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Alright, I got lip implants 3 and a half years ago...

Alright, I got lip implants 3 and a half years ago when I was 20. They were saline. The swelling of the lips does not go down to looking somewhat natural for honesty 6 - 9 months. They looked weird, unatural, and everybody stared at my lips.

When I used to speak without my lip implants, my pronunciation of my words was perfect. A deaf person could watch me speak and understand what I was saying. After the lip implants, it changed the way I spoke and pronounced my words. My lips didnt move in a natural way when I spoke and you could cleary see there was something in there. Rather than having a natural curve where my two lips met, it was one straight line. It looked ridiculous. Not only that; the implants -will- migrate. It might take 6 months, it might take 10 years, but eventually they will; for every kind of lip implant. Mine started to migrate up from my actual top lip to my "moustache" area; but only on one side. So what I was left with was a crooked weird looking uper lip. Not cool. The only decent thing I can say is that because they were saline, after about 2 years, they started to deflate and so it didnt look so bizzare (These particular implants lost something like 2-5% of their volume every year because they were saline filled bags)

All in all; I would say not worth it; people know there is something weird and unnatural about you when they stare at your face. The implants migrate; there is chance of rejection; chance of infection; many other complications.

Permanent lip implants are not permanent. All of these will have to be removed at some point; whether it be a year down the road or 20.

I made a decision to remove mine a year ago. Best decision I have ever made. I was worried about the skin on the inside of my lip having grown into the pores of the implant and being stuck on the actual implant (which is a possibility) and that cutting away the skin from the implant when it was removed would leave me with a lumpy scarred lip; but thankfully it didnt. My lips look so natural now and there are no scars or lumps. I tell you when I was under that knife having those things removed, I was so freaked out. I was under local anesthetic, but I could still feel my lip being pulled, hear the cutting of the tissue; I was crying - But it all worked out in the end. The nicest thing as well about having them removed, is they are bigger than my lips were before because of the scar tissue in my lips; however there arent any lumps, and it looks like I just have natural full lips. I guess I was lucky.

I would advise anyone considering implants to reconsider. Stick to fillers. They are expensive, and sure, it is an endless money pit because you have to keep constantly having them re-done, but it is better than the alternative. Lip implants are not the answer; take it from someone who has been there. As for me, I am just sticking to my IPL's and light chemical peels for upkeep of my skin. I will never go under the knife again. Paying to keep your skin young is a better way to spend your money anyways.

Hope this helps.


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same for me! i couldnt wait another month and after a month i realized i didnt want them redone, i wanted them out. It was the best feeling ever to have implant taken out. I can speak normal again, kiss=) and eat ! all the things i took for granted before=)
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I'm so sorry you had a bad experiance with lip implants! Thank you for sharing it with us. Do you remember the name of the saline implants? I'm sure there are others (myself included) who would like to know what to stay away from. Thanks!
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Hey there, I'm thinking of getting mine done? Have you urs done yet?
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i totally agree but wish i read this before i got my implants=( I had my permalip implants done a month ago and im really upset with the result. My bottom implant is sticking out pass my natural lip line making it look like i have 2 lip lines its terrible. Corners of my lips are huge and not natural looking. I asked for implant to be placed in pink area of my lip Only but it wasnt. I now see that choosing the right dr is most important. My dr has a good reputation yet he really didnt have a good vision for what lip should look like! Im set to go back and fix it in about a month or replace w smaller implant. I def wouldnt do this if i knew that result can leave you looking worst not better. On top of it all i have to pay again to fix something Dr clearly did wrong. Instead of saying he feels bad , his admin called to make sure i understand i have to pay again!! unreal. I cry every time i look at myself. This was the worst experiance i ever had and im told "maybe its still swollen".. I used fillers before and i was happy w the results. Implants are terrible way and it is not a solution. Not only i had to pay to do it, now i have to pay in hope to fix it and ill prob have to pay to remove it. Im only a month into this but i wish i never did it and i want them out. Im told to give it another month. It will be the longest month of my life! I would stick w fillers . Worst things about fillers are lumps but at least 2-3 month later these go away while implants stay.
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Permalip implants come in a bunch of different lengths. It sounds like your doc doesn't know how to use a ruler. If they did give you the wrong size implant you should contact the Better Business Bureau, and whatever certifying organization your doctor is affiliated with. I would be out for blood if that happened to me.
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All right I'm a guy who is turned off by women getting lip injections or implants or messing with them at all....I have never seen a woman look better with them than withoutl. I can spot them from a mile away, even the subtle ones (I think), and although I'm a genuine good-hearted person, I honestly would not even kiss a woman with tampered-with-lips even if everything else was perfect. It looks bad, kinda freaks me out, and from my experience doesn't feel right to my lips. There's a lot of things you women can do to love yourselves and look great. Even most boob jobs I can deal with, but please....from a normal good-looking guy, LEAVE YOUR LIPS ALONE.
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I've seen a few of your posts, GO. You sound like a boy who thinks women get cosmetic surgery for your benefit. I don't care what you or any other man thinks. If I want to change something about myself, I am doing it *for me*. Can you understand that? Does that get through your obviously thick cro-magnon skull? Why don't you go read a Maxim and quit trolling a site designed for people to share their personal experiences.
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I have replied to you as well.....find a job...your most likely not attractive so you hate on women that would never have anything to do with you as a man. We will continue to get breasts, lipo....lips and anything else WE want and WE pay for. Amanda
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Well said
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Haha wellllll done girls
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Hi Julianne,

I'm so sorry about what you went through, but glad in the end it all worked out. Your advice about fillers over implants is good for the community to hear. Do you now get fillers in your lips? 

Thanks so much,


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Hi Britt.
I don't get anything done to my lips now. Just leaving them alone :)

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