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Original TT-one yr ago...8 Weeks Post-Revision - Scottsdale, AZ

I've wanted to do this for a LONG time! After...

I've wanted to do this for a LONG time! After having four babies in a four year timespan (last pregnancy was twins 7lb 1oz and 7lb 9oz!) my abs and the skin covering them were not very pretty. Even though I had contemplated this for many years, it was a very short gap between making my decision and actually doing it. A friend was visiting from out of state that wanted to get a breast augmentation and the doc that I had consulted with happened to have two openings on the same day. So I decided on March 25th and did it on March 29th!

I went home with a pain pump, which I highly recommend! It stayed in for 3.5 days and when we removed it, I could feel some discomfort (no pain) within 2 hours.

I took Arnica 3 times/day, stayed away from salt and soda and have very little swelling or bruising. More swelling at 3 weeks than the first week.

I wore my binder for a week then went to a Spanks or a one piece mid-thigh body suit from Walmart (Sweet Nothings brand) that is actually my favorite.

It's really hard to tell by photos what size I am but I'm 5'4" and weigh 128lbs. I didn't take any before photos but will get the ones from my doc soon. In the meantime, I'll post 5 days and 3 weeks post-op.

Does anyone who had vertical sutures from old...

Does anyone who had vertical sutures from old belly button have pics that show how it healed say 4-6 months post-op?

Well, I'm 5 weeks today...not a lot of change....

Well, I'm 5 weeks today...not a lot of change. Feeling pretty good but still have a lot of swelling in the evening. It doesn't seem to matter if I wear my Spanx or not, the swelling is there.

The only thing that I'm not 100% happy with is where my vertical scar meets the horizontal. There's some puffy skin that almost seems like a fat pocket and I don't want it to end up looking like a baby butt. I don't think that's too much too ask for after paying the amount of money we do. I guess we'll see what PS says at my 6 wk check. Posted some new pics that don't look a whole lot different from the 3 week ones.

I mentioned to the nurse at my PS's office...

I mentioned to the nurse at my PS's office that it seems there's a big disparity between my left/right side. They keep telling me it's an issue of just needing time to heal. Can someone tell me where fat and/or skin is going to go? Nope...not happy right now :0/

I hit the 7 week mark! Stopped wearing my Spanks...

I hit the 7 week mark! Stopped wearing my Spanks and actually think I have less swelling than when I was wearing it! I saw the doc at my 6 week post-op and he said everything looked great and that I need to not look at everything with a microscope. I still have a little fat pocket with some excess skin where the vertical scar meets the horizontal. I decided I would relax and not complain and re-evaluate things at my 6 month post-op. The early morning "braxton hicks" continue and I've learned to just relax and not tense up more. It's really helping to strengthen the newly tightened abs a little at a time. Went out and bought a bikini for the first time in 30 years! I got a lot of toning to do but here's a sneek peek :0)


I'll be 4 months on Friday and am mostly happy. It...

I'll be 4 months on Friday and am mostly happy. It looks like I'll be having a slight revision in the PS's office to fix the vertical scar area. Still have some swelling in the later afternoon or when I have too much salt. I'm surprised at what still hurts...like sneezing, coughing, lauging, rolling over and trying to sit up in bed. It this common with the rest of you 4 month post-opers?

Well, tomorrow is the day I go in to have a...

Well, tomorrow is the day I go in to have a revision on my incision. He's hoping to eliminate the vertical scar and remove a fat pocket from previous TT. He said it was too much to do in the office so it's under a general again. Will check in when I feel up to it. Until then...I need to go do something with this nervous energy!

It's been two weeks since my revision...10 months...

It's been two weeks since my revision...10 months after the original tummy tuck and I'm very pleased with the results! As you can see from the photos in the green bikini, the vertical scar has been eliminated. I have some swelling along the incision but I'm sure that's to be expected. The skin from my belly button down to the pubic area was lifted and pulled tighter. This also took care of the bulge issue I was having to the right of my belly button.

If you know your PS has a good reputation and your original results aren't satisfactory, I highly recommend doing a revision if possible. I spent the last 10 months in a funk because I wasn't happy with my tummy tuck. Since my revision results are what I expected originally, I can now stop obsessing and finally move on in this area of my life.

So it's been one...crazy...year! Now that I'm 8...

So it's been one...crazy...year! Now that I'm 8 weeks past the revision to remove the vertical and pull everything tighter, I can say that I'm very satisfied with the results. If there's something that is bothering you, it's definitely worth it to discuss it with your doctor.

My incision is healing nice and flat. It's still a little red but I'm sure it will look like the scar on the ends in no time. The revision didn't go all the way out to the hips like the first TT did.

Looking forward to Cancun in a two piece this summer!
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

