Sculptra is Great

I have always been a skinny woman and with age,...

I have always been a skinny woman and with age, naturally my wrinkles have been far more visible since my skin has always lacked elasticity. Sculptra is one of those great treatments that fills out the skin of extremely skinny faces like mine. I got Sculptra injections around my mouth since that area has been way too wrinkly with time. The injections have filled up my face and the wrinkles now are gone. I look so much younger. Dr {edited} applied a topical anesthesia which really helped make me comfortable and the treatment was pain free. I was asked to regularly apply ice packs to reduce the swelling and i did so fo the next few days. My face was massaged for a while afterwards which was somewhat uncomfortable as my face was very sore. It took a week for the bruising and swelling to go away. I stayed away from make up for one whole week just to be on the safe side. For me, Sculptra was a superb choice. Editor note: you must be contacted privately with doctor recommendations and feedback. Readers should click on your username to reach the private contact form.
How long did it take to feel omfortable goingoutin public? I intend to have this done very soon.
I just had sculptra yesterday and apart from the tenderness and slight bruising I look 5-10 years younger. I know this will subside and return again in approx 2 months. I have been reading a lot about people with lumps and would like to know if these appeared immediately after the proceedure or if they came on later? I am being dilegent with the massage as I had some put under my eyes but after reading some of these blogs I am starting to freak out! I had this proceedure approx 2 years ago and really think it saved my face - i do look younger than i did prior to having the treatment 2 years ago and did develop a small lump on my cheek bone that can't be seen but if I was to get some under my eyes I would totally freak! Please let me know how quickly these lumps appear. Thanks
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