Sculptra Redness

I did the procedure because i had hollowness under...

i did the procedure because i had hollowness under my eyes and i looked tired all the time when i went to the dr i suggest him restylane but he told me he prefered sculptra to be inyected he talked to me it was a better product so he convinced me to do it ...

its been 10 days of this and it was a nightmare.. i didnt had a christmas and n years party because i was feeling so down about this pls help what can i do

Hi, I was wondering if the price you wrote for your Sculptra treatment in Montreal was really $100. I'm live there and am interested in getting some and want to know if that was really what it cost you. Thanks in advance!!

I had sculptra inyected near my eyes 1o years ago,...

i had sculptra inyected near my eyes 1o years ago, 2 days ago appeard some redness like a ecsema under my eyes and the skin it has became rough at touch .. what can it be .. i am sending my pictures so you can see how it look like
I still have nodules despite surgery. They are inflammatory and very unsightly. I can not cover them with make up. The board certified plastic surgeon did not read the instructions but hey... what does it matter to him really. It has only ruined my face.
Looks like your doctor injected too close to the eyes/orbital bone. It states in all the documentation that the chance of the nodules occuring increases around the eyes and directly in the lips.
Not sure how I missed your story. I am so sorry to see what has happened. That's how it started off then the nodules got hard and even after the removal it looks red and like I have bags underneath. I am looking for a dr who can do some amazing plastic surgery who can try and make my eyes look normal.
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