Lipo on Thighs 9 Days Ago - So Far, So Good!

I am slender and exercise regularly, but nothing...

I am slender and exercise regularly, but nothing would get rid of my saddlebags. After years of procrastination and fear, I finally decided to take the plunge and get liposuction on my outer & inner thighs. I am so glad I did!

I had intravenous anasthesia and my procedure was done in the doctor's (accredited) surgical facility. I did not have any nausea or side effects from the anasthesia, other than being very groggy and no memory of anything during the first hour or so post-op. I also had zero pain the first 24 hours, probably due to residual lidocaine solution (still seeping out). I did fill a prescription for Vicodin beforehand, expecting to use it for a couple days, but never touched it.

By the end of the next day I started feeling some soreness, mostly when I first stood up and walked after sitting a while. This gradually became more noticeable over the next day, but never more than a "2" on a 1-10 scale. The only pain meds I took were Tylenol once before going out to dinner, mostly as a precaution in case it got worse (it didn't). It feels tender, like a bruise, that's about it. I also find that sitting for long periods is uncomfortable, but not painful. Honestly, I could easily have gone back to work the day after surgery if I could have showered! But from what I've heard, this may be better than the average experience.

I did have a significant amount of bruising, as discovered at my first post-op visit. The doctor asked that I continue to use some foam pads on my outer thighs, inside the compression garment, for a few more days. So it's hard to really see the results yet, but I can tell that my contours are totally changed - it's a smooth curve from my hip down to my leg, rather than the distinct bulges that were there before. I can't wait to get through the recovery period and really see how it looks!

So I will be wearing the compression garment for another 2-3 weeks, it really isn't uncomfortable but a bit difficult to put on (the second one, without zippers - pulling it up over my thighs while they're still so bruised & tender is a challenge. The first one, with zippers down the sides, is much easier.) They are crotchless, and it was very weird getting used to not pulling them down in the bathroom, but it works and I sure would not want to have to pull them up & down. I also wouldn't recommend doing this during the summer, it would be too hot and you wouldn't be able to wear shorts.

I think I am going to be thrilled with the ultimate results; I do hope the swelling subsides a bit more. So far, my only regret is that I waited so long to do this!

Very helpful. I like that he is realistic and so are you. Thank you for sharing.
Are you pleased with your results after all of these weeks...?
Yes. Not perfect, but way better than before the surgery. The skin is looser, cellulite still there as before, but I am able to wear pants without long tops covering my thighs and feel much better about my appearance. I still have a bit of a bulge from the "banana roll" area in back, under the panty line, which my dr. says is very difficult to correct without causing worse problems (sagging butt, etc.) and I'm glad he's realistic and cautious about it. I also have some residual discoloration from the extensive bruising; it's fading very slowly and the dr. is doing some IPL (light) treatments to assist in resolving it. He assures me it's not permanent, so I'm not worrying about it. I probably would have had better skin tightenting if I'd done it 10 years ago, but oh well! I'm still very glad I finally had the procedure.
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He's knowledgable, professional, and realistic in setting expectations, and so far his work looks great!

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