3ks 5dpo.....: TT,BA,BL - Seattle, WA May 21st

I have tuberous breasts with grade 3 ptosis. There...

I have tuberous breasts with grade 3 ptosis. There is about a 1 1/2-2 cup size difference. I have just gotten a referral for a consult from my insurance!! I will be going for that in June once I am finished with classes. I had thought about having a tt at time same time but am unsure because I have read you cant lift anything heavier than 5 lbs for 4-6 weeks and I have a 5, 3 and 1yr old. I will post some before pics soon. Wish me luck that my insurance company will cover more than just the consult.

Good luck! Yes, it's true what you've heard about lifting heavy objects (or little people) for 4 to 6 weeks. The recovery is quite intense (though most women believe it's worth it). You could always do the lift now and the tummy tuck when your children are a little older.

Keep us posted on how things go!


Well the PS recommended silicone above the muscle...

Well the PS recommended silicone above the muscle and no lift. I am not so sure about that. I think that I have read every post on here about BA's and it seems the majority of the Dr's prefer under the muscle. I would prefer to get a second opinion because I do not want to have any regrets or need a redo.

What did you end up doing, uniquely noone. Did you get implants/lift?

hi, just wanted to share that i had a tt in may 2011 and will have my BA w/ lift in june 2012. being hypothyroid i couldn't have both surgeries at the same time. now, i'm glad i spread them out. my kids were 1, 2 and 4 at the time of my surgery. i recovered in a family members house for 2 weeks before going home. then, i tried not to pick them up or anything for 2 weeks. but of course here and there i lift them. it's all good though. i was mostly swore the next morning after doing too much with the kids, so i knew to take it easier on my self. hope you have the results you are looking for!
I just read your post..I am considering having the lift and implants. I have lost a significant amount of weight, causing severe sagging, and also have asymmetry (a difference of 3 inches in the PS measurements). My INS co has said that this is cosmetic and denied the procedures. I am curious to find out if you were able to get your insurance to pay...I am working on an appeal letter and appreciate any feedback you can offer!

Well of course insurance denied covering the...

Well of course insurance denied covering the tuberous breast surgery even though we have the manual that clearly states they do indeed cover it. We are still working on that and should have a decision by the end of the month. (they denied it once and it is in appeal)Whether or not they cover it I AM having a mommy makeover as soon as we get back to our home state. We are currently in Alaska and I am not comfortable with the limited surgeons here. I am not going to use Dr Windle. He was super nice but after having asked the magnificent docs here a few questions, and they ALL agreed on a total different plan of action (and my years of research) I have decided to have consults with different dr's. I have 7 so far on my list of possibilities. I have no shame in interviewing so many. It's a big decision and I want to make sure that I have the best outcome possible.

Ok. If I am going to be honest here another thing...

Ok. If I am going to be honest here another thing that bothered me was the dr had the old man eyebrows, you know a few long stray ones and hair on his ears. My nipples need to be reduced so can I trust a dr who either does not notice or care about that to do something as major as reducing and realigning my nips? Would that bother anyone else or am I just that petty?

In my interview I didnt feel rushed. I had NO problems with 101 questions. and my ps didnt seem to mind. that and then 101 emailed questions ALL answered. never pressured. Every concern I had was addressed. Some concerns I found out were not even a concern. Like Mom_me said the new docs have new was and the old doc may be to set in his ways..Just know YOU need to be 100% comfortable in EVERY aspect from consult to email to phone calls to underssing.... If not keep looking.. oh and Mom-me is the one who informed me about the learning to shave .lol SHE WAS SO RIGHT!
Haha this is so funny! I'm gonna say that I believe the older doctors are going to do things "their way" because of course they think it's the best. The doctors now know soooo much and take so many new courses of study keeping up on all the latest greatest. The only stitches I saw were the ones at my drain entry site the rest were internal and disolvable and I could shower the day after. This is just my opinion though because maybe the older doctors find the new ways easier???
LOL Unique re: eyebrows!! Brought back memories of my first dentist when I was a child that had the HAIRIEST nose-I think that bothered me more or at least as much as the drilling-LOL!!! :)

I am a 40yrs young mother of 4. Being pregnant...

I am a 40yrs young mother of 4. Being pregnant with my first child I gained a tremendous amount of weight, @ 65-70lbs. My tummy never recovered even after losing all of the weight. Since then I have always looked pregnant. So I am excited to get the tt so that the dr can fix my diastis recti. I am currently a 32A and am wanting a nice "rack". I have been to many consults, first one being 20yrs ago but have not been able to follow through because I would get pregnant and I would chicken out. But findig this site and you ladies have helped me to overcome my fear of the unknown. Your stories have been instrumental in my making the decision that I AM going to do this. So thank you brave ladies. I am considering 425-450cc's. Silicone. One dr has suggested subglandular but I am concerned about mammograms so I am going submuscular. I had wanted to wait until school was out to have my procedure but that is not to be. So I have set up a consult for the 2nd of March. I wanted to have the surgery during spring break so my husband could be with me but that is not to be. So I am shooting for the 19th or 20th. ASAP. I am upset and weepy because I have NEVER been away from my kids. EVER. Maybe whilst I run to the grocers or gym but that is it. My husband will stay here with the kids, my son has school, and I will fly to Seattle solo. I have contacted a nursing staff and they charge $65 per hour!! OUCH..I am hoping that I can get by with 3 days and then be ok by myself at the hotel. I have been hitting the gym pretty hard in preparing myself for this surgery. I am trying to up my protein intake as per a dr's recommendation that I saw on here. 1/2gram protein per lb of body weight. BLAH. I am up to 25grams and feel bloated and gassy all the time. Maybe my vegan diet does not help. Uhmm my stats. I am 5'5 and weigh 125. That is all that I can think of for now. :) Oh yes, I have given up my mickey d's large sweet tea as of today and will wean myself off of my 2 can sodas that I have per day. I do not want to get the caffeine withdrawal headaches. I am open to and welcome suggestions and tips, so bring it on!! I will add pictures as soon as I can. I am NOT looking forward to that. EWWW. I will add cost once I have been to my consult and get the final tally.

