B.B.L. in Washington State - Seattle, WA

Just one week away from my B.B.L. procedure! I...

Just one week away from my B.B.L. procedure!

I am having liposuction on upper/lower abdomen and flanks with about 500cc fat injected to each side. Looking for improved contour.

Thanks to all the Docs and patients on realself.com that post their feedback and answer questions!! I will update during recovery.

Doing good 36 hours after BBL! The 1st 8 hours...

Doing good 36 hours after BBL! The 1st 8 hours were the worst. I am on pain meds, but walking around alot and doing well!
I got 390cc in each side. It will probably be a subtle enhancement, but I have small hips so I think that will be good.
I am eating low sodium/low fat. Protein drinks, apple sauce, salt free rice crackers, low fat cheese strips. So far, so good!

10m days post BBL surgery! Doing better every day....

10m days post BBL surgery! Doing better every day. I think I did myself a favor by not examining my surgical area every day. I tried to focus on recovery.Still wearing my compression garment. My waist is 3" smaller already.(I am not slim, so I have extra inches to spare)I ordered a smaller garment and will wear than in the day and the larger at night.

It has been 6 months since my surgery. The fat...

It has been 6 months since my surgery.
The fat and shape is still there!
Photos are on Plastic Surgeon's web site.
I am happy with the skill level of the surgeon, as well as the care he and his staff provided.
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

I am happy with the results of my liposuction(upper and lower abdomen) with fat transfer to buttocks. I wanted a rounder, fuller buttocks. There is a noticeable improvement of shape and fullness. I still have swelling and some bruising, but much less than I anticipated. The first 8 hours the most painful. After that, stiffness and soreness are the best description of my discomfort. Dr. Salemy prepared me for what I would likely feel and see during recovery. So I was not alarmed with anything. His staff is nice and Reyne is a wonderful recovery nurse!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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Does anyone have before/afters from this doctor?
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Yes, I'd love to see before/afters!!

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doing great 3rd day after BBL. Moving around, taking walks. Pain is MUCH lower now. I am really surprised at how even I look already. It feels like I have a steel plate in each bun, but I already cut down the pain meds. Still having trouble sleeping. My skin is very itchy today.
Drain out tomorrow!
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how is everything looking? do you have before and after pics?

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good luck!!!
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Thanks for the recovery advice!My procedure is today.
The Dr. that is doing my surgery said has done about 100 of the procedure. But many surgeons feel like the main issue is excellence in technique of lipo and fat transfer. Many have done hundreds of fat transfer procedures to other areas for many years with great success. The BBL is just that the fat is transferred to the butt, not the face, etc.
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As someone who's had the BBL done, I have to add my .02 cents

This is a procedure you want done only by someone with experience, and plenty of it.

The procedure, when done under local is mighty painful (I know firsthand), so I highly suggest you find someone who does it under a general.

Next- The recuperation period. I've never experienced so much pain as this. And it's not just for a few days, but weeks. You literally should not sit on your bottom for at least 3 weeks. If you're thinking of traveling somewhere to have the BBL, consider having to stay a while. You won't be sitting on an airplane for hours and hours after this procedure! And you'll be VERY sore for at least 2 weeks after the surgery.

I can't emphasize enough having someone who does a lot of these. It isn't worth the time, pain or money to have your results go bad. And being that this surgery takes a lot of you, you certainly don't want to have to repeat it again!

I shudder to think there are docs out there willing to just "give it a go" at your expense. Fat transfers must be done right to render good results. The fat harvesting process alone is an art.
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I agree with Ms.New Booty.... you may pay about turpentine same including travel depending on where u go. Its not a decision to make hastily. Continue with your consults but start also looking at your neighboring states to start. KJust keep an open mind. I plan to travel and I'm still coming out cheaper than having it in my home state of IL. And that's for docs who specialize in bbl
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Shi4567... Dont be anyone's guinea pig girl. 10k is not chump change and your body is nothing to play with.

Be careful...
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Thanks Nikki6771! I went to another consult with Dr. Egerai (not sure on spelling) in Bellevue. He quoted me the same price, but he has never performed this procedure either. He says he does butt implants.

So my search continues.... I have another consultation scheduled for another PS on the 30th.

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Are you willing to travel to have the procedure done? You may have to stay in a hotel room 7-10 days but it may be worth it if the doctors you have spoken with never performed the surgery before. Seems like you are asking the right questions and doing your homework so shot out to you for that. Congrats and I wish you luck!
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There is a video on Youtube.com of Dr. Egrari doing a BBL surgery and explaining it.
It is not a dramatic enhancement, but nice result.
I wish you the best in your search!
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Fat Transfer on youtube

Thank you!! I found the link!!! I'm goning to call and ask some more questions on Monday! Good luck!!!!

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Congratulations. I went to Dr Satler for consultation... he is willing to do this procedure. But has never before performed a BBL. He quoted 10,500 for the same procedure u are having done all inclusive.

I'm going to see two more doctors before I make my final decision.

Good luck!
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