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Just Had First Treatment - Seattle, WA

I just had my first ematrix treatment yesterday...

I just had my first ematrix treatment yesterday and my face is blotchy red, swollen and tingly/scratchy today. I keep reading no down time and can go back to normal activities...I look like I burnt my face off and certainly don't want to go anywhere. I had to go out today so I put a bunch of tinted moisterizer on and some powder and now my face feels worse! It has lines on it...like I slept for 48 hours on a creased pillow.

There is some downtime for sure and it is a bit uncomfortable too, they need to be more honest about that, they make it sound like you go in and get it down in 20 mins and can go back to work, and that is NOT the case, or at least with me anyway.

I had gone into the American Laser for another...

I had gone into the American Laser for another treatment and they told me about eMatrix and talked me into it, because there was NO down time and less invasive than a lot of the other treatments, plus it several treatments in one, wrinkles, sun damage, skin tightening, acne... the first 3 I was very interested in as I just turned 48. So I hadn't researched it at all. I did call to tell them I wasn't happy that they weren't honest about the recovery time and they said they just got this machine and were finding that the recovery time was a lot longer than they were informed too. So they were thinking about changing their information to be more accurate. My face is less swollen and red now, 5 days, but still looks bad and really itchy! They asked if I was wearing any makeup...I have some tinted moisterizer and powder...I have to wear something if I'm going to go out and look have decent!!!!

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I, too, had the E-Matrix skin tightening treatment - my first. I am shocked at how my fact looks 1 day after. I truly look like a cherry tomato! Did not think that there would be substantial downtime, but I can see that it will take several days before I want to see people. Fortunately, I'm self-employe and work from home. It's pretty intense actually.
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Have had two ematrix treatments so far. They were so painful and gave me a major headache. I told the person performing the service that I wanted numbing cream. However, for some reason, both times my face did not get numb and the pain was excruciating. I still have two treatments to go and am scared to death to go back. So far, I have seen no results. I feel that I have spent a great deal of money for nothing.
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If your skin is sensitive or doesn't do well with burns, then your reaction will be different. When I had mine done 3 days ago, they suggested avoiding wearing makeup for a day or two and using gentle cleansers and an SPF50+. My reaction was minimal; redness went down in a few hours. The lines are hardly noticeable when you do put on makeup. The proceedure is almost like a bad sunburn. It's not bad at all. Make sure you drink plenty of water -- as you would do if you had a sunburn.
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I just had EMatrix done on my face last night. Fortunately, I had my decolletage done a couple of weeks ago so I was prepared for what my skin would look like post-treatment. I go to American Laser in Hinsdale IL and I'm very happy with them, although I only let the nurse practitioner on staff perform the EMatrix. I would NOT be comfortable with anyone else doing this to my face and I have built up a very good relationship with her.

This is NOT a little down time procedure! I looked like a burn victim for at least 3 days after having my decolletage area done and based upon my face this morning, I am expecting the same. The nurse used a high B setting on the d. area and a high B along the sides of my face where I have hyper-pigmentation. She explained that she would prefer to use a higher setting so I get more results due to the cost of the procedure. Higher setting = Lot of down time. Fortunately, I scheduled this so I don't have to be at work for 5 days; on the higher settings, you will need at least 2-4 days recovery time.

I am looking forward to seeing results and I will post updates every few days over the next couple of weeks.

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I have done four treatments and love this. I had redness right after. The next moring a little pink and covered easy with powder. No one noticed. By no means did I feel like I couldn't leave the house. I had pin points on my skin for about 4 day again a little powder covered it just fine. As they came off my texture looked well improved.
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i am having the ematrix done this friday.. would love to know if you are now hapy with your results..
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Hi jaxxx, 

Did you end up having the eMatrix procedure, how did it go? 



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I just signed up for this. What's the latest with your results? Sarah
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Takes about 5 days for recovery - without little dots.
(If go for program B and C).
The result is consider okay, and it's less invasive. Need to go for 3 sessions.

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I just did the ematrix last night. I did four affim laser treatments and ALC talked me into doing the ematrix for my last treatmant. They absolutly lied about the less down time because my face doesnt look any different than it did last night. If I had known my face would be red with little dots for 5 days, I wouldve stayed with the affirm. I'm in customer service and I work with the public so i'm a little nervous about work tomorrow.
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Would you be able to give an update at this time?I am considering the same package at American Laser in Maryland. From your photos, we look to have similar skin types. I would really appreciate any new information since your first post.
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just remember there are no liscenced Drs. there at ALC.
They lock you in for a package treatment and you are basically on your own.
They will not refund your money after you make the committment.
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Thanks for posting the information. I also live in Seattle and I am hesitant to go to ALC because I had bad experience with them in the past for laser hair removal. However ALC is the only place in Seattle that I know of that offers the eMatrix.

I hope you will get great results. Are you going to have a few more treatments? Is $750 the regular price for a single session?
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Hi KT,

Welcome to the community. From what I have read you are by no means alone. A number of community members have mentioned it took at least a week to heal. How long had you been thinking about this procedure done and what prompted you to do it? How's your face feel today? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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