Hi, thanks for your well wishes! My experience has been great! Not nearly asbad as I thought going in! Right now just really bored! Hopefully it stays this way! Looks like you have done your homework. Are you scheduled now? Sorry if I missed that.... Good luck and keep posted!

Ok. Wednesday night I decided to try my...

Ok. Wednesday night I decided to try my husband's whey protein. So I made myself a drink with one scoop. Oh gosh, at 2 in the morning I woke up sick as a dog. I was up every 30-45mins for the next 10hrs. I got so dehydrated that I almost passed out! I could not keep the liquids in. I will achy, weak and lethargic yesterday. My legs started spasming because I was not moving around. So, needless to say I will NOT be trying that again. Maybe I will try brown rice or soy protein.

I found Odwalla protein drinks.(soy based)...

I found Odwalla protein drinks.(soy based) Chocolate milk flavored. 17grams per 8oz. I just took a sip yesterday to see if I like it and OH MY GOSH. YUMMM. I am going to have a serving, 8oz, after my workouts and hopefully it will settle on my stomach better than the whey did. They also make micronutrient fruit drinks that I am going to drink. I will add these to my list of things to buy. I am going to be in a hotel so if you ladies can think of anything I may need there let me know. I called and found a hotel that will let me put a rented lift chair or bed in a room. The manager measured the door and called me on a Sunday!
Yeah, if you're vegan, I can only imagine how your body rebelled to whey. Have you rescheduled?
Thank you for your post on my review uniquelynoone. I was reading your story, your time will come when all is right. I have be wanting this for 20 years. I wish I would have done it sooner but it just wasn't in the card. But here I am waiting for it to happen.
Hey Uniquely just wondering how the quest for surgery is going??? Did you settle on a PS yet and surgery date?

Well we got the insurance to cover the procedure...

Well we got the insurance to cover the procedure but decided not to use it. I just am not comfortable with the dr. I wanted under the muscle due to lower risk of cc and better mammograms and he was unwilling to do that, saying he could not guarantee me good results. I am going to try and do the insurance thing once more due to if any complications arise now or in the future they will pay. Those unknown costs are scary! But am not waiting on the insurance angle. I have a surgery date of May 21st. Would love to have had an earlier date but none available and my husband was not a happy camper when he thought that he was not going to be with me. The 21st worked out because school is out and everyone can go with me. I am calm right now because it is so far away. I am sure the closer the date the worse my insomnia will get! The dr is giving me a pain pump at no charge. woohoo. I am all for anything that will ease the pain. We will all, hubs, myself and our kids, will be in a hotel for the duration so I am not wanting them to see me in pain. I do not want to scare them. Adding tummy pics but have to search the hard drives for the boob pics. As I stated, I always look pregnant so I am sure I have some diastis recti. Dr #1 said just a wee bit and did not mention suturing the muscles. But I work out 7dys a week, am 125lbs and wear sizes 2-4, no health issues so.....
omg you already look amazing i must say!!!! so i guess your just goin to look even more amazing after all is done...i have to admit tho..i wish i had your look bf...then i wouldnt have went thru all this..but i can understand how you feel and only you can make yourself happy so i say go for it but im ready to see how much more amazing the doc is goin to make you..so dont mind me if i stalk your page lol :-P
Hey there! You will look fantastic because you already do!! You asked about my swelling... I stopped swelling completely about 8 months after. I don't swell at all anymore even after a very hard workout. I do have areas that are numb and will probably stay that way. But I have gotten used to it:-)
I want to tell you that I treat my body kind like you do and it helped me tremendously in recovery. I bounced back much quicker than I imagined I would. I was also vegan and 40 at the time of my surgery! since my surgery I have stared to incorporate some animal proteins into my diet but I am still a whole foods/clean eatin' kind of gal :-) I wish you the best of luck and can't wait to see the new you!
want to just say thanks for all your support!

I flew into Seattle to see my dr Friday. I showed...

