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Hi! Im 21years old, 5'1 & 125lbs. I have a...

Hi! Im 21years old, 5'1 & 125lbs. I have a 11month old son via csection&breastfed for only 1 month. I don't plan on having anymore kids for a Very long time. My breasts look fine but aftermilk they are now deflated & lost volume at top. I am a 34C now so I have tissue but I want them Bigger & Fuller!! Im not really looking for "natrual" look I wouldnt mind the "fake" or"augmented" look either(: Bit my PS says 475cc is too big & recommended 425cc(btw my PS also told me my breasts are perfect shape for BA) But I hear soooooo,many stories about woman wishing they were bigger. & I already want mine huge sp I definetly do Not want to regret this later! Ive chosen 475cc on left & right HP under the muscle & under breast crease..dimensions are...nipple to fold: 6.5 on R & L Diameter: 13 on R & 13.5 on L Mimic Distance: 3.5. Please help ladies!


I am 5'1 and weigh around 130. I too didn't mind the fake look. I had a dr that was known for going "big". I was a small B before and after 2 kids one side was lower than the other. I had 575cc's put in 1 and 525cc in the other. I don't regret it what so ever! Everyone else I have talked to has (just days after surgery) wishes they would have gone bigger. Mine are now a DD but I've never been one of those pin thin girls so to me they don't look that big unless I'm in a swimsuit. In any other clothes you can tell my breast are big but they are not "OMG" in your face. If you have any questions just let me know. I had my surgery Dec 2010.
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lmao at omg in your face haha me too i got 540 in one and 560 in the other im only 4'11,,but uhm no mine r huge lawd! im a 38 dd sometimes f!! and like i do have flab but im getting lipo soon and my new surgeon ssays my boobs like look super big after that...:/ they already look huge i should hve done lipo first
You have to live with your decision(not your dr) so best of luck in deciding!! I am taking photos of what I want my girls to look like with me to my consult so hopefully the dr will agree it will fit my frame. This is the hardest and most important decision yes? You will chose what you like so as perry said, follow your heart and dr's suggestions.
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