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I am 36 with two boys ages 14 and 6. After the 14...

I am 36 with two boys ages 14 and 6. After the 14 year old my body was fine but after the 6 year old it all went downhill.

I considered a lipo a few years ago but when I went to a certain Scottsdale doctor I was told "No way, lipo can't help you, you need a tummy tuck". So I gave in and paid the deposit. Then I backed out because it was so expensive and I was scared about having a tube shoved down my throat during surgery. Needless to say I lost that deposit.

I recently started to consider lipo again and found tumescent lipo after doing a Google search. Which is where I found an AWESOME doctor.

I went in and met with the doctor himself and we discussed what I wanted. To try to make a long story short I had to have two procedures. The first was for the bra bulge and arms, the second was for my stomach, waist, flanks, and inner thighs.

The first surgery killed and I almost was afraid to go back five days later for the second part. But I did and it was so much easier after I told him about the pain from the first one (If you are going through this procedure make SURE you tell the doctor/nurses when it hurts, that's what they are there for and that's why you are awake). He said you don't get any bonus points for being able to take the pain and they made the second part almost painless.

There is some pain, I'm not going to lie. And it is not like waking up the next day after doing a bunch of sit ups. I still am like a turtle on my back trying to get out of bed in the morning - but it's only been two days.

I recommend you know what you are getting into and you have someone help you after you get home. Have lots of pads for the leaking and use a shower curtain with a sheet over it on your bed for the first few nights.

Another thing to know is that you are going to pee...a lot! So be ready to jump out of bed to make it to the toilet in time. I actually had a mini accident (thank goodness for the shower curtain) thanks to a dream I was having where I actually thought I was going to the bathroom and really started to. Gross, and sorry but you need to know.

Overall I had a great experience. I will post my after pictures sometime today. There is a still a lot of swelling but it will go down in time. I am not expecting to be a supermodel, I just wanted my clothes to fit without me being so self conscious.

Photo Update

Today is day 6 after the procedure and I had my...

Today is day 6 after the procedure and I had my follow-up appointment. I found out that he took 5 liters of fat out of my body. Holy cow (no more)! I am so sore, worse than I was on Monday and Tuesday. But he said that will go away in a couple of weeks along with the swelling and bruising.

Still completely excited about this and can't wait until I am doing being swollen so I can see the final results.
wow your abdomen looks great!! I had 6.5 litres removed with tumerscent lipo and I still my abdo looks like I am pregnant, the top still bulges out and my muffin top still hangs after having 2 children, I am disappointed with my results cost me $9,500 and I have had no follow up with my Dr and lack of communication and after care as I live far away.
Hi Anon2488-

I would make every effort to talk to your doctor and go in for a follow up especially since you spent that much money on your surgery!

This after-picture was taken two days later. Since then I have become very swollen and puffier. When I went in for my appointment me he actually said to me "I bet you looked better two days after surgery than you do right now, right? That's because the swelling begins a couple of days after surgery and last up to six weeks". I haven't tried to put on any of my clothes yet because I don't want to be disappointed. Luckily I am in the military so I wear a uniform everyday, and with it being a billion degrees here in Arizona, I haven't wanted to try on my jeans yet.

It's only been 10 days, and considering that they sucked out 5 liters of fat I have to remember that that is pretty traumatic to my body, so I need to be patient and wait to see the final results.

You should really go in for a follow-up. Your doctor may tell you what mine told me. As I heal and find any places that I'm not happy with or that were obviously skipped, he can fix them in a quick in office procedure. It's possible that your doctor might tell you the same thing.

I would question the reason why you still look pregnant though. Because even though I am swollen and bruised, I can definitely see a big difference in my waistline and the size of my tummy.

Good luck and let me know what happens! :)
Thanks so much for your reply, yes I had a massive 6.5 kilos of fat removed. I was in for 5 hrs under a local anaesthetic not even a general and it was not a nice experience. Whoever wrote down time 2-3 days is a liar I felt like i'd been hit by a truck and could barely move, drive, walk for 2 weeks and I am a single mum with 2 children. I have received no support from the Dr, I have asked for pre measurements still waiting and have not had any follow up because of distance. I felt upset when he told me over the phone that he doesnt understand why I am not coping and that he knew I would be like this as I was emotional. I tried to get up as soon as I could but I felt like he made me out to be a hypocondriact, which I am not. I had a p/call from the nurse which i missed and she has not phoned back or replied to my emails since. I am not happy. I had my whole abdomen hips and thighs, love handles done but apparently to finish off I need my waist, arms back done in a second procedure at an additional cost?? I have borrowed all I can, I cannot afford any further procedures. I thought your waist would be included in your whole abdomen?? gosh so many sections of the body lol. He told me that the roundness on top of my belly prob wouldnt go away, though I have seen pics on here of women with same thing and it looks flat after?? thanks

Okay, finally the first full day without my...

