High Def Liposuction Was an Easy Procedure and I'm Thrilled with my Results - Scottsdale

The entire experience was similar to a luxury spa...

The entire experience was similar to a luxury spa treatment.

I stayed the night after the procedure and felt like a princess when I headed home for an easy recovery. The results have exceeded my expectations and I would do it all over again...Best spa treatment ever!

Hi Sharon. I had very little pain that I took pain meds for the first few days. It looked more painful from the brusing than it was. In weeks three and four I experienced some pain from swelling but had been on my feet doing chores and think I may have over done it. There is a tight feeling in the muscles which has relaxed and the skin was tighter almost hard at first. Unusual skin sensation is what i would describe as the pain from the proceedure which was tolerable for me without pain meds. At week eight post op the only challege I'm facing is tollerating my tight jeans around my hip area, they look great but dont feel great when I sit. I'm still shrinking so I'm waiting patiently instead of purchasing a larger pair.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Did you have any pain during or after the procedure?

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I trust my doctor and feel completely comfortable with him and everyone that works at the facility.

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