implanted boobs can take some pampering out of a massage. I'm okay with that! Really, most of the time, I don't think of them at all. I'm just me!
I went to visit my parents over the holidays & I'd forgotten that my mom hadn't seen me in a bra (just fully clothed before) & as she saw me changing shirts she squealed, "Oooh, PRETTY!" & immediately lunged at me & tugged my right cup open to take a better look. When she saw my shock, she apologized & said she just couldn't help it. Bah ha. Moms & personal space don't go hand in hand, no matter your age, I guess!
I apologize for being such an absent RealSelf friend but if anything, I hope you see that as a good thing.
Boobies are a good, good thing. Xoxox!


Love your update! Glad you've cancelled any type of revision for now. Cute story about your mom. ;) Take care...and go Seahawks!  
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Hi!!!! Glad your feeling good!! Hey question , are any of you having sensitivie issues?? My boobs still feel a little numb but also sensitive !!
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Photos & cup size advice

Hello, you beautiful RealSelf ladies. I've been shopping lately & thought I'd post a pic while I'm enjoying my day at home! One word of advice about cup size, ye prospective augmentation clients- don't get too wrapped up in achieving a cup size. Find the LOOK that you want & go with it. For instance... I was sized at 32DD. I can wear 32DD from VS & Nordstrom beautifully. But I can also wear 34C from Target & 32D in random bras. (The pic I'm posting today is a new 32D.) cup size... doesn't mean as much as you may think!
Hope you're all happy & healthy! Xx


I can't stop looking at your pics, haha! Gosh I hope I have a similar result, 11 sleeps!!
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OMG I second that comment that for 40 you have a truly bangin' body! lol You seriously look half your age!..Im sure your husband would agree! (Im no where NEAR as fit as you..and Im 29...) but I have similar boobs with pregnancy. I am currently 20 weeks preggo and a full C cup and my hubby cant keep his hands off of them...until they squirt him HAHA! This is the first time he 's ever able to have boob sex...if you know what I mean?! It definitely adds fun in the bedroom but usually impossible with my normal boobs! I would love to have your cleavage all the time! They are simply PERFECT! Thx for sharing!! Im saving my money and hopefully after this second pregnancy. I can look into fixing this body up again! :)!
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Your review has helped amazingly! They look so so good. I had 330cc under muscle and I'm only 8 days post - I have had a couple of really bad days, so it's really reassuring to know that 2-6 months down the line, they can look as fantastic as yours! Well done to you, and your surgeon! x
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Random super fast update

I went climbing @ the climbing gym yesterday & I didn't even notice them! Success!!
Xox beautiful ladies!


Wow yours look amazing and so natural!! I'm quite similar to your preop pic, hoping for natural look as well!
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Thanks so much for sharing your journey!! I read through your posts when I was first deciding to get my BA, and I just read through again to help myself feel better about the weird healing process. I'm at the super-stiff, super-tight, will-these-ever-feel-like-boobs stage, and it's comforting to read through someone else's journey through healing. Yours look so beautiful! I can't wait till mine settle in as nicely as yours :)
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10 months post op

Hard to believe it's been nearly a year. I just feel like 'myself' these days & not as if I'm presenting anything artificial to the world. I'm still me, but I fit my clothing better than before. Even my tiniest dresses that I never thought I'd be able to wear post BA somehow (magically?) fit!
I will say that I'm not a fan of padded bras unless I want to draw more attention to myself for a night out, but I love how they look in sheerer bras. I'm posting a pic I just took of me in a sports bra. I've seen girls at the gym who have a very augmented look, but I don't think I'm one of them, which makes me glad. (I know some girls want that, which is great- but I didn't.)
I'm still toying with the idea of revision because I feel like my incisions are ever so slowly moving upward, away from the crease. I could be imagining things though. Does anyone know what internal stitches look like after surgery? That's my only issue really- I wonder if I'd be left with awkward lines or creases. I'll keep you posted. Maybe I'll schedule a follow up w my doc in the next month or so.
Overall I'm glad I did it & I'd do it again, without a doubt. I don't know why I waited so long in the first place. :) Hugs to you all & I hope you're well!


which PS did you go to?
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Hi there, I know it's been awhile since you have been on here but I just wanted to ask you please if your silicone implants were textured or smooth? They look AMAZING! I am the exact same height and weight as you and I'm due to have my surgery on July 17th - scary! It's fast approaching. I was really unsure if 330cc was going to be to big for me but I love your results and am going to take a few of your pics when I see my PS next week to finalise everything. I will show him and say er, please make my boobies look like this :) Thanks again, Carly
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Well thanks! Mine are smooth silicone. July 17th is coming up fast- maybe a little scary but mostly awesome! Let me know what you end up going with, and if you decide to write a review, let me know and I'll follow your progress! Feel free to ask if you have questions. I'm happy to help. :)

Random pic

Almost a year! (:


Hi D! I read your story today and just wanted to tell you how much I relate to you! I cried today for the first time since making the decision to have BA, and it was when I read about the first time your husband saw your breasts and how excited he was. I am so looking forward to that! It's normal to be emotional during this process, right? Anyway, thanks again for so many pics and updates. My surgery is scheduled for Nov. 18th. I chose HP Natrelle, 360 on the right and 400 on the left because my chest is uneven from scoliosis. Seeing your 325s makes me wonder if I'm going too big? We have a similar build and I'm wanting a full C. But with the sizers on they look similar to yours. Hopefully they turn out great!
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You look beautiful! Congrats!
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I just wanted to say thank you for documenting your journey- it was comforting and insightful. We have very similar statistics and I'm having my procedure on Monday (eek!) with the same implant, as per recommended by my surgeon. I love your look and hope I can achieve a similar style, and I hope my recovery goes just as smoothly. (: I'd love to see more updates if you ever have time, and I hope you're doing well these days!
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