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Amazing Results with Vi Peel for Texture, Tone, & Lightening Spots

I was hesitant about this peel because it's...

I was hesitant about this peel because it's pricey, but it's totally worth the $$$. I am already scheduled for my 2nd Vi Peel! I wanted to do the Vi Peel because I've been having acne issues over the last year that has caused me so much suffering and has left blemishes that have lasted for months. I am also half Asian with sensitive skin so my Esthetician said I would be a good candidate for this particular peel.

I know the results vary, but I wanted to report my positive results: The Vi Peel is applied in about 5-10 minutes. On a scale of 1-10 the discomfort level was about a 2. It felt like a hot minty tingling on my face. The 1st and 2nd day my face was a bit tanned looking & really tight like a thin plastic mask was covering my face. I started peeling on the 3rd day just around my mouth and in the corners around my nose... I continued peeling on the 4th & 5th day pretty much all over. Don't peel it off, let it come off in the shower! On the 6th day in the shower it just all came off. It felt like globs of dead skin were just shedding off. By day 7 it was petty much all finished except a little peeling left on my neck and hairline.

After the peel my skin was glowing! The even tone is amazing & I love that my pores are now tiny with such a smooth overall texture. I can't believe that it erased the brown spots left from pimples! It looks like I just took a few years off my skin.

About a week after the peel finished my acne returned :( I saw a dermatologist and I am now on medication for my "hormonal" acne I've been experiencing. I've noticed a small improvement already with the medication already, but I'm staying patient for the full results. I was tolled this peel is great for acne, but in my case I think the meds might be a better route since hormones are at the root of the problem. Others might get a better result for clearing their acne with the Vi Peel?

I'm scheduled for my next Vi Peel and I'm SO excited to see even more results! Best wishes everyone on the journey to finding beautiful skin.

Adriana DeNunzio at Calidora Skin Clinic

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Thanks for posting this!! I'd rather do it at home for $150 instead of $300-$350 at the derm.
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I had one vi peel a month ago, it took away a lot of my hyper-pigmentation from acne. It also irritated my skin, which caused me to get a bit of a break out, and I have some new scars. =T I'm going in for a vbeam in a few days and will definitely get a second vi peel once my acne is completely at bay. I see that you're from Seattle, well me too!! :)
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Yes I am in Seattle :) So how was V Beam & your 2nd Vi Peel??
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Thank you all for your comments! I'm actually getting my VI Peel next week on Monday. I'm hoping for the best (i actually expect some great results because of the before and after pictures I've seen). My problem is mostly acne scars, but I've read that it also helps with fine lines and wrinkles, and pore size as well! I'm all for it. I'm paying $300 for my peel. Does that sound about right? Has anyone tried the VI Peel line for lotions and facial wash?

I'm pretty excited!! :D
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There's a clinic in Bellevue that does it for 200 :P
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Where ?

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Yeah, what's the place in Bellevue?
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I had a VI peel with booster a year ago for old acne scars.I was told if I used the moisturizer sparingly I would have a better peel. I used very little moisturizer and my face was so tight I could barely open my mouth after day three. Skin looked better the first week after peel, but I think the peel pulling down on my face for almost a week made my skin sag. I have a puffy place on one side of my nose and I am wondering if this is from the skin being pulled in that area. Curious if any one else noticed anything similar with their peel.
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Hi I am also half asian with sensitive skin! I am really wanting the VI peel after your comments. i would use this peel for lightening of brown spots and maybe reducing fine wrinkles-yet i am very concerned about the hyperpigmentation reports fom other people. I am curious why your Dr said you would be a good candidate-because other Doctors say Asians are quite risky lot for hyperpigmentation problems but as I can tell from your pix you look great!
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LA 725,
I'm 100% asian and a HUGE picker. I had my first VI Peel in April and doing my 2nd one this weekend.
I, too, was very scared about post inflammatory hyperpigmentation b/c our skin is so sensitive to that. BUT, I was religious about not picking and I kept out of the sun while I was peeling (didn't even get into the car so my face wouldn't be exposed to ANY sun) and I slathered on the after peel moisturizer throughout each day.
My scars/hyperpigmentation are pretty deep but my first round of the VI Peel helped by 30%, so I know that I will need a series to make a difference.
In short, as long as you don't pick off the skin while it's peeling you shouldn't have any worries. Picking the skin off before it's ready will pull off fresh skin and that will leave a scar.
The VI Peel was invented by a middle eastern doctor who's teenage daughter had horrible acne, so this peel is safe for darker complexions as long as you follow the post peel directions.
Best of luck!!
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I am going to get a VI Peel in either February or March and I am very excited. Thank you for posting your results. I do have a couple of questions. Did you have use any special moisturizer? Where you able to use make up while your skin was peeling? I am debating on whether or not to take a few days off work. My plan is to have the treatment done before a federal holiday and take a few days after off, so that I my face can completely recover before returning to work.

Thanks again for your post.
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When I got my VI peel I was given moisturizer and sunscreen from the same VI product line to use. I was told you could use make-up but since I worked from home I didn't bother.

I got my peel on a Thursday and the face looked fine for the most part on Thursday & Friday. Majority of the peeling took place Saturday - Monday. If you schedule your appt. on Thursday, it's possible that you'd only need to take Monday off.
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