I recently went on vacation with a group of girls...

I recently went on vacation with a group of girls to San Diego, and spent the entire time feeling bad about my breasts. This is not a new experience for me. I've wanted to get breast implants for well over a decade, and in fact a decade ago I had put down a deposit with a PS, but then things happened in my personal life and the surgery never happened. During this recent trip, I realized that there's never been a more perfect moment in my life for me to have a BA. I have no kids, my boyfriend/friends/family are all fully supportive of me, I've got the means to pay for them, and I'm currently in summer break from grad school. So, I decided, what am I waiting for?! And now three weeks later, I'm a week out from surgery.

I'm 5'5", 142ish pounds, 33 years old, and I'll be getting 371 ccs in both sides. I really can't explain how EXCITED I am.... but I imagine the majority of you on here understand completely. I'm not entirely comfortable with uploading topless pics yet, so here are some of me in a sports bra and shirt at my fitting session (I'm wearing the 339 ccs, which is my goal look for getting the 371s implanted), so that you can get an idea. I really, truly can't wait!!!

As far as the doc goes, I had a consultation with a different PS who was very nice but was a bit too far from my location and I didn't want to spend the first night in a hotel. Then, I went to a consultation with Dr. Salemy, and he has been a gem so far. He's answered my questions, he doesn't laugh at me when I ask things that are probably pretty ridiculous. His staff is all really nice, too. Has anyone else noticed that staff at PS offices are all ridiculously good looking?? I think it's how they hook us.....

Anyway, I'll try to keep this page updated so that anyone that has their BA coming up can follow my experience as well. Hopefully I can be informative, as others have been for me.
Here is a helpful list of recovery supplies you may want to have on hand prior to your surgery. Glad to see you already have a surgery buddy! That's funny you noticed the staff at your surgeons office is good looking. I've heard this comment in the plastic surgery business in general. ;) Keep us posted as the day draws near!
Thank you so much, Beth!
I am also scheduled for Aug 19th! Can't wait! It will be great to see the results!

Today is the day!

I'm soooooooo excited! In my typical Type-A personality style, I think I'm about as prepared as any one human being could be for surgery, thanks to all of the ladies on this forum. I've got a reclining pillow with arm rests; a bedside stand stocked with magazines, chapstick, lotion, my Kindle, tv remotes with new batteries, tissue, arnica, stool softener, and face wipes; water bottles with the lids already loosened and straws; and premade healthy foods ready and set up within arms reach. Now, I just have to get through the next 7 hours until my check-in time... hopefully I won't starve to death or shrivel into a prune before I get there ;)
Good Luck today! I'm all done and chilling in bed! It went great for me!
Yay, I'm so glad!!! I'm going to be leaving my house in about 45 minutes and heading over... I'm just SO HUNGRY right now and ready to get it over! Your great experience will be my inspiration and help me through the hunger :))) Congratulations!!!
I didn't have to be hungry quite as long as you, poor thing! I didn't miss food as much as my coffee! First thing I asked for when I woke up, lol. EEEEKKK! Excited for you now! Let me know when your all done!

It's done!!!

I'm all done!!! And not eating or drinking for the majority of the day was not nearly as bad as I had expected. I chugged so much water all day yesterday and I really bet that made all the difference.

I've watched a bunch of videos online and read a lot about waking up, and it seemed like you're pretty numb when you wake up due to the meds they squirt in you. And my friends with BAs all told me that they woke up without much pain. So, I was sorta hoping the same would be true for me..... Unfortunately not though. I wasn't nauseous at all and my lips weren't all fried out like I had worried about either. All I wanted in the whole world was water! And I got some right away but had to sip it which was hard because I was soooo thirsty. But man.... The ladies hurt pretty badly and I really couldn't take a deep breath at all. Since I have asthma, that feeling is a bit anxiety-inducing but it was tolerable. Every little bump on the ride home hurt but luckily traffic was pretty good and we got home quickly. Then, once I was able to wolf down some oyster crackers and take my Valium and pain relievers, I felt better almost immediately and took some nice deep breaths. I did just take a second pain pill because it's still pretty terrible but nothing like the ride home. I can also already tell that my back is going to hate me