I flew into Seattle to see my dr Friday. I showed him pics of what I like, don't like, what I hope my final outcome will resemble. They brought out sizers and they only went up 397. Not sure why because one of his photos online he put in 550's. I of course said I want the 397 but won't it look smaller going under the muscle. He said I choose a size and then day of surgery he goes up a size. So if I like the 397 he will put in 425's. He said in his professional opinion, he recommends 337's which would put me at a medium c. He said that he will put in whatever size I want but he recommends the smaller implant. I am barely and A now and do not see how it would give me a c. I have no specific cup size in mind. So I told him that I would go and buy a c and d bra, fill them with rice and wear each for about a week and see if that can help me to decide. I will run on the treadmill at home (I will not wear them at the gym, too embarrassing. what if one fell out!!!) At another consult I went to some time ago I liked 425-450. So all of my pre-op is out of the way. I have to order my own garments. I thought that they at least one came with the price of surgery. Guess not. Decisions decisions. I do not want to look freakish and not be able to continue with my jogging and exercise but dang it, after 40yrs of not having tata's I am ready to have my shirts not sag in the breast area!! He said that I did not need lipo on the love handle area in his opinion and the money would be wasted BUT if I wanted it he would do it. So that is where I am at. Nothing decided but the date of surgery.

I know how you feel about being away from your kids, I totally feel that way too, one thing my kids were very scared of my drain tubes so you my want to let them know ahead of time so they don't get nervous when they see you after... Well if they are old enough. My 7 & 2 yr old were totally freaked out but my 5 yr old thought it was super cool. Also the day of and 2nd day I was pretty out of it, don't remember much & slept a lot my kids thought I was dying. I myself am a big believer of educating my kids that works for their age level because if you know more the less unknown & scary things seem. Just something for you to concider. Good luck, the wait I swear is the hardest part.

I wore the 339 rice bags all day today. My husband...

I wore the 339 rice bags all day today. My husband and I were cracking jokes on them all day. I am not sure that I would end up a C if I went that route. I bought a C bra and they filled out maybe 2/3's of the bra. I put on my B cup nursing sports bra and it filled it out better. My back was hurting off and on today. I have been working my back out but this tells me that I need to do it daily. Tomorrow I am going to fill the bags up to 425 and wear it but I must say that by the end of the day I was liking the look of the 339's. Ok about my Dr. Dr S. is SO very nice. We first communicated via phone and email but since I was going to be in Seattle he arranged to see me between surgeries on a day he does not usually see patients! He came in and measured me and took photos then he had to go perform a surgery so I did my pre-op paperwork and tried on sizers. When he came back we talked more about sizes, risks, etc. I was completely at ease and feel absolute confidence in his capabilities. That is something that I never thought that I would say about a ps. I have been to a few consults over the years and have never felt that before.
I was also going to say the rice is not very accurate. I got 339ccs. I'm very happy, listen to your doctor. He will do what's best for your body! I ultimately left it up to my PS, brought a pic of what I wanted to look like, he went a little smaller, and so many people have told me they look perfect, and natural with my body. Also, I'm not sure but I've noticed the people that get 550 usually have had implants before that they are swapping out. I guess when they clean out all the scar tissue they lose volume. That's my guess. I also read in my implant info from Natrelle that going bigger than 350ccs can have more risks and complications.
zumbamommy is right that listening to your PS is the best idea. THAT IS why your paying them. mine chose 400 mentor brand.. even my sister has no idea I had anything done and they do look very natural.. The implant diameter that is chosen by your dr. is done by measuring your breast width diameter.. trust them
on the rice sizers just a note. I wore the "350" rice sizers and they were not as accurate as one would hope. one thing for sure they do get you use to the LOOK.. They are helpful but they are on top of everything. I ended up with the 400cc silicone moderate plus profile and it looks identical .. only much prettier... than the 350 rice sizers. so helpful YES. perfect NO

Well Dr S recommended a mammogram because of my...

Well Dr S recommended a mammogram because of my age,(41 in 2mths). That is scheduled for Tuesday. Tick that off my list. I picked up my meds already. He gave me percoset, ambien, antibiotic, anti nausea medicine and xanax. HOLY COW. If I take all of that I will be flipping comatose!! I am skeptical about taking all of that but I trust him so...I am still trying to decide on a cc size. I have not filled my rice bags up to 425 yet. I have not worn the bags but once. LOLOL. It's a bit annoying. I will do that tomorrow and see how it feels. My sugery is 6wks away so I am not rushing yet. I am trying to soul search and find out what is most important to me. The size of my boobs or maintaining my physical lifestyle. Still no cc decided upon. Have a blessed weekend!!
Hey, I was thinking about you and your indecision on what size implants to get. Dr. Micheal Law is a very active ps here on realself. He is in the raliegh Durham NC area. On his web site he has a ton of information about implant size, age, lifts and effects on our body. He is the doctor my family knows indirectly and recommended the doc I chose here in Birmingham, AL. I chose to go with 250's. I was a B(ish) the day of surgery and I wanted to be a full C. He offers detailed explanations as to size vs need for breast lift and future surgery in women our age. You may find it helpful, you may already know it all. Can't wait for your day! Have a good Easter!
I personally felt the rice bags were much heavier than my implants. (and HOT it was august when I was wearing them) Also the lifestyle wont change much if you wear a GOOD sports bra. I have one that zips in front and love it. it was $35 at Macy's but worth it.. To keep my investment in place :) I to am very very active so I did consider that when I got mine. I know different brands and profiles all do make a difference in look.... no rush.. you liked you PS and feel comfortable with him that is a big thing.. So trust his decision.. Happy Easter
I am using the rice bags to get of feel of what I would look like and possibly how it would feel to do everyday things with boobs.

I came across this whilst researching juice detox...

I came across this whilst researching juice detox.

