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I have thought about a BA for several years. I...

I have thought about a BA for several years. I nursed both my kids until they were two and two and a half consecutively. I am in my early 30s 5'5 and weigh 122lbs. I am currently a deflated 32 C.

Before I had children I was naturally a small D cup and would like to return to that size.

I have scheduled my surgery date for mid-may. I am extremely nervous about the (slight) risk of going under anestesia and the pain afterwards. As a mother nothing is more important than my children so going under anestesia worries me. I can't imagine dying over boobs! I know that's irrational and have spoken to my surgeon and he has been very reassuring and made me feel much better.

So at my first consultation we spent almost an hour going through sizes and impant style. My PS gave me so much information that I actually can't remember what profile we thought would be best. I am very narrow (about 30.5 in) so maybe high profile however, I like the look of mod +

I do know that my PS talked about sientras 400-450cc
Does that seem really large if I am already a C cup? I just want to be a D not a DD.
Now that I have a little one I feared the same thing you do! Although ive had my breast done before I feel differently now that I'm a mother; since you are a C cup already I think 450cc will fill out your natural breast nicely.
Thanks @violet1234! Do you think high profile or mod +?
I have high profile

So I'm just wondering if there is anything I...

So I'm just wondering if there is anything I should be taking in these next few weeks?!

How can I avoid the square look before the implants have dropped? Is it inevitable? Does it have to do with the profile of the implant? It seems like the square shape immediately following surgery would be hard to disguise?

The other thing I am wondering if why some people think its a breeze and others are in immense pain?!

Getting really nervous. It seems so far away but it really isn't...I guess I am somewhat ambivalent and feel as though I have time to change my mind. I really have wanted them for two years now but as its sinking in, my nerves are kicking up. I also have been on he explanation forums and that frightens me (in case they need to be removed!)

Thank you for sharing on RealSelf! Stuff your bras like crazy for the next week or so! Also, show some pictures of your "wish boobs" to your PS. It's just another way to make sure you and your PS are on the same page. I didn't sleep a wink the night before my surgery! Hang in there and keep us posted!

I live in Tacoma, wa and my surgery date is 31 of may.
I had a similiar experience/result from pregnancy and nursing. What day are you getting yours done?

Post op: One week before B-day. I went to...

Post op:

One week before B-day.

I went to my ps yesterday and he tried only ONE implant on and said, that looks great! It was 465cc HP round Sientra.

After I was in the coordinator office going over final payment, etc the nurse came in to tell me that he is thinking he MAY use a textured implant and that he'll be ordering up to 505cc and will use sizers during the surgery.

I was really just nervous about the anesethia and the pain but now I am freaked about the size.

I told him I wanted to be a D cup but not more than that and not less than that since I am a C cup.

I do trust his skill and his judgement. He is the expert but 500cc!! Goodness!!!

P.S. He also gave me a bunch of info on what not...

P.S. He also gave me a bunch of info on what not to do or eat leading up to the surgery and I have been eating a lot of the foods and drinking the herbal teas on the DON'T list. Do you think one week out is too close to start avoiding them? I didn't know about the risks of eating several fruits last week.

I haven't seen too many people review the sientra hp round implants. I want to know if they are too firm!?!?
Hi! Not an expert and havent even had a BA yet but answering your question regarding the high, square shape after surgery, i dont think there's anything as the patient you can do to avoid it. It seems like different people's settle at different rates and its just a waiting game. Like you I am really worried I would end up too big, I just want firmness and a bit more upper fullness, not actual huge boobs. Lets hope it goes well for us! I saw a surgeon this morning who suggested 260-280cc's but its just so hard to imagine, even with the sizers! x
Ha! Your worst boobie nightmare pic is mine as well. I actually had a mild panic attack this morning thinking about Heidi Montag! Good luck :)
My date is may week! eek!

Well, I finally did it! Yesterday morning was my...