Oops.... Continued

....pretty quickly here. But, it's done! And from what I can tell they're beautiful!! Once I get to my computer to blank out the injectable parts for my boyfriend I'll post some pics. For now, I'm in bed! Speaking of boyfriend, he has been utterly amazing. Unfortunately the office was closed when he arrived so he had a moment of panic about how he would be able to find me but fortunately someone heard him knock and he was let in. He didn't have the best ex


He didn't have the best experience and I feel bad for that. But he's been giving me my meds and adjusting my strap and he cooked me a delicious dinner.... He's all I could ever ask for and more :))

My phone is really annoying me now, closing the keyboard mid-sentence and when I continue typing it submits what I wrote. I guess I'm typing a mile a minute. So I'll stop for now and check in tomorrow!! Cross your fingers I can sleep more, my schedule is all thrown off!! :)) good luck to you ladies going tomorrow. It's amazing!!!
Can't wait for my MM in January. Pls post more photos.

Some pics

Ok! Here are some pics. I tried to make them more modest out of respect for my boyfriend who does not want me sharing naked pics on an open website, and I can't say that I blame him of course! But you should be able to get the gist from these. All I can get of the new ladies right now is these bra pics because I can't take it off until my post op today, so as soon as I have more of those to share I will!! Sorry that these pictures uploaded in some random order....

My first afternoon and night

When I got home it was about 6:30 or so. I took my muscle relaxers and pain meds and tried to sleep but it just hurt too bad and also I wasn't very sleepy anyway so I took another painkiller and read a bit in bed. Finally around midnight by boyfriend wanted to go to bed but I was getting SO SORE again... But I had to wait until 1 am to take the meds. So the amazing guy set his alarm and at 1 am he dutifully got up, fed me, have me muscle relaxers, and then 15 minutes later gave me pain killers. I was FINALLY able to get some sleep! I slept until about 7, and now I'm lying awake, in pain but I want to give him a little but longer before I wake him up and ask for help with meds :) my back is already killing me, this is going to be a long week until I'm able to figure out a supportive way to sleep! I woke up thinking "my back hurts! I need Tylenol!! Then I realized if the oxycodone didn't fix it the Tylenol probably won't either. Haha
Done! I'm so excited for you to get your surgery in January!!
thanks hun!!!

Post op!

My post-op appointment went great! The doctor said that everything looks good and he changed out the dressings. He said that I'm super swollen at the top which is expected of women with not a lot of tissue but of course that will settle as time goes on. We also discovered that the compression strap was on wrong since surgery which is why it kept slipping down and he fixed that for me too. He said because of my high swelling the strap is incredibly important. Here's some pics I just took while practicing taking off and putting on my bra! P.S. putting on this bra is its own special kind of hell lol... Oh and of course please don't mind the mega bloat, which I'm sure I'm not making any better by eating crackers and banana bread :)
You are looking great! Congrats!! Isn't it nice to look down and see something where there used to be nothing!!
Thank you! It's strange for now because I look down and see this horrible strap lol but I know what lies beneath and I sometimes get to see the side boob and THATS exciting!! Even my friends get excited about that :D

Day 3 -- still sore

I guess technically I'm actually at day 2.5. Last night I thought I'd try to take my Valium and oxycodone at 7, then no more and take an ambien that they gave me instead before bedtime at 10. But then I woke up in excruciating pain at about 2 am and had to take the meds after all, so I guess I'm not ready to wean just yet. I wish I could lay on my side and give my poor back some relief, so I'm trying to bend my knees and do other things to take some back pressure off. I'll be really happy to start seeing some pain progress, hopefully by tomorrow since that's when my bf has to go back to work! In the meantime I can see some little things getting better, like I was able to pull down my pants to use the restroom then pull them back up again last night by myself. It's the small victories :)))
Just catching up on your review... Congrats again! Even though I'm only 13 days out, reading this brought back memories that seemed so long ago. You'll be amazed at how quickly the time goes by and each day you'll feel better and better. I also remember the time I could pull up my pants by myself! :) My husband thought I'd gone mad when I asked him to help me that first day. He watched me have our son, but pulling up my pants was apparently where he was drawing the line. LOL Continued happy healing thoughts to you!
:)) thank you!!! I'm sort of glad that I haven't had a BM yet because there's no way I could do that by myself and my boyfriend might die if I asked for help lol! Tomorrow is the day, I can feel it!!
Congratulations purple! And great job with your recent milestone of being able to go to the bathroom all by yourself! ;) Take it easy!