Constipation Cure

1 firm Papaya
1/4-inch slice Ginger Root
1 Pear
Throw into blender and add water.

I have not tried this yet but wanted to put it out here.
Wishing you luck on your up coming surgery. I thin you look great now so anything else is gravy. Maybe a mini tuck because u are so slim. Anyway praying for great results
You are going to do great! So excited for you!!
Your less than 5 wk away now uniquely. I bet you are getting excited and impatient I know I was lol. How did the mamio go? I have never had one.
I bet it is hard to decide on cc size I think that yogamom has good info to check out. Keep us posted on how the rice things work. I had a lift so no dessions lol. I'm a C I think still but a very perky C :)

I have decided on Natrelle Style 20 425cc silicone...

I have decided on Natrelle Style 20 425cc silicone. Woohoooo I am so excited. Come on 4wks n 2dys.
Just a little more than 3 weeks left for you!! I bet you are getting super excited. You are going to look fantastic you already look great this will be the icing on the cake ;)
I am so excited for your upcoming procedure(s). Your are a great weight/height and with the TT and BA you can compliment all the work you have done to get back into shape after babies. Let me know if you have any questions on either procedure as I have now been through both. Good luck!
Va Va Voom...425 High Profile's...nice..Unders?

Hey ladies. I came across this drink mixture to...

Hey ladies. I came across this drink mixture to help you go to the potty. It seems to be stronger than a stool softener but not as strong as a laxative.

1/2 cup apple juice
1 Tablespoon aloe vera juice
1 Tablespoon psyllium husk (not metamucil)

Drink this in the morning and again before dinner.

I am using this and will be doing this after surgery as well. I hope that it helps.
I'm having my surgery May 25th, so you'll be a few recovery days ahead of me. I'll be looking forward to your posts!
I am stoked. I went to my first consult almost 20yrs ago but chickened out and now I am finally going through with it. Thanks to all of you ladies who have been brave enough to post your journey. It has taken some of the fear out of the procedures.

I have a question for you ladies. When I ordered...

I have a question for you ladies. When I ordered my compression garment for the ba/bl the nurse said since I am getting 425cc to order a D cup. So when the swelling goes down and they drop and fluff will they go down to a C cup or is the D cup the size I can expect when it's all said and done?
The surgery is now paid in full! It makes it more real.
yes...its true dont let the d cup get too you ... I bought some 3 d cups and two c cups... im 5 weeks post op and my sweling have gone down.. i go to the doctor tomorrow so I will post another update on tomorrow.. i went with 400cc and I a 34a before

Let me say that if you DREAD being a D.... and its not that bad. I will post a pic. I am 5'4" and 130 and I am a D....But if its just the letter that bothers you then shop around till you find a bra that fits that is not a D.. I mean NO tow bras are the same and a D in one is a DD in another or a C in another... dont let the number bother you...letter I mean. I will post me in a T shirt on my review in a few minutes. I am wearing a medium shirt. I can also do a form fitting shirt too so you can see the difference..

I have not had my BL/BA yet, but currently I am a C/D cup depending on bra. Victoria's Secret even said I was a DD (but I dont believe their sizing). Most people don't believe I wear that size bra to look at me, but I do. Most think I'm smaller. So, when I get my BA here in a few weeks, I am doing it to "reinflate." Hoping I won't be bigger than a D then, but I'll be happy to actually look like I'm a D then!

Ok I am 16 days away. YIKES. Even though we are...

Ok I am 16 days away. YIKES. Even though we are going to be in a hotel for 2wks following surgery I have been in nesting mode. I am pulling out summer clothes and packing winter, organizing everything. It is nice because it keeps me busy and the surgery off my mind. I have always had sleep problems but it is worse now that the surgery is near.
My dr said that I did not need an extended tt or lipo but I am still worrying about that. I don't see how I will "have improvement" on my hips without at least the extended. I am going to take pictures of me pinching the skin and send it to him with a few questions. I do not want a case of the shoulda coulda wouldas after surgery so I am going to address this once more to clear my mind.

Sorry I did not explain myself better about the...

Sorry I did not explain myself better about the size question. I am not worried about being a D cup. I have broad shoulders and am curvy and could carry it or a larger size. I am worried that I will be smaller than a D and I feel that would be too small. Of course I would not know that for sure until after the surgery, I could end up thinking a D is too large but I highly doubt that. Being that I have always been an A/AA cup, except when nursing my children, I am in the mindset the bigger the better!!! (Of course so is hubs)

I thought I needed Extended too. doc said no... I'm glad I listened. My incision goes pastthe hip bones BUT NOT to the back... that may be what extended means in his office.. that was what my doc said to me...that it was going to the back not just past hips.. but ask..Thats why you pay the $$ ..And the size. got ya!. so I have a few questions. Are you getting over or under muscle. I know you were concerned about that.  Also did you get an idea on size yet. I know it is hard everyone is SO different. differnet body shape, weight ect...  I am glad I listened to my doc and went with 400CC Moderate Plus silicone UNDER muscle... ...
U definitely don't need extended. Ask him about a limitless liposuction for contour. You look thin so that's why he say no need. Good luck

We will be staying in a hotel for 2wks following...

