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Original TT-one yr ago...8 Weeks Post-Revision - Scottsdale, AZ

I've wanted to do this for a LONG time! After...

I've wanted to do this for a LONG time! After having four babies in a four year timespan (last pregnancy was twins 7lb 1oz and 7lb 9oz!) my abs and the skin covering them were not very pretty. Even though I had contemplated this for many years, it was a very short gap between making my decision and actually doing it. A friend was visiting from out of state that wanted to get a breast augmentation and the doc that I had consulted with happened to have two openings on the same day. So I decided on March 25th and did it on March 29th!

I went home with a pain pump, which I highly recommend! It stayed in for 3.5 days and when we removed it, I could feel some discomfort (no pain) within 2 hours.

I took Arnica 3 times/day, stayed away from salt and soda and have very little swelling or bruising. More swelling at 3 weeks than the first week.

I wore my binder for a week then went to a Spanks or a one piece mid-thigh body suit from Walmart (Sweet Nothings brand) that is actually my favorite.

It's really hard to tell by photos what size I am but I'm 5'4" and weigh 128lbs. I didn't take any before photos but will get the ones from my doc soon. In the meantime, I'll post 5 days and 3 weeks post-op.


You are doing very well! I had mine on March 22nd, and am really super swollen still. Especially at the end of the day...horrible! Small infection too which was a bummer, but I am getting there, slow but sure. I let let you know when I am "happy" with having this done, not quite yet.
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Mommy of 4~ Just looked at your post-op pics...You look great! It was nice to compare your 4 week with where I am today at 4 weeks. Been pretty down with the swelling but you confirm that it does go away! I was surprised at 10 weeks that the belly button incision is still visible. Have you used any type of scar therapy or just let it heal on its own? Thanks for the reply :0)

Does anyone who had vertical sutures from old...

Does anyone who had vertical sutures from old belly button have pics that show how it healed say 4-6 months post-op?


Hi your vertical scar looks great! I have one and it looks horrible (my PS wants to do a revision) because ive started a crease right under the belly button. Im 8 1/2 weeks post op
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Thanks Ricanmami! That's nice that your PS doesn't take it personally and will do a revision at 6 months. I have about 1.5" from my belly button to the top of the vertical scar. I'm afraid of the skin loosening there and creating the same "butt" effect. Will ask about it at my 6 week post-op in May.
awww i see, well i think yr results are amazing already, i had my drains taken out the day after surgery, so glad they do that here after reading on here how awkward they can be, its bad enough without all that palava ha x
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Well, I'm 5 weeks today...not a lot of change....

Well, I'm 5 weeks today...not a lot of change. Feeling pretty good but still have a lot of swelling in the evening. It doesn't seem to matter if I wear my Spanx or not, the swelling is there.

The only thing that I'm not 100% happy with is where my vertical scar meets the horizontal. There's some puffy skin that almost seems like a fat pocket and I don't want it to end up looking like a baby butt. I don't think that's too much too ask for after paying the amount of money we do. I guess we'll see what PS says at my 6 wk check. Posted some new pics that don't look a whole lot different from the 3 week ones.


Oh good...didn't want you to show up on Wednesday all hungry and nervous for nothing! Yes, my PS did tell me that it was likely because I didn't have a lot of skin above my belly button. I emphasized how important it was that I have the belly button I described and he did that perfectly...I should have to him to also try hard to get the old down closer to the incision. Oh well...
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Ha!! Yes! Thanks for clarifying the date. I meant to say Thursday May 12th. My brain is mush these days!! I will ask him about the vertical scar. Did your PS tell you that ahead of time, that there is a possiblity for that?
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You look FABULOUS!! I'm so encouraged because your pre-op pics look alot like mine. :) I'm having a TT with lipo to inner and outer thighs on Wednesday May 12th. Thanks so much for sharing your journey on here!! I know it takes some extra courage to post pics, but it really helps encourage others!! You look great!!
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I mentioned to the nurse at my PS's office...

I mentioned to the nurse at my PS's office that it seems there's a big disparity between my left/right side. They keep telling me it's an issue of just needing time to heal. Can someone tell me where fat and/or skin is going to go? Nope...not happy right now :0/


that is part of my entire issue on me...my ps said the same, need to heal and that the skin might not be adhered back to the muscle yet....have you tried leaning over at a 45 or even getting in a push up position to see what happens to that skin?
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i also agree with madison that we are harder on ourselves than anyonelse would be. we know our bodies more than any one and we know where the parts are that we dont like. so when we spend a great deal of money to fix it then we want it fixed. but i havent figured out where the line is bt what a surgeon can or cant make happen and just what my body will allow..if that makes sense. i can also say that the farther out toward the incision the less tight it has to be in order to close the cut. so that could be part of the of what your seeing...the outer ab skin looser than the middle...just got to wait i guess but that is the hardest part!
I also have a difference of swelling on each side. My right side curves out more & on my left side the swelling seems down. I know I have been complaining about this so much, but my scar is also crooked & 2 inches higher on my right side. That is why I am hoping to fade it!