Pics laying down day 2 (1.5)

As of right now I'm actually about 48 hours and these pics were taken this morning so we'll call these pics day 1.5. Took them when I was in bed. Looking so good!!


I just realized I called today day 2.5 this morning in my ambien-induced haze! At least I know what day it is now. That stuff is NOT my friend....
Hey BA twin! Looking good! I'm glad your feeling a little better each day! Slowly and steady, step by step they will heal! I'm feeling pretty good. The girls are still high, but definitely less swelling today than yesterday. I have the lovely compression strap too that I have to wear at night. And can't forget the lovely massages that my PS showed me. Although I must say I was expecting them to hurt, so glad they don't! I hope you have a good night and can get some good sleep! Looking forward to chatting tomorrow. :)
Yay!! Sleep so tight tonight! I'm pretty sure I could have happily slept my way through this entire day today....

Almost 72 hours later

I'm finally starting to feel a reduction in pain! I decided to stop the narcotic pain meds and move to Tylenol to see how it goes. I'll still keep up with the muscle relaxers for now though I think. I'm able to pick things up and move blankets off of me in bed and other silly things like that again and it feels so good!! The girls feel tight of course but I still haven't experienced the heaviness on my chest that people talk about. Maybe 371ccs isn't that heavy. I get to shower today finally, too!! As soon as my boyfriend gets home. I can't WAIT!!! Also my boobs have been very, vet itchy. Not just at the surgical site but all over. I think it's the bra material.
How's everything going for you today? I hope your healing well and feeling good!
I'm feeling much, much better today! I started off with just Tylenol and muscle relaxers again, then I took a walk to a coffee shop and the local farmer's market. Well, that ended up taking about 1000% of my available energy and also gave me some pain so I c went to punch with my boyfriend and then came home and took a pain pill then took a nice nap. Now I'm feeling ok, just laying on the couch feeling tired and drugged up. I'll be glad when I can wean myself entirely off of these pain pills and muscle relaxers. How are you feeling? I'm also concerned that I'm not wearing my compression band the right way. I have two of them and I'm playing around with both but I want to make sure my boobs don't end up in my chin!! Are you wearing a band? How tight if so?
Sounds like you had a busy day. I went and got my hair cut/colored and it is honestly funny how much a little activity can take out of you. I had a nap after that, too! My PS said to wear the compression band at night. Just snug, not tight. He said it won't make them drop any faster being tighter or wearing it longer. It takes time for them to drop. I just wear it across upper part of my chest so the top of the strap is in my armpits. That's how they showed me. I've been fine pain wise. Down to about 2 muscle relaxers a day. No pain meds. I'm just looking at the girls and thinking they are huge! I'm having the opposite of boobie greed! I'm hoping once the swelling goes down and they drop they won't seem so big! Also, I think part of it is going from nothing to large boobs, and totally not knowing what to expect :/ Trying to relax and be patient and give them time.

Ready for work tomorrow?

Well, I spent nearly all day off of the meds except for Tylenol, and I thought I was pretty good until I had a mini breakdown in the middle of target and started crying and had to come home and take a pain pill. I also had a friend give me some laxatives yesterday so I finally no longer look 6 months pregnant, but that didn't make for a fun morning either. I've been taking a nap every day at around 2:30, but tomorrow I'm flying out to LA for work and although they probably would let me nap if I needed to, I'm going to do my best to work through it. Wish me luck! I'm feeling pretty good otherwise. I'm just trying to figure out how to wear this stupid compression strap still. I can't imagine that it should hurt if it's on right or cut I to my armpits but my boyfriend seems to think that's the way.... I'm going to try to watch a few videos and then off to bed for a busy day tomorrow. Good luck to everyone getting their ladies tomorrow!! And I hope everyone else is feeling great!!

New pics

Looking great!!!! Hope your doing good as far as recovery still day 2 was horrible for me !! Today seems to be better so far though so I'll have to see how it goes lol
Oh my goodness. I wish I had been there to help you during your mini breakdown in Target! Glad your friend rescued you with a laxative. I can't believe your off to LA for work. Let us know how that goes. Your working and getting your Master's? You're a busy gal!