We will be staying in a hotel for 2wks following my surgery. What do you ladies suggest that I will need? I do not want to pack more than I will need. When were you able to lift your arms to put on a slip on shirt?
I have so far:
2 snap front shirts
4 stretchy/loose slip on yoga pants
4 pr granny panties
2 pr boxers
2 wife beaters

Read my post and it will tell what you need I am 17 PO

I wore the granny gown too! it was so easy for the changing of dressings gause and garments. My drains came out fairly quick. Check my review I think it was the first week even. scroll to the week of January 6th..
You are really small already you are going to look so great! It may sound old lady like but I loved having night gowns! The were so comfortable and I also loved wearing my robe. I got a few different summer dresses because of the drain- I only had one but it went into my thigh instead of my hip and the drains are sometimes very hard to hide.

I am still not nervous even though I am a week...

I am still not nervous even though I am a week away from surgery. I have been keeping busy so that keeps me from dwelling on the what if's. I am sure the day before I will be in panic mode.
I just had to come say YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I know everything is going to be great. We are thinking about you and will be here when it's over. xoxoxo
Good luck tomorrow! You are gonna do great!
Good luck to you tomorrow. Don't forget to update us.

Well after 12 wks of waiting my time is finally...

Well after 12 wks of waiting my time is finally here....and I am scared sh!tless. I have been second guessing this decision for 5 days now. I am ready to get it over with. I have 4 hours until I need to check in and this is going to be the longest 4hrs of my life. Good luck to the other ladies who are having anything done today.
Hope you are doing well!
Good luck with everything. Let us know how it goes. Looking forward to seeing the after pictures.
Hope your recovery is going well!

Today is day 2. i am stiff and sore. when i went...

today is day 2. i am stiff and sore. when i went for my post op yesterday he said my muscles were seperated by about 4-5inces. my muscles are the worst part. i go back tomorrow for 1 drain removal and pain pump removal. hubs took photos yesterday. i will upload them in a bit. i am up going to tinkle every 2 hours. you can almost set your clock by it. dr s that is good. my body is healthy and getting rid of the swelling. i am staggering my percoset and valium so i am taking something every 4-5hrs.

Here are a few snapshots that the hubs took whilst...

Here are a few snapshots that the hubs took whilst the dr was looking things over. He will change steri strips Thursday so hopefully we will get a better view. He said that he only needed to do the lollipop lift on me. So that was a nice surprise. He said that he did not need to do the extended tt becuase I did not need it and to do so would just be "wasting my money".Upon discharge the nurse said that if my husband did not want to drive the car over they would wheel me to the hotel, it;s across the street from the clinic' but it was windy so he drove because of the kids. whilst we were waiting for him to bring the car over the nurse noticed i was cold and she took off her scrub jacket and wrapped me in it which i found extrememly nice. my post op appt was for 9:45 but the nurse told my husband that if we could not make it then to come in whenever we could. I have a follow up on thursday and he is coming in just for my appt because he is not here on thursdays. so i am LOVING dr salemy and his staff. they have made this procedure much easier.
Uniquely, I'm so glad that you are doing well, you are going to look amazing, I can tell already!! My PS is a steri stripper guy too!!! 6 weeks before my steri strips come off, I only ever see my scars when he is changing out my tape and let me tell you, those things are magic!!!! My scar lines look like they are drawn on with a pencil!!! So consider yourself lucky that you have a PS who believes in them, because they work wonders, I have taken pics in the office weekly when he changes mine, amazed that you can't even see where he cut in some places already and I had an Extended!!! You are gonna do so great!
great... glad everything went A.O.K congrats
Glad to hear that things are going ok so far!

I went for my 3 day po yesterday. After reading...

I went for my 3 day po yesterday. After reading what you ladies posted I took a pain pill prior. He pulled one drain and the pain pump. It was not painful at all. I did not know he had begun until he said he was finished. I am itching like mad. He said I could shower now and that would help. I asked about wearing a wife beater underneath the bra and he said no. My left breast is dropping and is not as swollen but the right. OH MAN it is S-O-R-E and tight. He changed the steri strips so I have some photos. I have a small verticle line. He said that I did not have enough skin or something to pull it down enought to cut it off. Which I am ok with. My tubal scar is barely noticeable so I know these will do great as well. I gave him free reign to decide where to place the incision. He asked if I wanted it low, real low and I said yes but I do not wear bikinis so do what you think is going to be aesthically pleasing. I asked about the pulling the mons up high and having pubes sticking out of undies and what not and he said that I did not need to worry about that because I did not have a saggy mons so I would not need a lift of that area.
Shout out to my husband. He has been fantastic throughout this. He has been my rock and my soft shoulder when needed. WE have figured out how to maneuver me so that it does not pull on my abs. When in the bed and I need to get out, he puts his arms around my back, mine on his chest and he pulls me forward.( i love this position because he nuzzles my neck and I his) he keeps one hand on my back and I am able to scootch my legs ovr and off the bed. When getting back on the bed I sit down and put one leg on the bed, he puts his arm behind me for support and I scoot my other leg in the bed. He puts one arm behind my back and one under my legs and he lays me back against the pillows. I just lay there and knock onwood so far it has not caused any discomfort. When we get home I am going to suprise him with a months worth of deep tissue massages. He deserves it. So ladies hopefully this will help those of you coming up for your surgery.
BM-I went on day 3 and have not taken anything, A week prior to surgery I took 1/2c apple juice, 1Tablespoon aloe vera juice and 1 Tablespoon of psyllium husk twice a day. Day prior to surgery I did an all liquid diet. After surgery I got sick so I ate a few crackers and drank vitamin water all day so not really anything solid on my tummy. I was up every 2 hours to tinkle so I will eat at least 2 crackers and drink some water if not hungry. But if I am hungry I have had soup, wilted kale or greek yogurt parfait.
Last night I slept 6hrs straight. It felt wonderful. Today we took the kids outside to play and my back was killing me even though I sat in a chair.
Aaahh the crotchless garment. what to say. My husband and I have had the best time coming up with jokes about this thing. We should have been writing them down. I wear it and nothing else in the hotel room. The kids pay me no never mind but my husband has to cop a feel each time I pass him.
I would have to agree with the ladies who say that day 3 you turn a corner for the best. I definately feel better. There has been no pain just alot of discomfort in my abs and my right boob that does not want to go down.
Oh yes my dr. He came especially to see me yesterday and change my steri strips. My husband shook his hand and thanked him for coming in on his off day and he said that he would not have felt comfortable not seeing me yesterday so don't make more out of it than it is. An assistant could have done it but he chose to do it himself. another reason why I am blown away by dr salemy.
Looking good. Sounds like you are doing well and that your ps is taking great care of you. Continued healing and rest. You are going to have fantastic results!
Glad to be able to help. : )
Thanks Bee. I'm to have it in my tummy. According to my PS he says he doesn't do tucks with out it. I'm glad to hear firsthand that it works.

