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Scupltra Did As Promised for my Cheeks

My face is a sinker and as I got into my 40s I got...

My face is a sinker and as I got into my 40s I got gaunt-ish and skeletal looking as my facial fat decreased.  I thought maybe I needed thermage to get more collagen buildup in my skin.  But my derm told me that I didn't have the right amount of fat to get the benefits of thermage.

She convinced me to get Sculptra to give my cheeks and cheek bones a better contour--this took some convincing since i was worried about having something in my body for a long time (she said nearly 2 years). The fact sculptra is not animal based made me feel better.

The sculptra injection was quite uncomfortable, burning sensation and left me pretty bruised looking for 4 days.  She was careful to massage the injection material to make sure it was spread evenly (fanned I think is the term).

I too massaged my face afterwards even though it was tender!  The worst part was that I had to go back for a 2nd injection about 2 wks later.    This time I was ready for the pain...not so bad.

After a month or so I did really notice my cheeks getting back a more rounded look and my skin got smoother to the point my makeup concealed the fine lines. Its now been 6 months since the last injection and I can't say I'm 10 years younger looking but I feel great about the way i do look. 
I am 48 and had my first session of Sculptra done yesterday and already I am pleased with what I can see. My face is quite long and thin and I have very noticeable hollows under my eyes and crows feet in the corner. I had a full vial injected under my eyes, tops of my cheeks, at my temples and in the lower hollows under my cheeks and at the corner of my mouth where the first downward lines were just becoming noticeable. I normally bruise really badly but I started taking arnica tablets two days before the treatment (orally) and I do my massage five times a day with arnica gel (kill two birds with one stone haha) and I only had one tiny bruise under my right eye which is easily hidden with a little bit of concealer. I am so pleased with my results ..... the hollows under my eyes look filled in and smoother like when I was 30 and I have more volume overall in my face but following the natural contours. I felt great when I put my make up on this morning and can't wait to see the gradual results over the next 4 - 8 weeks. I am massaging firmly five times a day for five minutes to avoid lumps and in two months time once my own collagen has started to kick in I will decide if I need a 2nd treatment (probably will). I paid 350 euros for the treatment in Spain and if I need to have two more treatments I still consider it very cheap as a way to look younger, fresher and to have my self confidence restored. I don't drink or smoke so feel justified in spending this little amount of money on myself. I am really really pleased with the outcome! :)

well.... after being told by my partner that I was loking tired (and hiv +) I might need to look into something, I did sculptra... WOW.... I ust finished off a rather aggresive treatment cycle.. three vials at eight weeks between them and finished off with a botox to the forehead to cap it off ( I just tured 50) you know.... I look at best guess 40 I LOVE THIS STUFF. I will say the first treatment was pretty rought... major bruising and I freaked out at the "puffy look" and skipped work for a few days, but second time I preped using arnica montana ( a holistic med) oral and topical before and after treatments... this solved all the problems. so at this point I have smooth skin... no smile lines.... and seriosly... Look 40 at the most as told by many.


I had a series of three treatments with Sculptra and it has been 10 months since my first treatment. I am impressed with the results, it has made a dramatic difference in my appearence. I have a lot more fullness in my face. My nasio labial folds are almost gone. It filled in jawline nicely. I just need some more in the cheek area to get my desired results. No lumps thank goodness. I highly recommend this product.

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