Sculptra is a Horror

I was never given any warnings. I was told that...

I was never given any warnings. I was told that sculptra was an inert biocompatable biodegradable filler that would stimulate the skin to appear thicker and cover an old injury i had.  I was told allergy testing isnt needed because it is made of the same stuff that absorbable sutures is made of.  (I have had absorbable sutures, no problem there).  I was never given any literature on the product from the Dr or the manufacturer.  I was told it is off label use as it has been approved by the FDA for facial wasteing conditions.  That it has been used successfully in Europe for many years and by the way BoTox is off label use for cosmetics.  Ok..

Well I just had it injected one time and one bottle. This was over a year ago.  I have large painful lumps called granulomas.  I am told am having a "hpersensitivity" by some doctors and "allergic reaction" by others.

It cant be cut out or dissolved or removed and it sure isnt going away.  I have been on and off prednisone for over a year.  I have periodic fevers and hives and aches and pains i never had before.  i would pay ten times what i paid to get it out but no one can get it out.

I dont think the Dr that put it in will ever use it again.  I dont think he intended to cause me harm but he sure did cause me harm.

I hide behind fake glasses and am avoid all public interaction.  I go to work and that is it.  this is a horror.  sculptra is a horror.  Dont use it.  if they warn your of papules or inflamation (I have read about the product now) they re not telling you that inflammation lasts for years.  no one knows when it will ever be out of my body.  the lumps may never go away.

Don't Use Sculptra!!!!!!

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He didnt know that some people have very chronic longlasting adverse reactions. He didnt warn me of any possibility of that happening to me.

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I am on my fourth surgery for lumps under my eyes. The skin has thickened and my scars are deep and ugly. I look like a freak. My eyes don't get a full blink. The "pearls" are dropping into my lower cheeks. An AWFUL product. FDA approved. How come they never checked the adverse effects?
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OMG, I'm soo sorry for your bad experience...and thankful for your posting indicating the warnings not to get sculptra. I know what you mean about looking in the mirror with regret and depression and panic....I had (still have) the same feeling about too much Radiesse that I had injected two months ago...I still don't look like myself. The same doctor has been pushing Sculptra on my BIG TIME!!!! Not joking, when I went back in tears concerned about my too much Radiesse puffed up face he commented that he hopes I still want the Sculptra in the future...I have some scarring that he things it will help. I like my doctor, he's nice and I want to believe him but I'm upset he didn't warn me about the Radiesse complication there is no way I'm doing sculptra now..I'm scared. I will live with my scars!! I wish I never got the Radiesse. So damage will stop here. I wish you well and sorry for your bad result, my heart goes out to you.
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I have information of interest about how Polylactic Acid (Sculptra) got approved. Of course all the woman harmed know this. And than the drug company so easily got it into the hands of any plastic surgeon or dermo who would risk patient safety for $$$s. I'll do my Blog tomorrow. Finally.
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Please, please, can you tell me how I can get the information about Polylactic Acid getting approved. I'm in a terrible mess. My face is disfigured and I'm sick about it.
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Yes, the Dr was a board certified plastic surgeon and according to him he is great. Sculptra is an awful product. if it works for some they are lucky. for those of us it doesnt like, we are screwed.
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Dear NY State, How ironic, I was given that same sales pitch by the injecting salesman, oh that's right, sorry medical doctor. The part about being used in Europe so successfully, blah, blah, blah, I can actually recall the following sentences pretty much word for word. I wonder if the same sales rep. who saw your doctor saw my doctor. If my life hadn't turned into a nightmare after these not risky injections, I could laugh about all these mds using the same line on patients who trusted them. Nothing funny about the hell I live with from these injections, as if a year of my life has been taken away due to "trust" of a licensed MD. A specialist, a very expensive one at that. There is such a high profit margin for an hour of injecting. Maybe a few didn't know better. All should have known better. Aren't these Mds given the priviledge of a medical license to look into a product before they inject, not go by what a sales rep. tells them. Oh please. To me, what has happened is criminal. Dear Kookie, Recently I had a consultation with a reputiable surgeon re: removal. He could not help me. The week prior, he had tried to help a former patient, a HIV male, he said this man was so harmed by Sculptra, on a scale of 1 to 10 I was a 2, compared to this poor man. The surgeon tried, he will not try again. It is a if I was injected with a disease like Lupus. All these odd symptoms and no cure. I can't believe this happened. How on a whim I blindly trusted. I never heard of Sculptra, oh the brochures, next the Book. Hopefully some scientist, some MD is working on some injections, some cure, to bring down this inflammation, to alleviate these needless problems.
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This is a horror story all right and it didn't need to happen. The lack of info given to you and comparisons to botox are the typical things said to people who are just looking for a youthful look. (A lot of doctors inject it like it was botox and resty, they haven't taken the time to understand what the material is.) I was in my dermo's office for rosacea and saw this pretty little pink brochure and I brought that brochure in with me when I was called and I asked the doc what is this and oh what a mistake, I get the whole happy little story about how wonderful it is and how I would benefit with it under my eyes. How this is just like any other filler only better cause its lasts longer, Been used in Europe for 10 years .. blah blah blah. Not one word was mentioned about the risk of lumps or any long lasting to permanent disfigurement being possible. Well crap who'd put it in if they did tell you this? NO ONE especially me who researches everything and I mean everything. The product is still being pushed like this, not one change, you can go on line and look at training videos and videos on You Tube which show how the stuff is pushed for cosmetic purposes with not one word about what this product is, what the risks are and certainly no offer of something else and thereby giving a person a choice. I get e-mails every single day from some alarmed sculptra victim who has granulomas. They tell me what the doctors said and nothing was mentioned about the risks. You know everyone there are many many doctors offices that because of these risks are now not doing Sculptra. If you'd like these links let me know I will post them. There is s a doc right here On Real Self that said he won't use it due to the high risks. I like you have lived behind doors now for 4 years. When I go out I wear glasses. But for me the worst is the depression and hopeless feeling I have hanging on me all the time. I look in the mirror and I get this feeling of panic, its actually anger and shock. What do you think motivates me to post all this 4 years after having sculptra.... its that big of a bummer. I am so happy you posted as it may keep another person from living like this. If you don't have HIV don't have Sculptra......
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Here, here! I think it is unconscionable that the maker of sculptra claims you cannot be allergic and down plays the horrific side effects. The best course of action for change is to report your case to the FDA.
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