Well it is 5dpo. I am starting to break out in...

Well it is 5dpo. I am starting to break out in welps from the garment. I am taking benadryl and wearing a wife beater under my garment. I had asked dr s about wearing one at my last visit but he said no. I have washed the garment and am taking a shower daily. my left breast is dropping nicely but the right is taking its time. i'm a rightie so maybe that has something to do with it. dr s mentioned that my daistis recti was 4-6inches in width!! (he used his hands to show not words) if i repeat myself forgive me. i had to take benadryl for the itching and half a valium when we went out earlier for a drive to look at some of what washington has to offer. i slept 6hr straight last night and it felt wonderful. i have woken up scootched all the way down in bed flat on my back with no pillow under my head but i still have the 2 under my legs!! yikes. i hope that is ok. when dr s changed the steri strips thursday a lil skin came off as well. he said it is normal. we are putting anti biotic ointment on it. i have a welp coming out from another section of tape. i am putting ointment on it and keeping an eye on it as well. i go back for my last visit at 9dpo. then we will be heading back home on a
Sounds like things are going good for you Uniquely :)!! What nice thing you did to give back to your hubby. My hubby was also very supportive. Your looking great already, everyday gets better.
How are you feeling now girl?

Yesterday was a chill day. We went outside and sat...

Yesterday was a chill day. We went outside and sat in the sun for a spell. That is getting B-O-R-I-N-G!!! I am not a sitting around type of person. Today, Sunday we went to Target and I drove the cart thingie..woohooo I was proud of myself, I only hit something once. Then we went to Chuck e Cheese and let the kids play for about an hour. We stopped at IHOP on the way back to the hotel and even though I hate them I ate an egg white omelet with spinach because I need the protein. My drain is putting nothing out and I have to keep it in until my next appt which is Wednesday. I have seen chunks of fat in there, has anyone else? My right boob was hurting big time. Before we left for town I took a valium and after we ate I took a percoset and am now laying in the bed with my feet propped up. I could feel myself swelling. My garment got so tight. I guess I should have sat at some point in time at CEC but I love watching the kids play. I needed to. I started feeling down in the dumps the morning. I am only 6dpo and sitting around is already getting to me. I am trying to remind myself that this is all temporary. I have the feeling back in my left nipple already. The left boob is getting softer by the day. The right is numb and is soft but it is taking its time. I need to shave my legs. I am not about to let my husband near me with a razor. The hair is getting so long I guess I could braid it if I get too bored. Hopefully after dr s pulls my last drain Wednesday he will give me clearance to take a sit down bath. I am having an allergic reaction to my garment. I am breaking out in welps around the legs, on my butt and the sides. Basically wherever there is elastic. I am taking benadryl. Reading dr s' reply to a post about garments he said he will put his patients in spanx after a week so I am going to deal with it a few more days then I should get clearance for spanx. I have tried to upload photos but I guess because we are staying on post it is blocking me from doing so. So I will add more when we get home next weekend. I am taking a photo daily of my boobs so that I can chart the progress and compare. I am glad that we did not spend the money to buy a toilet seat riser or walker. I was going to but the guy could not meet me. I had read all of the posts prior to my surgery and the majority of the ladies said to work your legs a bit more than usual. So I did squats, lunges, etc several times a week. I found it easier the first 2 days to stand with legs bent a bit to tinkle. Gravity helped. By the time I needed to have a bm I could sit and get up unassisted. So that money saved I can buy a cute bra or two. No more training bras for this ole gal!! woot woot. The rest of the day I plan to lay around and watch movies with my feet propped up. We put a bajillion of them on a hard drive and brought with us so that I would have something to watch. healthy and happy healing..
Uniquely, I am 3dpo and just coughed for the first time. OMG, I thought I was going to die! i've never had such pain. Can I ruin my abd stitches from coughing? It burned like I was on fire.
U are going to shape up super fly!! I know choosing your breast size was a little daunting, how do you feel abt your desicion? So far your looking great!
your journey through this and recovery has made me less fearful of the surgery. my lift w/ augmentation is next monday. so thanks for all the details. wishing you a fast recovery!

