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Yes It is Worth It!! Dark Circles and Hollows GONE Now

Pros: -My very dark purple/black Dark Circles and...

-My very dark purple/black Dark Circles and hollows are gone! I am so happy! :)

- Injections were very painful
- Swelling/bruising was so bad I missed a week of work for each session attended (3 sessions total over 4 months)
- Makeup does not cover the bruising/swelling
- Expensive
- I did get one small lump under my eye after the 2nd session (but my doctor injected water into it and rubbed it and it was gone in a few seconds and never came back).

My circles were dark purple/black and I had hollows along the ridge of my nose. My case was very severe. I had double circle rings (one that circled close to my cheekbone and one the circled closer to my eye).

I tried probably $1G worth of creams/lotions/advice from Internet forums etc. over many years, NOTHING works on dark circles so save your money!! I hated how I looked and I avoided having my picture taken at all times.

I have pictures from every session (including my deformed swelling pictures LOL) and documented my progress. The third one made the biggest difference and within a month of the last session my circles and hollows were gone!

I almost didn't go back for the 2nd session due to the swelling/bruising from the 1st one, I am so glad I went back and finished up all the sessions!! This procedure changed my life and gave me some much needed confidence.

Well - it's been a few years now - Dec 2009 to...

Well - it's been a few years now - Dec 2009 to June 2012... my sculptra started fading out last month and has now completely left my face :(. It lasted a super long time though :D I am now saving up for more treatments! Well worth the money!!!!!!! I miss it... I can't wait to get more !! :)
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A Plastic Surgeon makes all the difference I believe. Go to someone who knows what they are doing! Do NOT go to a spa for something this important - this is not about saving money... it's about looking better and feeling better!!!

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Thank you for your review. I've developed a nodule under my eye too (4 weeks out from my second treatment). I'm so glad to hear yours went away. My doctor is trying saline this week. I hope it works. The stories on here about Sculptra are scary.
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Sculptra is NEVER to be used around the eyes! No doctor info and fake photos!
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What? One of the uses is treating hollow eyes. Are you a doctor?
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It can be used to support under the eye troughs, not into them. The top of the cheek.
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Hi - can yo email me some photos and some of your experience with scupltra - how he injected it and how much he injected each time and where on your face - your face sounds just like mine now. - hollows next to nose tear trough dark circles. I am very nervous and also I have been reading that it shouldn't be used near under eyes
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I've been doing Sculptra for about 6 years. First build up and then moderate annual maintenance. I've found that you don't need to do several rounds of build up again if you maintain every 9 months or so.

On a separate matter, it sounds like everyone reacts differently as far as the bruising and pain. My bruising was very very minor. In fact, I loved the after effect and have even done it before special events because I like the plumped up effect (before the collagen producing solution has time to dissipate, while the face is still puffy). But being that results vary, don't do this until you have tried the product and know how your body responds.
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Great results!!
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Your results are phenomenal. Just had 2nd session and hope my results are comparable. Take care. Jim
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I recommend Sculpta to All
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