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Sculptra is a Horrible Product

Sculptra was injected improperly and caused...

Sculptra was injected improperly and caused painful inflammatory nodules. Surgical debulking didnt remove the product and it remains to this day. the foreign body response is unpredictable and it can cause large unsightly granulomas and as been associated with biofilm infections which are difficult to treat. One year on steroids and antibiotics just gave antibiotic resistant bacterial infection. So I am not suprised that someone is having problems 5 months after sculptra. People have developed granulomas years after injection. the PLLA crystals are very long lived in the body. This is especially true if the physician clumped the product or over filled an area or used in in areas of thin skin.


Very interesting Tom. Thanks for posting this. I believe this will give many hope. I am not sure in my case as its been 5 years but I may contact this doctor and I live in Northern Ca and could get to this guy easily... I have one very stubborn lump that just will not go away. How I wish I had seen this 5 years ago... How I wish I had never been talked into having it under my eyes. I think this doctor is wise in NOT putting it under the eyes. good guy! kooie
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we were duped plain and simple. kooie
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Still horrible and still there. After several...

still horrible and still there. After several surgeries I still have inflammatory nodules and my immune system is still in a state of dysregulation causing a variety of inflammation even where no sculptra was injected. The stuff should be used as a weapon of war against the enemy. It is a torture device. Still lumpy and still sick and hiding.


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How dreadful! I am having inflammation problems and am wondering what steroids you have been talking as fu 5 and Kenalog have been suggested to me.
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James Miller, Albany Plastic Surgeons PLLC

he didn't follow instructions and injected sculptra improperly.

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