Well, I finally did it! Yesterday morning was my BA.

Let me tell you the pain is no joke! It was worse than natural labor in my opinion. But about an hour ago I started to feel a little better and I took a shower. This was the first time I had seen them and I so so happy. They look normal and full and I dare say natural!?

The most intense pain is getting out of bed. When I did that this morning I was close to passing out. I was do queasy and sweating profusely.

My ps is a self-confessed perfectionist so I think he did a lot of moving and trying on sizers to get perfect, proportionate and full look.
congrats lady you look great! Totally agree the pain is effing terrible!! Morning boob is the worst!!! Im 15 days out and still get a bit of morning boob but it died down a lot! so thats good. Happy healing!!!

Congratulations! You look just like your "wish boobs!"  Yes, getting out of bed can be awful. Try propping tons of pillows so you have minimal movement when getting up. Just a few more days and you'll be over the hump. Stay on top of your pain meds. Hang in there and let us know how you're doing everyday!


Post-op day four

I am still in a tremendous amount of pain. I really thought I was going to get away with very little pain since I had nursed and k eq that heavy engorged feeling but this is much much worse.

I am frustrated that I can't do much and my meds are making me throw up. I wish I could get out of bed but its way too painful. So this recovery is moving very slowly.
Aw I was exactly the same as you!!! Threw up everything for days and just stopped all the meds because it wasn't worth it and wasn't staying down. Hang in there it will get better i swear. Ppl seem to play down the pain but I get it it's should start to feel better at a week if your anything like I was. It will get better! Be strong, watch lots of movies and nap if you can!!!

Moving on...

Glad to say that I think I've turned a corner. Glad to be moving on from boobie land. Thinking about my BA has really consumed the last few months of my life and now that I have had the surgery, I am ready to stop thinking about them so much.

The pain has subsided a little. I have move range of motion from both arms. Getting up is easier each day. My nipples are super sensitive which I guess is a good thing?!
They are much bigger than I wanted. I told my ps if in doubt go smaller but I also told him that I trusted his judgment. I had some asymmetry and told him to put in what he thought looked best. I wish they were a little smaller but maybe they will look smaller once the swelling goes down?

New pics. Day 5

They dont look big!!!! They actually look like they were meant for your body!!! Looks great!! Congrats
Thanks @maybaby517! I appreciate that. Had to remind myself that they were quite large once upon a time. Still haven't got used to how heavily engorged they feel. They really feel like nursing boobs but surprisingly not as hard as I thought they would feel. Good luck with your BA! I love your "wish boob" pic. It's one I saved for myself a few weeks ago.
What a difference a day makes. They have me am anti-nausea med and switched me to Vicodin. Made a world of difference! Feel great today.

First shower

I had my first shower without help today. Washing hair was a slow process but was able to shave. Shaving armpits was really challenging. The boobs felt so big and heavy. I felt like I had to hold them from falling out! I still have tape on so no idea what my incision looks like.

Today was a huge difference from yesterday. I have better range of motion in both arms and can move around without being in crazy spastic pain. Feeling very happy and relieved.

I am worried I will look top heavy with these boobs. Naked I look better. Definitely balances out my hips and makes my stomach look smaller but with clothes, I am feeling very top heavy looking. Maybe I will end up having to wear a bra minimizer?!
Thanks for all your posts and you look fantastic. I have my op this fri 24th, -so nearly there. What size did your doc end up using? I am having 450cc mod plus silicone Hope to look like you too x
I think you look really good!! I think it is quite an adjustment for sure when we aren't used to it...I actually was feeling that way and last night I saw a friend for the first time since my surgery and she's like "what!Didn't you want to go bigger???You dont even look like you had a boob job!" LOL that was what I wanted. but hopefully in a couple weeks they won't seem so big? I am glad you are improving day by day, that is a great feeling!Oh man isn't shaving the arm pits so hard after BA? lol I still have a bit of trouble after 17 days. but day by day right?

