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I had consulted with a doctor for a revision...

I had consulted with a doctor for a revision rhinoplasty at that time the doctor suggested a chin implant as well. Plastic Surgeons look at a formula for beauty, the face is divided into thirds and each area should be equally balanced to attain a more harmonious face. My chin was a small,so he suggested a small chin implant, for more balance. I decided to go ahead with it.

Interestingly enough, the majority of women who have chin implants are not happy with the results. Perhaps beauty in it's simple complexity and uniqueness is cannot be measured by any a formula. Which brings me to my next point, I've wondered about this formula because I've seen so many beautiful women with different types of faces and their face do not fit the formula. Historically, the royals believed a weak chin made your eyes look bigger, The queen order an artist to come to the palace to touch-up the paintings to make her chin appear smaller. Take one look at Jolie before and after her chin implant, and you will soon realize the queen was right! Certainly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Since I had the small chin implant done at the same time as my revision,two procedure at once was much too much I'm a super sensitive vegan. During that recovery I had a fever in the middle of night that made me dizzy on the verge of passing out..I was so scared... I ran out onto our deck and sat outside on the patio furniture to cool off and then I ran to the web and looked up an old wives remedy .

After a couple weeks with the chin implant my sister, said , "what is wrong with your face!" Want the truth just ask a sibling! I began to notice every few days I would have acne on my chin one would go away and another one would appear.I also had an eczema breakout that I haven't had since I was five years old. I asked my doctor he said it was hormones. Well, both of these problems disappeared after the chin implant was removed.

My sense is the body has a delicate balance and an inner intelligence if that is upset in anyway the body will react. o I sense the body detects a foreign object it will react in some way, plus "having an implant changes the energetic imprint and the natural flow of energy," according to one of my friends.

The chin implant made me look older, tired, masculine and not myself. So I decided after seven month it was time for it be removed. I was little nervous about the procedure, I took tons of Arnica Montana two days prior to the removal appointment. To deter bruising or swelling. The nurse was nice she really tried to be gentle and gave me several shots in my chin honestly the first few stung, but it was I waited for the numbing effect to take place I'm thinking, Why did I put myself through this type of stress and why do I put my poor husband through it?

The doctor came in and asked me if "I was absolutely sure that I wanted to do this?" There was still time to change my mind. I went through it as planned. My doctor basically cut underneath my chin at the same on the same exact site he he did to put the implant in and I felt light tugging, but no pain whatsoever. Before I knew it he took the chin implant out and started stitching up the site. Some light bleeding nothing major at all. Pretty easy process. I had a little swelling at the site,but no bruising at all. I think within a five days most of the swelling was gone, no problem my chin shrink back to it normal shape maybe a little bigger from the scar tissue but not big deal.

I went out the second day to the store and the store clerk looked at me and said wow your beautiful..if she had any idea what I had just been through the day before.

I feel better and look better, my husband told me I looked so much better, and he shook his head at why a chin implant that is based on a formula would detract from your looks.

If I want my chin to appear bigger I simply use some make-up tricks to make it appear bigger, I would never get a chin implant, it is just not for me!

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The doctor has assembled a team of professionals and I was treated with so much respect and care. Plus the doctor was amazing, he is a meticulous artist.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Thanks for sharing Sophie. Now, I think I love the chin implant - I vacillate every now and then whether or not I like it. But, seriously now think that I like it. I hope everything goes well with you.
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Thanks for sharing Sophie. Now, I think I love the chin implant - I vacillate every now and then whether or not I like it. But, seriously now think that I like it. I hope everything goes well with you.
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Sophie, Thanks for sharing this information. My PS recommended a chin implant which I wasn't keen about, but went along with it. He implanted a medium sized - it has changed the shape of my jawline. I'm not sure that I like it; however, I don't have the sagging jawline anymore, but I feel a little freakish when I look sideways. I keep wondering how I'd look as I get older.
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Sophie. Are you happy with removal to this date? I've hear pitosis and dumpling can occur month and years later and was curious if you have experienced this. Also, did your skin contract back without sagging? Any before and after pics? I have had problems finding after removal pics and I'm want mine removed.
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Sophie, Thank you for sharing. You are brave. I am so glad things are better for you. Also, thanks for the tips on scar tx. I am 6+ weeks post-op and my bruises just now faded. I had no heard of Anica cream until 3 weeks ago and it has really helped me with facial bruises.
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Hi Sharon, Good luck. Just be consistent and you will see results!
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Thank you I'm happy to share my story perhaps it will help others. After my chin implant removal surgery I wanted to be sure, no scar remained. So I did some research I did two things, the first thing I did was used organic castor oil on tbe site 2x a day after my shower when my pores are open. Organic cold pressed castor oil dissolves scar tissue over time. I also made a paste from Serrapeptase, and and aloe oil rubbed into the site of the scar 2x a day. Today, the scar tissue is almost completely dissolved, there is no visible scar left, however I can still a very small lump at the site of removal.
This is not detectable at all. I believe in about six months time it will completely dissolved.
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Thanks for the tips. I had been told about aloe but all the other stuff is new to me. Cheers. :)

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Thanks for posting your story, Sophie. It's helpful to hear the whole experience, including removal, since so many others are considering it. Now that it's been a little while, what is the final scar like? Can you tell what was done?

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