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Great Result! - Scottsdale, AZ

I had breast implants, and was less nervous...

I had breast implants, and was less nervous getting that done than getting Restalyne injections in my tear trough areas. I've been researching this procedure for almost 5 years, and knew of the complications that can arise. Having said that, I knew there is a wide variance of results that can be achieved, and just was hoping for the best. I was terrified. I got lucky, AND had a experienced practitioner,as I got my injections done yesterday, and was out and about today. Stopped by my mom's work, and she was amazed. She's my most honest critic, so that says something!

Dr. S did a fantastic job, and I had ZERO bruising, and just swelled the first day. I had been taking arnica for 10 days. He used one vial of Restalyne, and my hollows are gone. I had slightly more swelling on my right side due to more injections needed, but it was not noticable. I couldn't be more thrilled. I look 100 times better.

Since I'last posted this, I thought I'd...

Since I'last posted this, I thought I'd let give an update - It's been 5 days, and things have settled in more...It does seem I can tell one side has more "plump" to it than the other (the side he spent more time and did more injections). The other side does have a slight depression, but from what I've been reading, this filler can often be massaged and smoothed out somewhat. Either way, I think it's far better than the huge indentations I had before that made me look sooo tired!

It's been about five months since my procedure,...

It's been about five months since my procedure, and wanted to update: I love it! I have noticed some subtle loss of volume, but nothing substantial. I could do a slight touch up in the area, but could also wait a bit longer...Either way, it makes a world of difference done properly, by someone EXPERIENCED with fillers in the tear trough area. I also wonder if there is another "softer" product that is used in this thin area that is less likely to give the initial bumps that Restalyne gave me. These bumps weren't there initially, and I noticed them about a week after the procedure, and they were VERY subtle. Sort of reminded me of irritation I got from using eye creams that I was allergic to. Then, these areas were soft and gone in another week or so. Has looked great!

Hi Everyone, Love the filler in the tear troughs,...

Hi Everyone,
Love the filler in the tear troughs, and think it's time to visit the Dr once again. It didn't last as long as I'd hoped, but I know everyone metabolizes these products differently. All in all, I was more than happy with the result, and it's lasted about 7 months!

Update...tear troughs

Ok - it's been over two years...about a year and a half ago, I did get a light touch-up, which has lasted wonderfully. I'm sort of uneven a bit, just because it's been a while - hardly noticible, but it is just a reminder the "end is near", so to speak... The doctor who perfomed this tricky procedure, retired this year, and I'm sort of in a panic! I don't trust just anyone with anything involving my eyes, so just have been putting off the research. Anyone in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area know of a doctor (Board Certified), who has done this alot?
Dr. Nicholas Soldo

Dr. specializes in fillers. He does not do other "surgical" cosmetic procedures. Many, many years of experience.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Thanks for the recent update, it is soooo helpful to our Community Members who want to know how long Restylane lasts.  You can always check out our Find A Doctor feature to find doctors who perform injectables in your area, and read reviews from other Community Members.  I hope you find a new doctor that you like and trust.

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I can't see ANY photos here - just the comments?
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So the drs in Houston not Scottsdale?
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I can't post the link, so try googling Houston Skincare Dr. Tricia Brown. I have since moved on to sculptra. She will do this under the eyes. The results are the same, and I'm told last longer! =) It's initially more expensive, but the longevity of the results makes up for it. Very happy with this doctor!
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Why can't I find this drs website
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Recently moved to Arizona and right before I left I made sure to update my fillers in case I couldnt find a doctor here. Normally I botox is my only need however Ive been thinking of restalyne and I didnt want to risk not having a good AZ doctor. Long story short I HATED IT. within a week the results are GONE. I am so thankful for your review. I will be making an appt here on Monday. Where can I see the photos?
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On her website I am the first pair of eyes. I can't remember the website name, but you can google Dr. Tricia Brown dermatology Houston. I am about to do it again. The results have lasted over a year, but I am starting to see signs of the hallows again.
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I tried to send a link but the site won't let me. I am under restalyn and before and after photos. First eyes. I hope this helps.
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Im getting it done Friday, so excited! Would love to hear updates from the last few posters who said they were getting it done.
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I am having this procedure Monday, Dec. 12,2011. I would live to share my story and photos before and after. Could someone tell me how to upload photos on this site?

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Hi Lymn, 

How'd everything go today? 


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Hi Lymn,


Congratulations!!!  You will want to start a review for your doctor and then you can upload photos there.  Which doctor are you using?