Okay, finally the first full day without my compression garment and I finally feel really great! The swelling is going down.

I have only lost about 5 pounds but that was expected.

I haven't really tried any old clothes on yet to see how they fit because the buttons and zippers kill me where the procedure was done. I have some old stretchy pants on and I am so happy not to have a muffin top like I used to have.

There is one spot I wish I would have had done. My front bra bulge kind of by my arm pits. But I can see about doing that later. I also want to have more taken out of my inner thighs but the doctor said he can do touch ups at a later date.

My next appointment and the official after photos are in September at my next follow-up appointment. These photos are me and my timed camera skills.
Thank you for your posts. I have decided to undergo the tumescent lipo procedure. I will have it done sometime in September - I have I have half the results you did. You look great!

I don't have huge expectations - it's not weight loss issue, but rather to help my clothes fit better. I'm having my upper and lower abdomen, fat band and inner thighs done (thighs will be done in a separate procedure).

I will post pre and post-op.

Wow, even your early post-op pics look great. Congrats on your results!

Didn't your doctor go over all the sections he would be working on? Mine gave me a sheet with a drawing of a woman showing all the different areas he does and circled the areas I agreed to have done.

It sounds like yours just said "Okay, your surgery date is on this day and it will be this much." Mine went over everything with me and the procedure was also under local anesthesia which after doing a lot of research online I found is really the only way this is done. Tumescent lipo is always under local because it is safer and you can move your body in certain ways where the doctor can see where the fat is laying over the muscle. It was uncomfortable (very painful on the arms) but he had me squeeze a ball to see where the muscle is on my arms and do a half a sit up to work on my stomach area.

I think you should have known prior to the surgery what you were going to have done. My waist was separate from my abdomen as well as my flanks, inner thighs, hips, etc. Each section was different. The nurse even told me that one woman though hips meant outer thighs but they explained it to her that that is a different section.

It sounds like you either had a terrible doctor or did not do enough (research) to know what was going to happen.

If I was you I would demand to talk to the doctor and make every effort to have a follow-up appointment. Even if he is far away from where you live. He might have just missed some spots and can do them again for you. That is a lot of money to shrug off and not follow-up with him.

I don't mean to sound rude or pushy but you need to take care of yourself first - if they are being sh*theads about the whole thing then you need to report them to the medical board in your state. I know how painful this is because I am also going through it, and I am also a single mother. Having kids pestering me during this whole healing process is a nightmare. But we are making it work.

Please follow-up with him, and let me know what happens!

Okay, as of today I am at two months, two days...

Okay, as of today I am at two months, two days with nothing new and exciting to report. I feel a little sore in the morning getting out of bed but once I'm up I am fine. I am back to my rigorous Zumba Fitness workouts three times a week.
It's weird - I almost forgot about the pain I was all I can think about is how much I want my inner thighs redone and my front bra bulge to be done. Oh no, I hope I am not becoming an addict.
It's only been a short amount of time but I feel like it's been forever - I want to do my official after pictures!!
I did call the doctor's office a few weeks ago to get the measurements pre-op. I have lost almost 6 inches around my waist. Everything fits so much better and although I don't have a completely flat stomach, I will admit I was prancing around in a bikini when we went on a San Diego vacation in July(I'm such a spazz, but I was so excited).
Oh, one thing I have noticed is that I am a little itchy in the areas I had done. Nothing too bad but still, it's itchy and sometimes can be bothersome.
your stomach looks amazing!! tommorow I am consulting with PS, I will know for sure if I must have a TT or lipo. Will update soon. It will be good bye to this big tummy pretty soon!!!
thank you so much!!!!! This is great information!!!
Dr. Hall

Because he is great. He explains everything and did not sugar coat a thing. His nurses and the whole staff are great as well!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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