Regarding wearing your swimsuit in Seattle. You'll be quite easy to spot...I'll be on the lookout for you since I live in Seattle too!
Haha yes, look for me walking around the U district in my bikini in the rain!! :D hahaha It's been.... quite interesting so far this week. I took two planes to get here yesterday and all I wanted to do was sleep all day. My boss actually tried to send me home early but I powered through from noon to about 5, then I went to dinner with a friend and we found and bought me an underarmor zip front bra because the one that my PS gave me was itching me and irritating me SO BAD.... I also had to get some Gold Bond lotion and put that on, thank goodness it helped. It was itching so bad at the top of my breasts from the bra and the strap that it almost hurt! And it was peeling. Anyhoo, I came home and slept for 9 hours, and I was still totally exhausted today at work. I guess my body is just trying to recover still. But luckily my office is very understanding and I've just been resting so it's been good so far. I can't wait to get home on Thursday though and lay down in my own bed and work from there all day Friday if I have to :) Thanks for the kind words. It was a little embarrassing in Target. I guess I can't be 100% on all the time.... that's hard for me :) I've also still been taking stool softeners every day because the pain pills and travelling has still got me all messed up. My poor tummy! But today I can really tell they're starting to drop. I'll post some pics tomorrow!!

Super busy week!!!

I went to LA on Monday to go work at my office (I work remotely) and OH MY GOSH I was NOT ready for that! I thought I'd be just fine but I was exhausted most of the time. Once I ran out of the Valium I was taking at nighttime, I realized that a lot of it was due to that. But, I still slept a ton while I was in LA and on the plane rides there and back too. On Sunday night/Monday morning I also began itching like CRAZY all over my chest and cleavage, the areas touched by my bra. I called the doc and they have me permission to buy a sports bra so I did but when I washed it and dried it on low I think it shrank a bit (so did my surgical bra) so I'm kinda swapping between the two and enduring the misery with Gold Bond cream and cocoa butter. I'll ask my PS on the third when I go back for my next checkup if I can do anything else. I took off the original tape one week after the surgery and replaced with this brown porous tape my doc have me, I'm supposed to retake every few days and the incisions are feeling pretty good! Finally, I've been doing my massages, five times per day, and that's getting better. I think things are going pretty well. They're still pretty sore, especially on the sides, but my range of motion is quickly returning and so is my strength..... I can open doors now in less than ten seconds! Haha I love them. :D
You look fabulous,I am glad that you're healing well. It's fabulous that you're eating & I like the picture of the yogurt! I wish you a fabulous recovery & hope that your right breast catches up to your left, I'm sure it will :)
Haha thanks!! Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it I guess!) I had zero loss of appetite. I got home and pretty much immediately wolfed down a delicious bowl of whole wheat pasta with veggie marinara and grilled tomatoes that my boyfriend made me. It just went on from there. Haha! I hear about all these other ladies with no appetite, but mine never stopped. I'm a hungry girl! :D And, I'm sure they'll catch up, too. If they stay a little different it'll be ok too, I don't mind them having their natural differences. But, I can't wait to see how they look when they drop and fluff in a few months!! I love what you said about them being sisters, not twins. I feel the same way :D You look great, too, btw!! So much fun, I can't wait until mine aren't sore and I can squish them together too :D
I'm finally feeling better! I can see the left dropping faster than the right. It doesn't bother me since I know to expect it but I think my boyfriend is a little concerned.... hahaha :) he's being pretty great, too. Thank goodness for super supportive boyfriends!!

Super sensitive....

I feel like the skin on my boobs is just SUPER sensitive. It's really horrible and I can't get comfortable in my surgical bra or the sports bra I got. Often I get nipple sensitivity too which I know to expect but I really, really hate it.... I tried covering my nipples with band aids to see if that would help but it didn't really. Earlier I literally had to hold my boob while I walked around the mall (embarrassing) because it was so sensitive it felt like sandpaper or something..... It was awful. Anyway, here's some pics from yesterday (day 11). Still lots of swelling up top but I'm wearing the strap most of the time. My incisions seem ok, but I don't really know what to look for. They're darker than some I've seen that were even newer than mine but maybe there's something on mine like dermabond? I don't really know but they don't hurt very much when I massage, or ever really, which is good. All of my pain is still in my side boobs.
Hi my BA twin! Just checking in to see how everything is going for you. I hope you are healing well, and that your girls are doing good too!
Hi BA twin! I'm great, so far so good!! I just am having a terrible time finding a bra that either doesn't irritate my skin or else doesn't squish the girls down so much that I get shooting pains. I'm assuming that both are no good.... but the tape is off of the incisions and I'm doing silicone gel now. I'm sore but the bra thing is really killing me.... and I HATE this stupid compression strap! It hurts one of my boobs SO BAD! But, they're beautiful :'D How are you doing?!
Doing pretty good! The only bra thing I wear is the super stretchy thin ones that are more like a half cami. I got a few at Walmart for like $5 a piece. I'm not even going to try anything else until all the soreness is gone. I've been feeling pretty good, they are slowly dropping. But my nipples are super sensitive and the outer sides of my breasts by my ribs is still sore. I know it's all part of the process, but I will sure be happy when they are all settled down! Glad your doing good. Hopefully you can find some bras that work for you soon!

