Fat Transfer to Breasts with PRP - Vaser Lipo

I'm only two weeks after my surgery, so I'm not...

I'm only two weeks after my surgery, so I'm not sure about my final result yet. I think it will be more helpful to share my final result after few months to people who are interested about fat transfer because I'm the one who always want to know the final result of fat transfer, but diffcult to find in Realself.

First month update- I changed my review from YES...

First month update-
I changed my review from YES to NOT SURE because my breasts are getting smaller everyday(60-70% fat retention now), but I saw another review said that her breasts were getting smaller after first month, but then getting bigger again in few months. Hopefully, I will be same case as her.
For my Vaser lipo areas, my arms look good, but my tummy still big for the whole day after I eat or drink something in the morning. I may have to wait few more months to reach my results.
Dr. Gregory C. Park

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Hi SOS, Ho are you doing now? What did Dr Park tell you to expect from the transfer? His pictures look good... but then again don't they all? It is really good to hear the real story. I had implants... hated them and took them out right away, but it already did such damage to my breasts i just want to look and feel normal again.
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Hi SOS, I had disappointing results from a fat transfer procedure, and I so hope that this isn't the case with you. It helps to take pictures as time progresses so that you know what has stayed and what hasn't. My fingers are crossed for you!
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Hi Bellas, I've seen your review. I'd had implants removed year ago before my fat transfer surgery. I had been told to wait half to one year to do fat transfer, but some docs just want your money may don't care you should wait or not. I didn't expect only one surgery can reach my result, so I left some parts of my fat for my next surgery use even it was a lot cheaper if I were lipo all my fat in my first surgery. Hope you have a successful surgery next time!
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This is great advice. Luckily I only had one site harvested so I'll have some fat to work with. Thanks :-)
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Hi SOS. I'm interested in fat transfer but you're right, there's not a lot of final results out there and life keeps happening to me so I keep getting it pushed back. Please keep us updated. Thank you for sharing!
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Hi ANewlmprovedme, 19days from my surgery, the fat transfer to my breasts (about 10%fat is gone). Will keep updated. Hope my fat won't gone too fast......lol!:)
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Hi SOS, did you use brava? It would be really helpful if you would post some pics. That way the progress can be followed by those interested in fat transfer. I am 11 days out from fat transfer and will post more pics today.
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Hi BeagleBady, I didn't use brava, but I was PRP same as you, so I always keep eyes on your posts. I' m out of time now, so not able to post pictures at this time.:(
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sorry I'm out of town, not out of time....lol
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Your surgery date will be here before you know it. What kind of results did your ps tell you that you can expect to see/
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I had surgery 26days ago. My doc said my result is depen on what I eat. I'm still 90% now, and will be very happy if this is my final result. How is your PRP? Do you think it helped?
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Nice to hear you are still at 90%. They say what you have a 3 months normally are your final results, have you heard that? Once my swelling went down I would say i lost about 10-15%. I go to ps on the 24th and will see what he thinks. Did you doc tell you any certain foods to eat to help keep the fat?
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Hi BeagleBaby, Love your results! You breasts' shape are very nice now. I'm not lucky as you because 90% retention was one month ago when my breasts were still swelling. After my swelling was gone, my breasts were getting smaller everyday. I'm only 40-50% fat intention now 6 weeks from my surgery. If you said 3months normally are final results, I still have half way to go and may loose more at the end. :(
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When do you go back to see you ps? Someone on this board ask a question to the doctors about "if there was anything they could do to make sure they retained the most fat" the answer was to eat carbs. I also read here where someone lost most of the fat and a few months later it was back. Maybe you will get lucky. Are you planing to do another fat transfer? How long did you have implants?
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I try my best to eat healthy already. I'd had my implants almost 25 years before, so I didn't use Brave because I thought I had loose skin already. My goal is two cups increase, so I'll need to do fat transfer again, but may use Brava this time because you guys seen to have very good results.
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