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How did you get your vertical scar removed? Curious because I may need one. You look amazing!
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The original incision was re-opened all but about 2 inches at each end. There was enough loose skin to pull it down further which eliminated the vertical...So worth it!
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I would opt for the belly button to be lower if it meant no vertical scar.
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your revision looks amazing! when your PS re-opened your incision to eliminate the vertical did he do it under general or local anesthesia? Since more skins has been removed to eliminate your vertical scar is your overall abdominal area tighter now? i am about 4months PO and still not sure if its swelling or more skins need to be removed also have a vertical scar. Didn't get the results I anticipated :-(
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He did it under a general because he said the area was too large and there's a risk of lidocaine poisoning. It was a piece of cake compared to the original TT since there's no muscle repair involved. As you can see, I was extremely disappointed with original surgery and 100% happy with revision. Yes, my overall abdominal area is tighter/flatter...Love it!
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From your pictures you look fatter after your revision-is it due to the extra skins was removed or you lost some weight after your revision? from your pictures the mold (on your left side)u have near your belly button is still at the same position after your revision? How much skin did he removed in order to eliminate the vertical? btw, did your PS charge you for the revision? Thanks!
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I'm guessing you meant I look *flatter* not fatter after my revision :0) My abdomen is definitely flatter due to the removal of further excess skin/fat and pulled tighter. I weigh exactly the same as before TT. The mole is in the same place but my belly button is actually about 1/2" lower than before revision. It was mainly the center of the abdomen that was pulled down further. My PS charged me for anesthesia only which was about $900 additional and worth every penny!
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Yes *flatter* sorry about the typo. removal of fat so does that mean you also got lipo? in order to reposition your belly button 2" lower did your PS have to free your navel again? how high did your PS detach the skin from your abdominal wall? Did he lift higher than your belly button or just below in order to pull you tighter?...sorry for so many questions I'm just so worry about my results. The last time i saw my PS i was 7weeks PO and he said everything looks great and I shouldn't look at everything under a microscope..pretty same as what yr PS said. He compared me with my pre-op pictures and said I look so much better. I went through surgery and paid over 14k obviously i will look better but its not the result i expected! I can't wait to see him at 6months PO and hopefully he will agree to do some kind of revision. I still have quite a bulge and could be flatter definitely still some extra skins needs to be removed! How did your PS agreed to do a revision for you just only charging you for anesthesia? Thanks for all your help :-)
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btw, after your revision were you able to stand up straight or did u have to go through the hunch back thing again?
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No lipo...Just the extra roll of skin taken off. The BB was repositioned by 1/2" when he lifted from the belly button down to incision keeping naval attached. That is usually the deal that should a revision be necessary, they charge for only anesthesia. That's why most board certified plastic surgeons make sure they do it their best the first time. Wow...New York is an expensive place for a TT. I paid $8700 and that included the revision. I would make sure the next time you saw him that you talk about your dissatisfaction and the expectations of a revision being covered. I agree with you in that you have quite a bit of extra skin left. I was able to stand completely straight after the revision since there was no tightening of the muscles.
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Hey girl, your revision looks really good! I know you are happy. I am planning on a revision at about 8 mos PO. Question.. did your PS charge you for the revision?
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mom2four, wow your revision looks really good! How did he get rid of the vertical? i don't even see any scars at all ?
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ASKA379 I'm her sister and I'm not sure she gets on here anymore...her revision pulled her 1st scar up a little higher and the loose skin that she had made the vertical go away when all was pulled again. I am not so lucky--like you I have the vertical. I also am puffy above bb and attribute this to the sutures that pulled muscle back together. I don't want to have a revision because I was told that this would create another vertical on top of 1st one--no thanks. I'm still swollen at 6 months and sometime hugely. If after all this swelling stops and I'm not happy with loose skin I might think about a revision, but wouldn't mess with bb again. I'm wondering if there would be enough to pull down like my sisters.
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mom2four, I'm about 20days PO, I also have vertical sutures from old belly button. I didn't have enough skin to pull down so my vertical sutures don't even meet the hortizonal incision.
There's some puffy skin that almost seems like a fat pocket where my old belly was.I hope it'll get better because I really don't want to go through a revision.
it kinda looks like i have two belly button but side that my PS did a great job esp with my incision...its so thin and fine. I just hope i will heal well.
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You look great! I'm working on a trip too--I'm told if I can get a tax refund or not pay much, to book it :)
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Wow! You look awesome! You have no lumps anywhere - nice & smooth tummy & your scar line is healing very nicely - very thin! That gives me something to look forward to with my scar revision. I am 1 week post & my scar looks similar to yours except it still goes up high on the one side, but I am sure it will fade nicely! Thanks for posting about your revision as well because it is nice to see someone else who had one further along.

You must be so excited to wear a 2 piece in Cancun!! So happy that you are at the end of this crazy recovery & now you can finally enjoy your results!
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Thanks Madison! Now I really just need to concentrate on getting into shape. Beginning my low carb diet on Sunday should help as well. That tends to burn the extra fat for me pretty quickly!

You will be happy soon too. Thankfully, the healing from a revision is skin only and no muscle repair. You'll be good to go by summer too!
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Wow you look amazing!
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Madison~I'm completely happy...If these were my initial results, I wouldn't have needed a revision but it doesn't always work out that way. My incision is very flat and thin and I've had no problems at all. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give the difficulty of the first surgery a 9. The revision was more like a 3. Had one drain for 3 days and with no muscle repair, it's a piece of cake :0)

Looking forward to your update next week!
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Hey there Mom2Four, your story was very inpiring for me as I am looking into revision surgery since I was not happy with my results. Do you have pictures as I cannot see them?
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You look awesome in your after revision photos. how are you doing now? my scar and dog ear revision is this coming friday - i am very excited! has your incision healed nicely so far?
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You are exactly right! A few summers ago we rented a beach house in Florida for a month and you wouldn"t believe what I saw strolling down the beach in string bikinis and thongs!! It's all in the attitude, strong and proud, baby, strong and proud!!
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@Mothera8 so funny! I think the same thing every time we go to Mexico and can't believe what I see!
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Right you are! Lucky for me we have an above ground pool and live out in the middle of nowhere! If it wasn't for the kids I could get away with wearing nothing...and have :-)
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Age doesn't matter one bit...I do need to work on my legs and butt before wearing one in public though :0/
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