8dpo. We pulled the last drain last night. So I...

8dpo. We pulled the last drain last night. So I could ditch the stretchy pants and I bought a pair of jeans to wear. I bought a 6, they are baggy but I wanted to be able to wear them when I am swelling as well. We went to the mall. I loved looking around. I tried on a few shirts but my right boob still hurts so I gave up on trying on clothes quickly. I did purchase a bikini, my first ever, at wet seal. I will NOT be wearing it in public but will around the house for my husband. I have added a photo of that. Never thought I would do that. EVER. Tomorrow I go back to see Dr S for my 9dpo visit and last one before we leave on Friday. So I should be getting alot of information. I bought a pair of flexees high waisted panties but I was swelling so I took them off and put my regular garment back on. My garment goes up higher than the flexees. I will see if I can find some real high waisted panties to wear.I still need to find a sports bra to wear. I do not like the kind that you pull over, with my right boob still sore it would hurt like heck to wriggle in and out of that so I am going to try and find a snap front one.
uniquelynoone, your waist line is tiny, looking beautiful in that bikini!!! how is the old belly botton (vertical incision) going? do you have new pictures? my Mommy makeover is next Thursday 7, I'm nervous just thinking how painfull will be the recovery.
You are looking great!

Unique, you look wonderful!!! I agree with mustang I would wear that bikini everyday if I had that body!!! I'm planning on getting a TT just haven't decide on the date. I hope mine will look as good as yours. How are you feeling?

14dpo. I saw my Dr S at 10dpo. I guess since I am...

14dpo. I saw my Dr S at 10dpo. I guess since I am not in the same state as he, he is being very restrictive with his instructions for me.
No walking on treadmill or any form of exercise for 6wks.
Wear my original compression garment for tummy for 6 weeks, although I am able to wear a sports bra with a strap across the top that he gave me.
He changed the tape on my incisions and said for us to change it weekly for 6 weeks( so weekly pics of incisions) and I can start scar treatment then.
No bath in a more than a few inches of water for 6 weeks.
My right breast swelled more than it was and I was very worried that I had hurt it. In the hotel my husband was off to get breakfast and my 6yr old caught his hand in the door and I had to jerk it open then my 4yr old did the same thing the next day. Getting out of the car I forgot to let the door go and it jerked my arm. OUCH. Then when we got back home I was trying to help my husband with things around the house. I layed around yesterday and just let my husband do everything, which he had been telling me to let him do things. It is hard when you are a bit ocd because I like things done a certain way, in a certain order, at certain times. Well when I got up this morning the breast swelling had gone down some. So big relief. That scared the beJESUS out of me so I am not doing a darn thing.
The dr said that I could go without my garments for an hour twice a day and when I let the girls out this morning my nipples were so sensitive even the air was bothering them. I could only go without a garment for maybe 30mins then I had to cover back up.
My stomach is still swollen the same size as from post surgery day one. I am watching my salt and drink a gallon of water a day.
I do have a hard spot at the top of my ab muscles that I forgot to get the dr to look at. If it has not gone away in a month or so I may fly back to Seattle for a look-see.
Waking up is the hardest and painful-est. When I am half awake I start stretching my muscles from toes to head. It is habitual so I still do it and ouch that hurts. I stop when I feel the first twinge. I need to stop doing that period.
I forgot to mention that for the first 2-3 days after surgery I felt like I had so much air trapped in my chest. I felt like I needed to burp but could not. And I could not get the taste of the anesthesia out of my mouth for the same amount of time.
I weighed myself last night and I am the same weight or down 1lb from pre surgery. Pre-surgery I wear 2-4. I wore a pair of my 4's yesterday but I had on my compression garment of course. Hydration has helped me tremendously I'm sure. As I said I drink at least a gallon of water a day.
My incision sites are itching me like mad. I guess it is the scabbing. I take a benadryl and that makes me loopy so laying around in the bed it easy after that. LMAO. My husband is off for 2 more weeks to take care of me so I have decided to make the most of it.
I will add some pictures in bit. I need to get my husband to email to me from his cell.
To those ladies waiting, the wait is the worst part. I had myself worked up over the pain and the unknowns for nothing. It is not a cake walk but if you stay on top of your meds the first few days and REST, it is all manageable. To those of you who have had surgery, healthy and happy healing!!!!
I just asked the nurse at my PS office if I could stroll around my neighborhood today and she said as long as I don't get my heart rate up, I could walk slowly....what? why? I mean I won't if she says not to, but are my boobs gonna explode if my heart rate goes up?
It is very hard not to do things, I completely agree Unique! I also remember after surgery I couldn't seem to get enough breath or even yawn. That feeling of needing to burp mustve been aweful. And after surgery my tastebuds kicked into overdrive. I finally feel like things taste "normal" again.
I agree about working myself up over the surgery and pain, etc...but this HEALING is taking forever! lol...I'm over 40 and have the patience of a toddler!
BTW....if I haven't mentioned it before...that bikini is too cute! look at you so cute and sexy! good for you!!!
You look great. Why did you have to fly into Seattle?
looking good!

