6 Weeks Post op! Feeling great and loving my results! New pics - Seattle, WA

Hi Ladies! This site has helped me so much! I want...

Hi Ladies! This site has helped me so much! I want to thank you all for the tips, pictures and posting details of your progress!! It made it so much easier to decide to go through the surgery! I wanted larger breasts since i was 15!! I'm 30 now and finally felt that I'm ready to do something that will make me feel better about myself!

I'm 5'7, 145 lbs and with a pretty wide ribcage 32-33. The decision about what size to go with was the hardest part because I kept looking at all the pictures and not realizing that those girls were actually way tinier than me. I was worried to go too big, then too small, basically had all the same feelings that every girl seems to have on this site :))

It's finally done for me now! Had my surgery Feb 15th. Today is PO day 3 and I have to say i feel pretty good. Barely no pain except in the morning! Also the sleepless nights are not easy but that gets better too! Just want to say to all of you ladies out there that are about to go through this - it's not that scary!! It's painful but mostly right after surgery and the day after. I found myself feeling better when i was moving around. I barely slept for 30 min after surgery and kept moving around the house. It made the pain more manageable.

I stopped taking the oxycodone the day after surgery. The pain was not as bad so i was only taking Tylenol when I was sore in the morning. Valium will be your best friend :))

I went to an amazing doctor and so far I'm very happy with the results. I got 421cc (left) and 457cc (right) Natrelle cohesive silicone implants style 15 (which I believe is mod +) under the muscle, crease incision.
Ladies feel free to ask me any questions you might have! I will be happy to help :))

what size are your breasts suppose to be once your healed & feelin better
Not sure yet. They're still pretty hard and swollen. I would guess 36DD. The weird thing is that when I look at them naked they look pretty big but in clothes not so much.
I started more or less as big as you were and did put a bit more than you (485cc high profile) but i am not a DD. I am a 36D :)

Hi Ladies! I'm officially 1 week post op now!...

Hi Ladies! I'm officially 1 week post op now! They're still swollen, hard and very very tight sometimes but overall I'm feeling a lot better! I stopped taking the Oxy 2nd day and switched to Tylenol. Valium was the "magic pill" for me as it relaxed my muscle spasms and helped with the tightness that was killing me!! Sleepless nights are not easy and I think that was the main reason I was feeling tired during the day. Which of course contributed to my overall bad mood! I felt helpless and wanted to feel normal again! So be ready to go thru that "down" stage as well! But remember - it only gets better each day so stay positive!
I had my surgery or Friday and went back to work the following Wednesday. Felt fine just got tired towards the end of the day!
Started my massages today! Felt kind of weird while I was doing them but I think they helped release some of the tightness! Now feeling even better!
Uploaded some new pics. What do you guys think? Would love to get some feedback :))
As always here to help! Let me know if you have any questions :)))
You look great, absolutely fantastic! I would love to know what surgeon you used!
Thank you! I'm doing the massages 5-6 times a day. It's kind of painful especially when I do the sides but I noticed they're getting softer!! :))) How are you feeling?
They look beautiful! How many times a day are you doing the massages? I just started doing that as well, it is pretty odd feeling lol

Can't believe it's been 2 weeks already! Have to...

Can't believe it's been 2 weeks already! Have to say that I'm feeling great. No pain! No tightness during the day except a little bit in the morning. I can finally sleep normal (meds free) and not wake up 15 times a night! :) To all of you ladies who have just had the surgery I want to say - don't get discouraged! Tomorrow will be better :)

I love my results so far! They're getting softer each day :)

Will add more pics soon :)
hey girl how you feeling so far? how did the valiums made u feel? my doc only prescribed percocet and antibiotic. but i dont tolerate pain well....am freaking out :(
Hi LaBarbie - Feeling almost back to normal. I'm 5 weeks post op. I need to update with some new pics. Valium was the "magic pill" for me. I had oxycodone prescribed but stopped taking it the next day after surgery. Didn't feel any bad side effects from Valium, only the good ones I would say :) It helped relax my muscles and helped me sleep. Don't worry about the pain, it's really not that bad. If you stay on top of your pain meds you will be fine.I switched to Tylenol extra strength when I went back to work and I was fine. For me the worst part was the tightness and the heavy feeling. It felt like I was caring an elephant on my chest! Now they feel like part of me, only in the morning I have a slight discomfort which disappears in a few seconds. Good luck with your surgery! You will do great!
I love your result. Its very very amazing. And there's no 'spacing' beetwen your boobs. Do you know if Natrelle 15 able for a girl with small ribcage? My ribcage is only 28" and my boobs is 30".

Hi Ladies - I'm 6 weeks post op and let me start...

Hi Ladies - I'm 6 weeks post op and let me start by telling you that I feel like myself again. I can sleep anyway I want, I can easily move w/o any pain and finally starting to feel like I have real boobs and not two hard and heavy balls on my chest :) Tightness is finally gone! I find myself thinking about them less and less because they finally feel like part of me!
I'm loving the size, have no regrets and love how natural they look and feel!
Do you have a more recent photo? We have similar stats and I've been back and forth between the 421 and 457. Thanks!
Thanks for sharing your story! You look fantastic! I am thinking of having a BA and actually have my surgery date set, but haven't been able to meet my surgeon yet because I'm currently living abroad. But anyways, I'm pretty terrified, but it was comforting hearing how well your recovery has been going. I have a big fear of the recovery process...I think mostly because I have a two year old to take care of. :)
Hello - I know the feeling! It is scary before you go through it....but now that I'm on the other side I can say that it was actually way easier than I thought. Of course first week was no fun but you have to remember that with each day it only gets better! Make sure to be on a healthy diet at least 2 weeks before your surgery. It'll help your body heal faster. Good luck! You will do great! :)
Shahram Salemy

Dr Salemy is amazing!! Very professional and passionate about his work! I couldn't' be happier with my results!

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