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Sculptra Didn't Work for Me. Perhaps It Just Doesn't for Some People.

I've had 3 sculptra treatments at $1000 each. I am...

I've had 3 sculptra treatments at $1000 each. I am about 8 weeks post my last treatment and I have seen no results whatsoever. I don't mind when I buy a $50 night cream and don't see any results. But $3000 and the pain, bruising and now a small lump at the corner of my eye? For this I paid $3000?

I don't know why it seems to work for some people and not others. I don't think it was my doctor's fault. I have been going to him for many years and he is a wonderful plastic surgeon who has done major work for me (face lift, eye lid surgery, neck lift, fills my lips regularly, etc.) all turned out beautiful and very natural looking. I think sculptra just doesn't work for some people. I am really disappointed in this product. A total waste of money.

I will wait another month or so and see if anything develops. I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor in June because he agreed that there was little or no change and wants to see me then to see what develops. I think he will probably recommend additional treatments but who wants to spend more money on something that "might" work. It's like putting another $1000 on the crap table even though you've been losing all night :-) Wish I had the money back to do some juvederm and botox instead. Those treatments always make a huge difference and are cheaper. Sculptra .... a total loss so far.


I have had 8 Sculptra treatments and can see no difference. The Clinic and Sanofi Aventis don't want to know, I would like to know if anyone has seen a disclaimer saying that it doesn't work on everybody. I can't seem to find one and I am continuing my dispute with the Clinic to try and get a refund. Please inform me if anyone has found a disclaimer.
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It did not work for me either. Zero results, none of this new collegian the dermo told me about. Just don't going throwing anymore good money after bad. If the dr. prescribes X amount and it doesn't nothing, why doesn't the dr. give you another treatment on him, they get this stuff for $700 for 2 vials. Please. Actually, Don't bother, you may regret it even more and every day if you get harmed.
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He's a great doctor. In this case it's not the doctor, it's the product.

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