Hydroquonine Saved Me from Surgery and Banished my Dark Circles! - Seal Beach, CA

I honestly have been battling dark cicles under my...

I honestly have been battling dark cicles under my eyes for as long as I can remember. I have tried Restalyne, which pushed up more bluish color and creating an under eye bump even worse than my hollow eyes. I have tried Juvaderm, which also created a bump. When my dark circles became almost unbearable this year thanks to thinning under eye skin, I was ready for surgery or worse. I was literally so depressed at the condition of my eyes, so when Hydroquonine was suggested to me, merely tried it as a last resort thinking it was obsurd that a cream would help meat all. Boy, was I wrong! I the month and a half I have been using the hydroquonine, I have seen a HUGE change in my dark circles. They have dismissed greatly, but more importantly I have gained my self esteem and self confidence back. I used a combination of tretenoid cream and hydroquonine. Honestly, I cannot say enought good thing abut this, and it improbably the cheapest thing. Have dinero correct dark circles (well maybe besides makeup). I will try to see if I have any before and after pics to post to demonstrate.

Just a few facts on the ingredients - which sound like they have some perks, but certainly aren't short on side effects either. It seems that aside from possible medical issues w/ hydroquinone (was ok'd by FDA until 1982 when they found it to cause cancer in rats taking it orally), it is an ingredient used in many topical creams as a skin lightner/ bleaches the skin. There are a lot of over the counter products (up to 2% content) out there if you just google it, you'll see any array of products that contain it & livestrong.com's website has a lengthy page about it, as well as what products contain it - incl. photography developers, fertilizers, etc. As for Tretinoin, it is a derivative of Vitamin A (actually generic for Retin-A) topical that dermatologists use for acne treatment, but is also used for wrinkles in the same manner similar to alpha hydroxy acids that resurface the skin - and obviously can cause irritation, peeling, light/ sun sensitivity, etc. which I believe comes in .01% & .025% - gel, .01% .05% & .025% - cream for that use specifically. Available by Rx - it also is used for the treatment of skin discoloration, Kaposi's sarcoma, psoriasis, and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Please could u post some before and after pics this sounds promising! Unfortunately they banned hydroquinone in Australia.. I'm sure I could find a way around it

I can't take it right now, because Im pregnant so my dark circles are back with a vengeance!! I'm dying but I will try to find some good before/after pics from before.

Before and after pics

It's so hard with lighting and all to ally show what a difference hydroquonine has made but I feel it has made a huge difference in my eyes.


Seriously, it's up to the individual to decide what's best for them. We can all google his stuff and find out side effects to everything. All I'm saying is that it helped me and I plan on continuing to use it.
I have been using hydroquinone 10 for two weeks and I can honestly say that it has already changed my life. Its a little peeling but its well worth it. My results are lifting constantly. I wont have to use the whole bottle. Thanks jen
@Sykestina, could you please check your inbox? Thanks!
I have had hereditary dark circles since I was 5 years old. I developed it from my fathers side of the family and it is crashing my life. I started wearing makeup at twelve years old and im tired of it. My dating life is a disaster because I cant enjoy without being questioned about my eyes. I just wanna be normal. Thinking about using houshold bleach
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