Anyway, I have heard many many times that it is very common for both sides to heal differently & it does take time for the swelling to go down. I heard that you should not expect to see your final results until 6 months - a year! That is a long time but that is what I have heard.
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I hit the 7 week mark! Stopped wearing my Spanks...

I hit the 7 week mark! Stopped wearing my Spanks and actually think I have less swelling than when I was wearing it! I saw the doc at my 6 week post-op and he said everything looked great and that I need to not look at everything with a microscope. I still have a little fat pocket with some excess skin where the vertical scar meets the horizontal. I decided I would relax and not complain and re-evaluate things at my 6 month post-op. The early morning "braxton hicks" continue and I've learned to just relax and not tense up more. It's really helping to strengthen the newly tightened abs a little at a time. Went out and bought a bikini for the first time in 30 years! I got a lot of toning to do but here's a sneek peek :0)



Your vertical and belly button are so much better than mine and you are super flat in all the right places! Be very happy you look beautiful.
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Mom_me...Thank you! So did your PS explain why he did the vertical on yours?
You look fabulous!!!
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I'll be 4 months on Friday and am mostly happy. It...

I'll be 4 months on Friday and am mostly happy. It looks like I'll be having a slight revision in the PS's office to fix the vertical scar area. Still have some swelling in the later afternoon or when I have too much salt. I'm surprised at what still hurts...like sneezing, coughing, lauging, rolling over and trying to sit up in bed. It this common with the rest of you 4 month post-opers?


Wow mum2four, you didn't have much skin to pull down either. No wonder you ended up with a vertical scar. After reading hundreds of posts you just don't know how your body is going to heal. I must say I think your results are sensational even without the revision. I have been following ackworthmums story and hers is similar to yours. I hope your revision is uneventful and you are pleased with your results. Thanks so much for posting your thoughts!!
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You look GREAT!
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Thanks Jen and MarineMom...I'm happy for the most part other than the small revision I need at the vertical incision area. Will see PS in two weeks so I'll know more then.

Well, tomorrow is the day I go in to have a...

Well, tomorrow is the day I go in to have a revision on my incision. He's hoping to eliminate the vertical scar and remove a fat pocket from previous TT. He said it was too much to do in the office so it's under a general again. Will check in when I feel up to it. Until then...I need to go do something with this nervous energy!


Will it be the same type of recovery process for the revision? You must be very brave to do it again!
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Best wishes for tomorrow! I am scheduled for a tt with MR and flank lipo as well as inner/outer thighs for Monday, Feb 6.

You already look great so I am sure you will be even happier. :)
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It's been two weeks since my revision...10 months...

It's been two weeks since my revision...10 months after the original tummy tuck and I'm very pleased with the results! As you can see from the photos in the green bikini, the vertical scar has been eliminated. I have some swelling along the incision but I'm sure that's to be expected. The skin from my belly button down to the pubic area was lifted and pulled tighter. This also took care of the bulge issue I was having to the right of my belly button.

If you know your PS has a good reputation and your original results aren't satisfactory, I highly recommend doing a revision if possible. I spent the last 10 months in a funk because I wasn't happy with my tummy tuck. Since my revision results are what I expected originally, I can now stop obsessing and finally move on in this area of my life.


Madison~I'm completely happy...If these were my initial results, I wouldn't have needed a revision but it doesn't always work out that way. My incision is very flat and thin and I've had no problems at all. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give the difficulty of the first surgery a 9. The revision was more like a 3. Had one drain for 3 days and with no muscle repair, it's a piece of cake :0)

Looking forward to your update next week!
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You look awesome in your after revision photos. how are you doing now? my scar and dog ear revision is this coming friday - i am very excited! has your incision healed nicely so far?
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You are exactly right! A few summers ago we rented a beach house in Florida for a month and you wouldn"t believe what I saw strolling down the beach in string bikinis and thongs!! It's all in the attitude, strong and proud, baby, strong and proud!!
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So it's been one...crazy...year! Now that I'm 8...

So it's been one...crazy...year! Now that I'm 8 weeks past the revision to remove the vertical and pull everything tighter, I can say that I'm very satisfied with the results. If there's something that is bothering you, it's definitely worth it to discuss it with your doctor.

My incision is healing nice and flat. It's still a little red but I'm sure it will look like the scar on the ends in no time. The revision didn't go all the way out to the hips like the first TT did.

Looking forward to Cancun in a two piece this summer!


How did you get your vertical scar removed? Curious because I may need one. You look amazing!
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The original incision was re-opened all but about 2 inches at each end. There was enough loose skin to pull it down further which eliminated the vertical...So worth it!
I would opt for the belly button to be lower if it meant no vertical scar.
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