I forgot to add, when I went to try on sports...

I forgot to add, when I went to try on sports bra's I wanted a zip front one for convenience, well not knowing my size I took a M & L to the dressing room. I tried the large on first and felt that maybe I should have more support, like the comp. bra, well I tried on the medium and mamma mia, as soon as I zipped that thing up it smooshed my boobs together. I was like holy hell, it hurt so bad!!! Nice cleavage,(I had to take a moment to appreciate my first ever cleavage in a bra) I did not buy a zip front one. I will wait a bit on that. LMAO. I added photos from tape change yesterday. I am laying down, legs propped up and have a big ole booty, so that is affecting the look of the tummy. (my husband told me, you have a big badonka, so remember that) I am hyper critical of myself. So thanks to all of you ladies who have told me how nice I look. I have always been thick thighed and as I said have a big ole booty so I have always been self conscious. Oh yes, I went online to see how to figure out my bra size and from what I found I would be a 34B. I have not tried on bras in the store yet. I was waiting until I am less swollen. My right side is still bigger than the left. I am constantly reminding myself that although I have seen beautiful results so far(i have boobs and not flat pancakes) that I have to be patient to see my final results and not fret about how the scars look right now. I had my tubes tied and that scar is BARELY visable so I have hope that with time and scar treatment my makeover scars will look as good as my tubal scar.
Where the drains were at and below is so flipping itchy. I have trimmed the hair around the area but it is driving me bonkers. Has anyone else experienced this? If so what brought relief?
your belly button looks so good. Right now I am obsessed with that bc a lot of people say you can tell if a girl has gotten a tummy tuck bc of her belly button. you cant tell on yours at all

3wks 5 dpo. My right boob is still swollen, I...

3wks 5 dpo. My right boob is still swollen, I think that I may have some fluid in the right boob by the cleavage line. I have read that if there is not alot of fluid then dr's will wait it out because the body will absorb it. I am keeping an eye on it and may call my ps in a week or two if there are no changes. At this stage is it normal for them to still be red? I am to wear my compression bra or sports bra until I hit my 6wk mark, however, if we go to town I will wear a cami with a built in bra and my strap until we reach the store then take the strap off. I did that yesterday when I went to the salon. 3hrs later my girls were feeling swollen so when I stopped off at the grocers on the way home I bought a wirefree bra, C cup, to wear to support them until I got home. Driving to the salon the roads were so bumpy and was making them feel uncomfortable so I had to drive(first time I have driven) with my arms glued to my sides to keep the girls from bouncing around. I have been doing pretty good about not lifting anything more than maybe 5lbs. I do not feel tired but I have noticed that if I do not put my feet up during the day my tummy will swell just a little bit more than what I have going on already. My tummy is still swollen all the time and numb. The swelling is not that bad(knock on wood) so I am not too worried about that right now. There is some puckering around the incision line but I know that that is normal so I am not sweating that. I must say that I feel that my girls are too small. I have line backer shoulders and am curvy and feel that I could pull off, proportional wise, a bigger chest. My ps said that I could not have gone bigger than 425. I wonder how that is possible when I have seen photos of women with a flat-flat chest get DD's. I was small, A cup but my skin had already been stretched 4 times by pregnancy and nursing. I think I got up to a C-D my first 2 pregnancies. My husband asked me yesterday if I wanted to go back in a year and have them redone.( he said that he was ok with it if I wanted to, bless him) but I told him no. I do not want to go through another surgery and will live with what I have. My nipples have been erect since day one and still are. How long does that last? They are still senstive but are not as bad as they were. I have a stretch mark from pregnancy on my right one that itches me like mad! I am using hydrocortisone on it and sometimes have to take a benadryl. Can't wait for that to stop itching. My husband goes back to work Tuesday :( He said to do as less as possible and leave the heavy lifting for when he comes home during lunch and after work. I am attaching some photos of me dressed. I am wearing size 4's, with my compression garment on of course, no muffin top! woohoo. That is awesome to see. I am wearing a bra in these photos. (I took these after I got home from the grocers yesterday after leaving the salon)
oh Unique...to be a size 4 again (sigh)...that tank top looks so nice on you! and TUCKED IN too!!! with a belt!!! woot!

Just wanted to say sorry that I have not replied...

Just wanted to say sorry that I have not replied to the comments. We stayed in a hotel for 2weeks following surgery and never had 10 mins to myself. I would try to type and found myself typing what was being said around me. Since being home it has not been too different. My husband is still home and right here, plus my kids. They like to stay right beside me which they did prior to surgery but I must say my 6yr old has been so sweet. When I have tried to fix him a drink, pick up a toy or something he would tell me let me get that for you, I don't want you to hurt yourself. Be still my heart. He is a good kid.
The reason I have talked about the sizes I wear or have worn in the photos is to show that, for me there has not been a tremendous amount of swelling. Which I attribute to my no salt diet as well as wearing my original compression garment 24/7 unless I am washing it or bathing. And my drinking at least a gallon of water a day.
To those who have had surgery, healthy and happy healing!
To those waiting-good luck; it is not that bad!
Hi, I was curious how you are doing??
Hi, this is very helpful! How are you healing?
How was your recovery?
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