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No Down Time or Annoyance of Peeling.....results..? - Scottsdale, AZ

1064 Yag laser used-I have had a hormonally...

1064 Yag laser used-I have had a hormonally tumultuous year and my skin has suffered like never before. I have never had acne issues until almost literally when I turned 30:( I have tried everything and the only thing that gets rid of my existing acne is Clearasil spot treatment (10% benzoyl peroxide) which causes lots of peeling and unfortunately, lots of scars. My scars are red and dark and I have them for months.

So after many failed attempts at finding a topical product (retinol, tretinoin, niacinimide...) that doesn't make my skin break out more, I decided to try this laser facial. It was really easy, took about 20 minutes. It was a lot of short hot pulses on my skin and it smelled like burnt hair (ick). I was pink in a few spots but other than that, I did not look like I had anything done to my face afterwards.

One of my inflamed spots turned into a fluid filled pimple that was slightly painful and remains red 24 hours later. I am told this is not uncommon and that I should see results in a few days with no peeling. Also, a series of treatments would produce more results. Here is info from the website about my treatment: "The laserfacial works by focusing a beam of light to a target in the skin such as enlarged blood vessels and irregular chromophores. The enlarged vessels and irregularities are removed without scarring or damage to the treated or surrounding area." Now is the hard part...waiting... ...to be continued...

Sorry to hear you are having to deal with acne issues. I've dealt with them my whole life so I certainly have sympathy for you!

I'm so interested to see what happens in the next few days following your treatment - can't wait to hear!!

So after a few days, I was thinking maybe my skin looked a tiny bit better but it was wishful thinking. While my left side seems ok, my right cheek is clearly inflamed with new breakouts. Back to the drawing board I guess (overdrying Clearisil)!
I know its controversial..but my son went down the same road you've been down to clear his skin and the only thing that has cured him and given us back a gorgeous, happy and healthy person is the controlled drug Acutane. Nothing less than miraculous results.

Today is 5 days after the facial and I am...

Today is 5 days after the facial and I am disappointed. Yesterday I woke up to some new breakouts on my right cheek despite being told the laser facial would shut down my sebaceous glands (oil)and that I should start seeing results in a few days. As usual, the pimples are large, swollen and red. I am starting to think that nothing will help my skin :(

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Have you used Obagi products before?
Yes I have-the trentinoin .05%. I know that using retin-a products are an important part of anti-aging topical treatment and have tried a bunch, Skin Medica's retinol, Nuetrogena rapid night repair lotion, even ROC's sensitive skin version. I have yet to try Origin's plantscriptions line which I have read works without the irritaion. I am currently just using Cerave night moisturizer at night to try to let my skin have a break before I try a new regimen that will likey make it upset again.

It has been about 3 weeks and my skin looks better...

It has been about 3 weeks and my skin looks better as far as new breakouts but have been using a mild acne system that may be contributing to that as well. Scars look about the same I think. Was recommended to get a laser facial every 4 weeks but may try IPL instead...

Did your laser tech say it was alright to use makeup within a few days of your treatment? I find that surprising!!
Hi Scottsdale, Please check my review about acne. I do believe the two creams I used helped me not only to clear my acne but eliminate . The whitening cream is amazing. I initially bought it to help me with TT scar fading and decided to used later on my face. I wish it will help you as much did for me. You are gorgeous.  I've read all your reviews and I love them all. BTW I don't sell any products, I just wanted to help you as much you help us ;)  
Aw thanks!  I haven't had the bad acne like I had when I was 30, now it is just isolated to little bumps on my forehead like I have clogged pores all the time there.  I can't for the life of me figure out any product that may be causing it and nothing seems to help. I may be too dark to use whitening cream (I do use spot correcting serums with vitamin C on my cheeks for past acne scars and a few sunspots).  I used to use some benz peroxide cream on my acne when it was all over and that is what I have scars from now :( 
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