Kate Hebert


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I'm getting this done in Aug and have been researching! You have my eyes in your before pictures! Its not terrible but I look tired in pics! I can't wait now! Fingers crossed I come out looking as good as you!!
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Aug2911, did you end up getting this done? And how do you feel about it? I'm also considering it for my tear trough area but am very nervous as this seems to be the trickiest place to get a good, natural look.
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Taylorsmommy, thanks for sharing with your experience about Restylane. BTW,you looked gorgeous before this procedure too! I'd say, I see the difference on your pics before and after, but anyway. About the same time you did your Restylane, I did Juvederm @Arizona Skin & Laser (Paradise Valley)for the same price you paid, but for the "parentheses lines". I haven't had any bruses or bumps or swelling after that. And the place is not a SPA. I moved to Scottsdale about a year from Boston, MA and the price level here is slightly different, but the quality is at the same level. So, it doesn't have to be NY or LA or Boston, it just depends how honest your doctor and his/her experience.
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Was that for one syringe for both sides (parentheses) or two syringes? Thanks for the info, I am thinking of getting the procedure done there.
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Hi Jaclinhyde,
Sorry for the delayed response - I was out of town...Yes, the total amount used was one syringe: A little more on one side than the other, but one did the trick! Good luck!
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Taylorsmommy thank you so much for your response! I am trying to stay somewhat within budget so one syringe sounds like a good deal. Thanks again!
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Were you happy with your results? I'm thinking of checking them out. Are they board certified and how much did you pay for the "parentheses lines"? Do you know if that works on the "smokers lines" around the mouth as I'm thinking about getting both areas done. Thanks much!
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Hi Debi8082,
Yes I am quite happy with the difference it made! My Doctor specializes in fillers, and has been doing this sort of thing for so long. I was actually referred to him by a friend :-)
I know the "smokers" lines are done frequently, however, be careful not too much is used. Your lips may appear different if so. I've tried filler in the Nasolabial area, but I think your inquiry (Parentheses lines) refers to the area in between the eyebrows. I use Botox in between the eyebrows, and it does a fabulous job of softening everything and a little in the upper forehead. I get around 20 units.($200) The filler (restalyne) is priced differently: It's by the syringe, but have totally forgotten the exact price (sorry!) I would not go by price by any means. Certainly compare physicians, but I really believe its more important to seek out experience - especially in the eye area. Good Luck!
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Thanks so much for your advice on this discussion Dr. Pryor.



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@Taylorsmommy you have a very nice and natural result! Your doctor did a very nice job. The reality is that fillers are advantageous because they are temporary but can have immediate impact. You are not over committed to a result if someone does not do a meticulous job. The most important thing about filler is to go to someone with excellent technique and I would always recommend visiting with a board certified facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon. Be very careful with medical spas to save a little on cost as you might only be getting a nurse with little experience.

Juvederm is a little better option than Restylane as I have never seen lumps or bumps after injection like you do with Restylane. It's smoother and softer while still giving a lovely result. You may notice some slight variation over the next few months based on your hydration level...but this is AZ! Just do your best.

I'm sorry to hear about New York5933 your experience. I'm a double board certified surgeon and use fillers for younger patient's precisely for the reason you stated...noone should be recommending a facelift for a young 30 or 40 something patient. Fillers, botox and other topical options can keep you young and youthful for a very long time. I'm sad to hear you say things like Drs are not Drs anymore. That isn't true for those of us who have spent over a decade training to be in this particular field. The reality and problem is that so very many internal medicine, family practice and ER doctors, dentists and oral surgeons moonlight as "cosmetic" physicians in spas etc...with no training, no surgical skill, and no business offering these options to patients. Scottsdale is absolutely filled with this type.

I have been in practice now for 5 years and I charge $500 per syringe. There is no consult fee for filler and there is no fee for a touch up. Typically, I would only use one syringe for the tear trough region total. Sometimes patients will also have their lips or nasolabial folds done at the same time....and at most 3 or 4 syringes would be needed total for all of those areas....we discount the second, third, and fourth syringes. So the price tag would be around 1700 total for all of that. Manhattan prices are outrageous and that is just not reasonable for what you are getting out of fillers.

Fillers and Botox are wonderful services for patient's and my personal philosophy is that they are a wonderful way to build relationships with patients for the long run to really understand their needs and truly be conservative to keep them OUT of the operating room for as long as we can.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.
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Thank you Dr. Pryor! It's good to learn about the difference and benefit of Juvederm in eye area for a smoother result. I think it's fantastic you discount for additional syringes - many would not, and it's always nice to get multiple areas done in one visit!
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Dr. Pryor I want to have the nasolabial folds done, how many syringes does that normally entail for Restylane....and Juvederm while we are at at? Thanks!
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I just had 3 vials of restalyn put under my eyes, and I am very pleased. I have the injections on June 30th. The swelling and bruising have subsided, but I also notice small "swellings" or "puffs" sometimes under the eyes. You would have to look closely to notice, and it doesn't show at all in photos. I thought it was the heat. I live in the humid, humid south! Maybe I was part right if water content in the skin has something to do with it. Regardless, I used 3xs what you guys are reporting, and I am VERY pleased overall. I had BAD dark circles and hallows that nothing was going to fix. I am 41, and it's heredity. I'm glad I didn't hear of all that could go wrong, I would have been VERY frightened, but I went to a very trusted dermotologist. Anything else I should watch for???
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