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So I had my first dot laser for acne scars in...

So I had my first dot laser for acne scars in December and second one end of this month, after first session I didn't notice much change but after second one I noticed some improvement, I uploaded pic. What do u guys think???? My doctor said I have to get atleast 3 more session spaced between 2/1.5 months! After couple of more sessions scars might all dissapear! It's been one week since I had it..and I think skin improves after couple of weeks so lest see if it improves any further! I was so dissapointed when I was looking for positive reviews but guys if u have acne scars go for this laser!!!!! Thank god I didn't listen to all the negative reviews! Ahh


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We're u wearing make up on the after pic?
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hi~ your result is great congrats! but how much was your treatment?
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Ive had 5 smartxide dot now and my scars are at least 90% gone. But mine were sooo soo much worse than urs to start with. Dr said they were worse hes ever seen and hes an acne scar specialist. Good luck and stick with it
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When was your last treatment and who/where was your doctor? That's amazing.
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Still happy with your results? Did you ever try fraxel restore and if you did do you think the dot was better. I see a great improvement in your skin,
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I wish you the best but unfortunately swelling lasts for quite some time which is when most people report good results. I'd suggest reporting back 3 months after any laser and I hope you do.
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