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I am a guy who inherited varicose veins from his mother. Great. For a long time (up until my 30s) I lived with it, wearing long shorts to cover the bulging veins in my left leg. Eventually I grew tired of hiding it and decided to get a consultation to see what could be done, whether insurance would cover the procedure.

The first Seattle vein doctor at Swedish Hospital was less than helpful on the insurance front. They asked if I was "wearing hose" which most men I assume would respond negatively to. I said yes, just to help along the insurance claim. I actually had to look up on the web what are hose (they're basically the high compression socks your grandfather wore, but really expensive). Then, I never heard back from the office. I called months later, and found that they really had no clue about my desire to get insurance coverage.

That was enough to kick me off the idea of getting the veins treated. A year or so later I was told about Dr. P. That inspired me to try once again to fix the problem. After doing the obligatory ultrasound, I was told that I indeed had severe varicosity in the legs and cosmetic work would help for the numerous related vascularity, like spider veins on my feet, veins on my ankle.

The surgery day was actually quite nerve wracking before I took 2 Valium (prescribed by the doc) just prior to the drive to their offices. I pretty much passed out during the surgery, thank god, but woke up at one point to see the doctor repeatedly injecting me with sclerosing agent. The pain was only on my hip pointer. Keeping my leg opened to the side led to cramping. Eventually, I was done, ate a bagel, and headed home. The recovery has been slow. The pain was minimal in recovery, but signs of surgery such as the incision points are still visible. Yet, nearly a year later, I have to say, it's pretty amazing the before-and-after. I've attached pics the doctor gave me after my last followup appointment.

Oh, and insurance did cover the medical nature of the procedure (over $6K) and I paid out of pocket for cosmetic work (~$1200). I think I still need more work done, but I've really grown in confidence, wearing shorts again, showing my bare feat, and enjoying my less-veiny life.

My one piece of advice is to avoid the hack clinics out there that don't have vascular surgeons. Dr. P is over $300/hour. So doctor selling services under $100/hr is likely underqualified, inexperienced.

Adding my ratings of the doctor

Adding my ratings of the doctor

I've gone back to the doctor for additional...

I've gone back to the doctor for additional sclerotheraphy injections. Will post a new review when I get the pics back in another several weeks.

I forgot to come back and reference my other post...

I forgot to come back and reference my other post regarding injections to remove additional varicosity and spider veins. It's here:

As mentioned in my comment below, I remain really happy with the results. No new signs of vericose veins, just a some broken capillaries here and there.
Bellevue General Surgeon

He's a highly experienced vascular specialist, recognized as a top vascular surgeon. He's ethical and gives you a ton of time pre- and post- procedure. He's expensive, but I'm a believer that you get what you pay for in medical care. He runs a bit late so I recommend you always call ahead of appointments to make sure you're not waiting for a long time.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I had something very interesting happen this summer. I had been going to a well known Vein Center here in nyc about 1 a year for touch up (they tend to come back). I hadn't had an ultrasound in years. The nurse decided to do one because some of the old veins hadn't responded to treatment. Turns out I had a faulty valve which is not something that the regular treatments would ever have fixed. I had the valve done at NYU Vein Center (covered by insurance) and all those veins I had been treating on one side of the leg totally disappeared. I probably need little touch ups here and there, but the couple of bulgy ones that were bothering me are gone.
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Good for you! No changes has been done to my leg. I will try the Sclerotherapy treatments next year. Each time the treatment are completed I had to follow up with a ultrasound to rule out clots. Thus far, everything is ok in that area, but my veins are not responding to the treatments.
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The doctor did a good job removing those veins. I'm loving the results. Can't wait to have my legs looking like yours.
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Thanks much. I can honestly say that I wish I did it sooner. Amazing, lasting results. I do see new spider veining on my left foot, but it's nothing compared to the vein knots that were around my ankle and knee

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Once my EVLT treatments are completed, I am going to start the Sclerotherapy treatments. I would have made that my priority first, if I had known. Seeing your leg makes me excited to get my legs done right away. :)
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I had my second EVLT treatments on the right leg and have not seen any results as yet. All I saw is bruising that doesn't seems to be going away and the spot where the needle was inserted. I am so disappointed. Its like my leg hasn't been treated. I asked the doctor how soon will I see any results and she told me it depends on my body. What? Did she just said that? I couldn't believe it. I will not go back. Not happy at all.
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same problem with me , what will i do, can u guide me
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Darwesh- I know a very good dermatologist that you could inquire about your leg. Her name is Doctor Jessica Krant. She is also a Real-self member.
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I posted about my follow up scleratherapy using a drug called "Asclera"

Still really happy with the outcome(s) from these procedures.  Only regret is that I hadn't done it sooner. 

You considering doing similar?

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great job, amazing results. Please post additional pics if possible.
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