New pics

Another pic

Thank you so much. My ps used 440cc on my left and 505cc on my right. Textured, round and high profile. Good luck on Friday!!
It is an adjustment but I am getting used to them now and they don't seem so large anymore! Feeling pretty good. They are getting so much softer which is great!


Feeling great

I can't believe how great I am feeling. I am still sore and achy. Sleeping is terrible. But during the day, I feel back to normal.

They feel incredibly realistic and I think they look pretty natural (I know some like the round look but I wanted a natural look that looked like me before I had kids and that's what I got!)

I'm glad I listened to my ps and trusted him on size bc I would have likely been disappointed if we had gone with a smaller implant.

I still have a little ways to go to drop fully and fluff but for one week out, I couldn't be any happier.
yay that's great to hear your doing awesome and loving the result =D Sounds like your PS was perfect for you! You look great!
Thanks girl! What a difference a few days can make. How are you feeling? Are you getting used to them?

Pro bra measurement?!

So I am still sleeping terribly. I love my new boobs so much but sleeping is absolutely terrible. I have to take a Benadryl and I dread having to change positions and get up in the morning :/

On another note, I was measured and its unreal 32FF or 32 G!!!

That's crazy! Wonder if they will go down at all?! Funny, the last thing I remember telling my ps was to "size smaller if in doubt bc I didn't want to be a e, f, or g!"

Well, I am so glad he did what he thought looked best bc I am thrilled with the size. I know that that measurement is misleading too bc essentially it could be like a 36D, right?!

9 days postop

I'm considering the Sientra gummies. Good to hear you like them so far. You look great!
Thank you. They are much softer than I thought they'd be. I was afraid they'd be rock hard.
You look great! I'm having BA in Seattle in July, do you mind sharing your surgeon's name?

Finally sleeping!

I don't have much to update except that finally sleeping is getting more comfortable.

I am able to sleep on my side and I don't really have morning boob anymore.

I have pretty much adjusted. They feel a part of me. I don't feel awkward about them anymore. They are easy to hide. They don't feel weird at all.

I haven't been 100% without incident. I seemed to have developed a small pocket of fluid on my left side. I mentioned it to my ps who didn't seem concerned in the least but bc I was leaving town for a few weeks and he couldn't "watch it", he decided to needle aspirate it. All he really said was "it wasn't much". Of course, I came home and freaked myself out about seroma/hematomas (since I am not really sure which I had, I studied both). It's been two days I think everything is okay. I would have rather not had that complication as it puts me at a higher risk for capsular contracture but not much I can do about it now. I have been wearing a compression sports bra (underarmor) sometimes two. I read compression helps small seromas to heal quicker. Fingers crossed!

Postop day 11

hey lady! how are things going with you??
They look great. You must be so happy. Can't wait for mine to drop and settle. Mine still high and a bit snoopy still lol. Im only 2 days post op. So hopefully alot will change over next few days he he x
Thank you! I am thrilled with the results thus far. Congrats on your surgery!! You will love that size! Hope your recovery goes smoothly! After the fifth day, things get much easier :)

So I am almost 5 weeks postop

I can't even express how pleased I am with my ps and my decision to do the BA in the first place and I hope I always feel that way.

I have pain amnesia and looking back on it, the whole process seemed fun and easy. It's funny how quickly you forget how painfully intense the first few days were.

I'm feeling super guilty bc I spent way too much money on some high-end European bras. I ended up purchasing 32F and 32G and hoping I don't change size too much over the next two months so I can still wear them. I should have waited but was getting so bored with the sports bras.
I would never know those weren't your natural breasts!! You have gorgeous shape!
They look FANTASTIC! I'm in the phase right now of trying to decide on an implant size :/ yours look great though, I would love if my afters were like that! :)
They look amazing, I go in at 645 am for 730 surgery tomorrow. Hope my results are similar. Thanks for sharing
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