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Brand New Boobs - Seattle, WA

I just got my implants this week. This has ben a...

I just got my implants this week. This has ben a decision I have ben debating on for years but I finally decided I was ready.

I was a 34A and most of the time not even fully filling out an A. I did lots of research before choosing a doctor and several consultations. I am glad I chose the doctor I did. He made me and my husband very comfortable with the procedure. He also understood that I wanted a natural look. I have a small frame and I did not want to look like my breasts could be floatation devices. I chose to go with a silicone implant of 286 cc, so I should be a large B or small C.

I really thought I would be in more pain after surgery but really its mainly just being uncomfortable. The pain meds definitely help and I do have them on a timer. I a very excited to see what my new boobs look like once the swelling goes down and i will try to load pictures

So I had my surgery on Tuesday and so far I have...

So I had my surgery on Tuesday and so far I have been doing really well. I did take the pain meds and the muscle relaxers as directed for the first 48 hours after the proceedure. Since then I have only ambien and a pain med before bed. I do recommend taking a laxative if you are taking pain meds, a side effect is constipation. Not that glamorous, but completely necessary. Tuesday thru Thursday I pretty much slept and relaxed. I dont know if it was a side effect of the meds but I really had no appetite.

I am happy to report since I have been up and about getting back to normal. I walked to brunch today and ejoyed a normal weekend.

I think my breasts are still a bit swollen but I am really happy so far. Before surgery I was really hesitant to tell people because I thought they might judge me. But I have found the complete opposite, everyone has been very supportive.

The after surgery bra is not very attractive so I can't wait to wear normal clothing and bras. So I have attached pictures. Just a side note the red lines on my before pic are my fault. I was having some trouble figuring out how to use a mac.

So it has been a little over two months since my...

So it has been a little over two months since my surgery. I was measured in a store and I am now a 34 C and I am very happy with my results. I feel like they look very natural and I love the way my clothes are fitting. My husband likes the new change and my friends have been very facinated about the whole process.

I feel like my body is still adjusting. I do notice that my left breast has more sensativity to the touch and is softer than the right. I assume thats because I am left handed so I have still continued to massage the right breast.

One thing I found difficult after the surgery was the exercise restrictions. I tried to change my diet since I wasn't burning the calories, but I don't have the best self control. So I started walking right away after the surgery, and then a month later I did start slowly going back to the gym and getting on the elyptical. Once I got the go ahead after the 6 weeks, I started right away lifting weights and running. It does feel a little different running, and I am discovering the benefits of a good sports bra.

There are two things that I have not gotten completely used to yet. First my nipples are really sensitive. I believe since they have been stretched the nerves are still figuring out what to do. I just feel like they are always on alert and I dont like stimulation to them as much anymore. And second, my scars are darker than I would like. The scar cream is helping, but I guess I want instant gratification and for them to just lighten up.

Overall it has been a very positive experience for me and I still am very happy with my decision to go forward with the breast augmentation
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My dream size and look :)
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You look great! What profile did you get? I may have missed it when I skimmed the comments...
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hi there,
thanks so much for ur updates............ u look AMAZING :D
i have been to 2 consultations with my surgeon and i'm super excited now. i would b roughly the same size as u (wear an A cup but dont always fill it :( ) and we have decided that i will have a 280 fill.
u look fantastic.

Well done for achieving ur goal xoxo
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Did your surgen FILL each breast with 286cc? What implant size did you get?
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i chose a silicone implant and it was ordered pre filled at 286 cc. i'm not sure if it was a specific profile/type of silicone implant. my understanding is that the saline implants are inserted and then saline is filled in the breast.
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I love your new girls! they look very natural! :)
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what kind of profile implant did u get?
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Do you have any updated photos now that you are a few months post-op?
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you do look great, i am now 5 days post op and feel a slight fever even though i am on antibiotics..i am glad i went through with it and my surgeon was wonderful day after surgery i had all feeling in my breasts and nipples, only annoying thing is having to force myself not to do anything...
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Looks great!
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Would you mind reposting pictures now that you are two months out? I have an appointment with Dr. Salemy in two weeks!
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Sure, I am posting an update tonight. He was a really great doctor, I hope your appointment goes well!
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hello ladies:
my surgery is booked for sept 28th, i am getting 350cc moderate silicone, i am very excited and a little scared, hopefully everything goes well and by xmas i can wear a sexy dress and no padding! lol
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Good luck with your surgery! I'm sure everything will turn out great, perfect timing for the christmas dress!
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I am looking into getting BA as well. I have seriously thought about it for over two years. As a teenage I was always told that my breast would eventually grow, I got all the way up to 19, had a baby and still no breast. I've concluded now at 22 that they are not going ot grow naturally and my only chance of having breast would be augmentation. I've research the procedure in school through a project but what I am still a little lost on is how to pick a doctor. I know that they should have certain certifications but besidess that what do you look for? I'm looking in my area (columbia, SC) at the certified doctors but I don't really know what to go off of. U look at their before and after pictures and read bios. Any advice? Your results are inspiring. I am pretty much your before size if not smaller, and I hope to look nature and the same size as you.
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I felt the same way, if I'm patient maybe one day breasts will magically appear! I am very happy with my results and I am a little over a month post op. I was pretty lost on how to choose a doctor going before the procedure. I started my search by looking at doctors educations, if they were board certified, and pictures on their websites but what I found most helpful on the web was looking at message boards and other peoples experiences. I think that helped me really narrow down what doctors I wanted to call and get more information. Just from my personal experience I felt I learned a lot about the doctors office just from my initial phone call. I was really apprehensive about even making calls for a consultation and some offices I called I felt like just another number and uncomfortable just asking a couple questions. I ultimately picked my doctor because I felt comfortable with both his expertise and his staff. It is surgery so its important not to hold back and ask any sort of question that you may have. I would just encourage you to do some initial research online and then go interview a couple of doctors AND their staff. I hope that helps and good luck on your research!
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Yes that does help, thank you very! I will take all of your suggestions and use them during my journey.

