Very Bad Disfigured by Doctor - Brisbane, Australia

I was badly disfigured by doctor who I trusted she...

I was badly disfigured by doctor who I trusted she injected the sculptra under my eyes which I never asked for I have lumps and nodules its been 11 months nothing going away or depleting I wish I never went to this doctor she has no duty of care I lost weight and she recommended sculptra she never told me about side affects I was injected too much sculptra under eye area

dr angela richardson kenmore cozmetics

I dont recommend this doctor because she didnt listen to what I wanted and after she disfigured me didnt want to deal with it. refused to fix proplem left my face in a mess under eyes I had nice eyes until she distroyed it with sculptra

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So sorry about your unhappy outcome.  Thank you for sharting your experiences with others.  We're working on a blog post about the risks of under eye Sculptra injections, and how surgeons can remove the product.

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