This stuff is bad news. I went in for Meso for the...

This stuff is bad news. I went in for Meso for the bags under my eyes, which I have been doing for years and has worked very well for me. The doctor didn't want to do meso, he wanted to plump up my face instead of continuing to deflate my bags. Against my better judgement I was talked in to it and now I have little bumps under my eyes. You can't see them but I can feel them, and I am a model so i'm sure the people who do my makeup can feel them and that is embarrassing. What makes me made though is the dr told me that it my body would dissolve it in a couple of years, but I am now reading on several websites that the bumps are actually scar tissue and are permanent. I went to a different doctor because it made the bags under my eyes look worse and his eyes almost jumped out of his head when I told him I'd had sculptra. He said it's trash and he refuses to use it on anyone. Now I am considering paying 5K for fat transfer to fix this mess. I am writing this because I know it's easy for all of us to get swept up in the promises of the new great thing, but this is not a good bet. I hope you will learn from my experience and use a product that has a better reputation.
This post rocks! Georgia2123 is speaking the truth! Thank you! Let's hope some people will read it.
If you can't see them, I wouldn't play around with it. There is a very good chance it will dissipate.
In my experience, the invisible nodules she is referring to DO NOT dissipate.

I had one pellet-sized nodule form under my right eye after a Sculptra injection, but I wasn't sure it was due to Sculptra.

I had a subsequent injection two years later and now a second,rice-grain-sized nodule has formed near the first nodule. There is no doubt both of these are the infamous Sculptra nodules. Not even my PS is contesting this.

The problem is that these nodules DO NOT GO AWAY. These are permanent lumps. And no one wants to mess with these nodules if they're directly under the eyes. You're on your own if this happens. And it often does.

Please know that Sculptra is ineffective without multiple expensive treatments. One expensive session will NEVER give you the immediate, direct results that Juvederm or Restaylane will. Sure, Sculptra may last a bit longer, but it costs two to four times more than Juvederm, etc. -- and its famous "calling card" lumps/nodules are permanent!

My internationally-famous dermatologist told me he walked away from Sculptra many years ago. He pointed out that Juvederm and Restylane will "fix" the target areas in one quick session, whereas Sculptra requires at least three to four expensive sessions with unpredictable results. He pointed out to me that Sculptra is NOT a filler -- it's a non-specific collagen builder. A filler specifically targets the areas you want to address. A collagen builder may or may not, and you won't know until you spend lots of $ and time waiting to see. Also, Sculptra was never intended for people with healthy immune systems which might fight the product. It was intended for AIDs patients who wouldn't have immune defenses against it.

For the record, I got bumps despite the fact that:

1) My board-certified PS is a Sculptra EXPERT who trains other physicians. (She was diluting Sculptra long before the company itself recommended that doctors do this.)

2) Pre-injection, I asked my PS and her staff REPEATEDLY if their patients ever get lumps from Sculptra, but they REPEATEDLY assured me it was not the case.

3) I massaged religiously, as instructed.

3) My PS never injected beneath my eyes -- only my cheeks, once above a nasolabial fold, and once near my chin.

Other things you should know:

The risk for bumps remains for THREE YEARS after the injection. (I found this out after my injection, when I read the company brochure my PS handed me. How nice.)

The likelihood for bumps is highest 6 to 12 months after the injection. This is according to the company's own records.

If your doctor is like mine, none of this will be openly discussed with you. So I'm telling you:


There are less costly, less risky and more effective products on the market. In my opinion, the only people benefiting from Sculptra are the people making money from it.

Furthermore --

If your doctor does not sit down and spend at least 3 minutes fully discussing the potential problems of this product with you BEFORE injecting this product into your face, THIS IS AN UNETHICAL DOCTOR -- no matter how many board certifications this doctor has or how "skilled" or "famous" the doctor is. An ethical doctor using Sculptra will at least spend a couple minutes verbally discussing its potential risks to patients -- not just handing you a brochure as you leave the office and making sure you sign waivers protecting only THEIR interests.

Be careful out there.
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