Did you ask your doctor how much it would cost to replace the implants in another ten years or if they repture? After the research that I've already done I've learned that either way you would have to replace the implant eventually. This one of my concerns too. Multiple surgeries for how ever long I'll have the implants (possibliy my lifetime), and the financial cost of replacement.

Hows the scar? How does you chest feel compared to pre-op?
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I did read and ask about how often the implants would have to be replaced, but didn't ask the specifics on cost. I assume with medical advancements, technology, and whatnot the cost would be difficult to predict ten years down the road. I chose a silicon implant and from what the doctor told me and my research the chance of rupturing is low and saline is more likely to rupture, since there is a vulnerable spot where they fill the implant. Keeping the implants and myself healthy for the long term has been something that I have been thinking about more since the procedure and I was planning on asking more questions when I go in for my follow up appointment later this week. So I will post an update once I get some more information.

My scars are maybe about an inch and have healed nicely so far. They are covered up for the most part by the crease of my breast. My chest feels so much better now then the first week or two after surgery. All the swelling is gone and I have been regaining sensation. A couple weeks ago I didn't have sensation on the inside of my right breast, but recently it has been coming back. My nipples are super sensitive, almost annoyingly sensitive. I feel like the implant has settled in and nerves are still healing.
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I went with a friend to a consultantion for her implant/lift in Charlotte, NC and I was able to get more information on that particular office. They said that replacing an implant would be a little cheaper because there is already a pocket there from the first. So it's just about pulling one out an putting the other back in.

My goal is to keep both the implant and myself healthy as well.

How was your follow up visit? Does you chest feel heavier now that you have breast? Can you post some pictures of them now that the swelling has gone down?

How soon were you able to lift things and do normal things?
Just curious questions that I have. I have a two year old that I stay home with right now, and I know that I do a lot of lifting and I'm not really sure when I would be able to get back after the surgery.

I'm glad to hear that you are healing well!
Thank you for the information as well.
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That is what I learned as well. I hope to keep the boobs healthy for the next several years.

The follow up visit went really well. It was really quick, and the doctor said everything had healed and was settling great.

My chest does feel heavier but its not uncomfortabale and they are so perky I feel comfortable without a bra on. I have noticed that my left breast is softer and more sensative than my right, and I think that may be attributed to the fact that I am left handed. More action on that side?

Thats a good question about lifting. I was told not to lift anything for 6 weeks and I tried to stay away from lifting anything very heavy for maybe the first month and even after that I didn't lift much. I did feel some pulling in some occassions like when reaching for a glass on the top shelf. I was told to stay away from the gym until my six week check up and I didn't fully follow that. I got back into the gym and doing light workouts maybe a month later. Once I got cleared after the six week check up I started working out and lifting weights again that afternoon.

Hope I was able to maybe answer your questions. Sorry for the delayed response, but I also am finally posting some new photos.
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i am a mother of 3 grown boys and am 42 yrsold, i have a very small build and cannot wear a bra without padding or even a bathing suit..i am going for my consultation in a week and am so excited but also scared.i am not doing this to just look like a bimbo i have wanted this for many years and like you i want to look natural.. But i am a runner and don't know if this with affect my running and am also scared what my friends and family will think..But after looking at your photos i am even more determined..
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i was in the same place going into my consultation, but i completely encourage you to ask your doctor all your questions. i think if you are doing this for yourself and get an augmentation that compliments your body, your going to have support from everyone. my husband was the only person who knew i was going in for the procedure, but once i did confide in some friends they were actually really excited for me. i love running and staying physically active too and i was told that after I am completely healed that running will not be a problem. i guess the only problem is being patient and not running for a couple months! So good luck with your consultation and i really hope everything works out! i would love to hear how your consultation goes.
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They look great! Super natural too. Do you have large scars? I'm wanting implants but right now I'm occupied with college. How long is recovery?
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Thank you! Natural is definitely what I was hoping to accomplish.

I don't know yet about the scars. The doc told me they would be minimal, i haven't been back yet for my 2nd post appointment. As for recovery, depends on what you mean. There is a ugly bra you need to wear for three weeks and then for another 3 weeks a sports bra or a bra without underwire. But I was up and active 3 days after the procedure and I have felt fine. I have found if i'm uncomfortable taking a tylenol works great. For me what is kind of a bugger is I have been told not to get back to my exercise routine for 4-6 weeks.

I originally wanted to get implants while in college. I'm 26 now, and I'm glad I waited. There are enough things going on while your in school and I think for me personally waiting a bit longer really gave me the time to be comfortable with the rest of my body and made this decision completely for me.
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You look great! Modest and perky and beautiful. You must be thrilled. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and photos here on RealSelf!

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