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I decided to begin a low impact exercise regime as...

I decided to begin a low impact exercise regime as I entered my 50's. The pain of the weight and heaviness of my breasts kept me from exercising to my full potential. I then decided to have breast reduction surgery.

I was in and out the same day of my surgery. I had very little discomfort. Over the course of 5 days I took a total of 3 Vicodin! The only reason I need the third pill was because I felt SO good by the 5th day that I did a little too much!

The doctor removed 1 pound of breast tissue from each breast. The pain in my neck and shoulders is gone. I no longer feel self-conscious. I went from a DD to a C cup. I actually have normal looking breasts! The ONLY con is that I waited so long.

Kelly - are you still active in Real Self? If so, can you send me a PM - I have a question regarding your doctor and your outcome and satisfaction. Appreciate your time! Thank you.
Hi,please someone im so nervous to get reduction! im 38G and the dr.said in and out surgery..not comfortable going home within a few hours of surgery not to mention my low tolerence for pain.
What if i have an infection? I wont know what to look for.also im nervous they will make nipples even.need some help. PLEASE

You will be fine.  The surgery is pretty quick and pain is controllable with meds.  I had mine done in the Outpatient Surgery Center and was glad to get home that same day. 

I actually was able to get myself up in the night the first night home for meds etc.  It went very well and my recovery was fairly easy. 

You could get infection with any surgery but I would not worry about that.  Your doctor will keep a close eye on you.  If you see anything that bothers you just call the doctor right away.

I am very happy with my results.
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At my initial consult he made me feel very comfortable. He understood what I was experiencing. He presented me with a lot of information which allowed me to make an informed decision. For my body size he recommended the best procedure and amount to remove to give me the most natural looking breasts for my body. He explained all the risks and I what I would experience post-surgery. There were NO surprises!

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