Things are getting better!

So, so far, the third week was the absolute worst week for me. This was the height of my sensitivity, not only my nipples but all over my boobs it felt like fine grain sandpaper and it was almost unbearable. I went to the doctor's office in tears one day looking for a bra that didn't make me want to rip my chest off of my body (I didn't find that but I did buy another expensive bra that I will never wear again :( ). I started getting horrible muscle spasms that week, too. My doctor cleared me to walk around a bit so I did, but I was carrying a grocery bag and I think I must have overdone it and I started getting horrible sharp pains in the inside of my right breast. This slowly started happening in my left, too. I was also getting pains on the outside of my right breast and the lower inside parts of both. It was really awful, but I went to see Dr. Salemy and he said that I look fine, it's just a normal part of the healing process. Thank goodness I didn't break them! :D He also gave me permission to take off the compression band since it had been 3 weeks. Magical! Once I took the band off, I stopped getting the spasms like that. I think the way my body is shaped, the band just dug into my chest muscles constantly, even when it was super loose, and eventually my muscles objected. I can't say I blame them! Now, I get sore if I am too active, and I've noticed that when I have a couple of drinks I will always wake up REALLY sore in the middle of the night. So, even though I'm cleared to have a few drinks at this point, I'm thinking it's not even worth it. I'm pleased with the settling process, but I'm excited to see how they look in 3 to 6 months, too! :) And, in the last few days the sandpaper-y sensitivity has really gotten better. They're still sensitive but not nearly the same way. I'm getting there... yay!!
You are dropping for sure and the 'torture' will be sooooo worth it in the end....as per the drinks...I hear ya on that one...had a glass of wine on Friday even though I have a cold...and already with my lack of sleep...the wine made it that much worse with spasms...so not doing that again for a while yet....as yes the sensitivity sucks...I bought the reusable nipple covers from amazon...super cheap...plus I bought the disposable ones shaped like flowers...and they do help to a point...but I figured it is better than without them...also...my ps does not recommend massages so I can't comment on that part....however I do put on bio oil all over my breasts as soon as I get home from work and let the girls be without the bra for at least half hr while the oil sort of kicks in...and it feels so soothing that the burning feeling goes away....maybe you can try that....btw thanks for letting me know the burning feeling is getting better for you...gives me hope! Happy healing!!! :)
Thanks for sharing that tip cebrie! Did you buy bio oil online? I have no clue where to get something like that. I hand washed a couple of my bras last week and I think I didn't do a very good job rinsing them afterwards because I broke out in a rash all over my front of my ribcage where the bra band was and on the side of my right boob. So, I've been braless now for a few hours, hoping that the rash will go away. I also took 2 benadryl and put cortisone cream on it (carefully avoiding the incisions!) so hopefully that will help. Poor boobies :D
I bought mine at Costco but any pharmacy would have it. Ouch on the boobies for sure ;( hope u r better


I did this comparison photo at the end of 5 weeks... I love my girls so much, they are so beautiful :'D
What size implant did you go with? They look amazing!
Thank you! I love them so much :D I went with 371 ccs on both sides. Unders, silicone :)
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salemy is just wonderful. Kind, patient, informed, and all kinds of other positive adjectives. I highly recommend him! My first appointment I was taken immediately back, which was nice because at a previous appointment with a different doctor I had to wait FORTY FIVE minutes to be seen. His staff is also all really nice, and they remember your name when you come in (which is a huge thing for me). The nurses are fantastic. And it's so convenient to just go to his office and have the surgery done there. He's a bit more pricey than other doctors around here, but I think he's proven that he has the value to back up his cost.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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