Three Facial Procedures - Bilateral Upper Blepharoplasty

You can read my background under the SmartLipo...

You can read my background under the SmartLipo review. Although nobody (except one critical ex boyfriend) has ever said anything negative about my eyes, I had two problems with them that I felt needed improvement. First, when I was 20, my (now ex) husband backhanded me and his class ring split open my right upper eyelid and also apparently damaged the underlying structure, as it began to slightly droop. Later, when I was 28, a pet rabbit kicked me across that same eyelid, making the problem worse. Then, right around the age of 40-41, I started noticing how crepey my upper eyelids had become. MOST people would never notice, but I figured if it looked like this when I'm 42, it's going to be really unattractive when I'm 62! After months of consideration, I finally decided it was time to deal with all my facial "problems." I spent several weeks researching the various surgeons in Arizona and California who could do it. I chose mine based on his before and after photos. You really need to see the work that person has performed in the past and remember that NOBODY ever gives a bad reference in their resume (even you readers). If the doc's before and after photos don't look so hot, remember that those were their BEST results!!

CONSULTATION: I visited his office on Scottsdale Road and Jackrabbit for the initial consultation. His staff took facial photos and asked questions about what exactly I wanted to have done. We discussed my nose as well as my concern about my droopy right eyelid and overall crepiness. He decided bilateral upper blepharoplasty was the way to go to deal with the eyelid problem.

THE PROCEDURE: I had general anesthesia for the surgery. I only remember getting onto the table and being grateful for the warm air cushion, then I was OUT. Next thing I remember I was waking up post-op. I believe surgery was four hours, because of all the work I had done. Somehow the nurse I hired got me to my hotel room across the street and got me situated. I felt fine, no real pain, just couldn't breathe very much through my nose. My mouth was very dry, so I kept putting chapstick on my lips. I took a picture with my camera phone and just tried to relax that first afternoon.

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Would you mind sharing your doctor's name. There are so many plastic surgeons on Scottsdale Rd and Jackrabbit. It's like surgery alley on the corner.
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That's really good advice about the "before" and "after" photos -- If you're not happy with a doc's best results, what might you end up with?

Looking forward to following your blog updates and seeing how the surgery ends up for you. Good luck with the rest of your recovery!

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